New Walkman Handsets announced by Sony Ericcson

Sony Ericsson have today announced 3 new Walkman handsets.

Sony Ericsson W902, W565, W302

The innovative W902 Walkman phone has the highest specifications of the 3, featuring a 5 megapixel camera with flash, image stabiliser and Auto Focus. The W902 includes an 8GB Memory Stick Micro which lets you store more than 8000 songs. The much improved camera allows for better video capture than on previous Walkman models and allows you to geo-tag your photo’s using information from your network provider. The W902 features the same clear audio technology as the W980 which gives exceptional audio quality when using the HPM-77 premium headphones which are included with the phone. The W902 measures 110 x 49 x 11.7 mm and has a 2.2" scratch proof screen. Other features include Bluetooth, FM Radio, Picture and Video Blogging, Email, Auto rotate and HSDPA.

The W595 Walkman phone is designed around sharing. It has a 2.2 inch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera and comes with a 2GB memory card that will hold around 2000 songs. The phone has an unusual "share jack" that lets two people listen to the same music using an additional headset. The phone also has the now familiar SensMe and Shake controls, that allow you to select music depending on your mood, skip tracks or adjust the volume simply by shaking the phone. The W595 is also a gaming handset, with four games included including Guitar Rock Tour in 3D.

The W302 Walkman phone is more of a budget Walkman phone, although the specification of the phone is far from budget. At jsut 10.5 mm thin, this slim handset is the perfect way of keeping your music photos and contacts all in one place. The phone includes a 512 MB memory stick micro to store upto 480 songs, has an FM Radio and features Track ID, a music recognition services that allows you to identify music. Its built in 2 megapixel camera lets you capture the moment and post it straight to your blog, send via MMS or email to friends.

All three handsets are due for release in quarter 4 2008.

2 thoughts on “New Walkman Handsets announced by Sony Ericcson

  1. I’ve got a sony ericcson w960 with an 8gb memory card, i get just over 7000 songs on it, but only by using the software that comes with the phone (disc2phone?) and saves them as eAAC+ format not mp3

    files are really compressed so that they are only about 1 mb each, but i’ve not really noticed any drop in quality!

    looks like i’m going to be going for the w902 when thats out. bout time there was a decent camera on walkman phones

  2. “The W902 includes an 8GB Memory Stick Micro which lets you store more than 8000 songs.”

    as if, the average song is 3-4 mb. to get over 800 songs on an 8gb card they would have to be less than 1mb each, and thats either a very very short song or compressed untill its inaudable.
    and the same for all the other memory cards, 2gb fit 2000 songs, and 512mb card fit 400 songs?
    no chance.
    more realistically would be 1 – 2 thousand songs.

    but the phones look really nice

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