New Nokia handsets announced – 5130, 7100, 2320 and 1202

This time though, they’re not all singing all dancing multimedia phones, instead Nokia have concentrated their efforts on lower end phones with a few less features. UK release dates haven’t yet been confirmed, but details of the new handsets announced are listed below:

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic:

This is one of the most affordable Nokia music phones so far. It has a 3.5mm headphone socket so you can use any standard earphones with it and has dedicated music keys. As with most Nokia camera phones now, it comes with a 2MP camera and has an FM radio. Now that Nokia have rolled out their OVI services, they are building support for it in most of their new handsets. The 5130 has built in support for Mail on Ovi and share on Ovi. These new services will add simple email setup and the ability to upload images directly to Ovi or other Social Networking sites such as Facebook. Read more on Ovi The 5130 should be released in the first 3 months of 2009.

Nokia 7100 Supernova
Nokia 7100 Supernova:

Another handset for the Supernova line up! The 7100 is the starter handset in the range and features a high resolution display along with a 1.3MP camera. As with the 5130, it has FM radio and support for Mail on Ovi and Share on Ovi. The 7100 Supernova is expected to be available before Christmas.

Nokia 2320 Classic, Nokia 2323 Classic, Nokia 2330 Classic
Nokia 2320 Classic, Nokia 2323 Classic, Nokia 2330 Classic:
These 3 handsets all look the same, but vary slightly in their features. They all support Mail on Ovi and Nokia Life Tools. Read more on Life Tools The Nokia 2323 adds FM Radio, and the 2330 adds a basic camera. All three handsets are expected towards the middle of 2009.

Nokia 1202Nokia 1661
Nokia 1202 and Nokia 1661:
The final two from Nokia are very basic handsets. Featurewise they have Flashlight, loud ringtones, phonebook and extended battery life. The 1661 also has FM Radio and a colour screen. Both are due early 2009.

Mail on Ovi, which is enabled on Nokia Series 40 devices, offers the possibility to create an email account directly on the mobile phone without having to use a personal computer, giving millions of users the possibility to create their first internet identity and communicate in new ways. Mail on Ovi is easy to find, set-up and use, for immediate email access from your mobile phone. The global rollout of Mail on Ovi will be available on all currently shipping Nokia Series 40 devices by the end of 2008.

Share on Ovi makes it easy to post photos and videos from your mobile device straight to your photo sharing site, blog, or other online community. Learn how to set up Share Online with your chosen service so that you can, post photos and videos, and view your site, even when you’re on the go.

Nokia Life Tools is a range of innovative agriculture information and education services designed especially for rural and small town communities in emerging markets. Nokia Life Tools helps overcome information constraints and provides farmers and students with timely and relevant information. These services use an icon-based, graphically rich user interface that comes complete with tables and which can even display information simultaneously in two languages. Behind this rich interface, SMS is used to deliver the critical information to ensure that this service works wherever a mobile phone does, without the hassles of additional settings or the need for GPRS coverage.

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  1. nokia 5130 sure hits the markets today, growing number of people are using that slim sexy phone, great thing with 5130 is its speakers, even though its so slim it can play music really loud.

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