Top Ten Accessories for your Nintendo Wii

Got the latest must have games console? Then you’ll need the latest must have accessories to go with it!

Here are Mobile Fun’s top ten accessories for your Nintendo Wii:

Nintendo Wii Component Cable Nintendo Wii Component Cable
A must for anyone with a High Definition TV. Experience ultra-realistic images to the fullest on your HDTV.
Immerse yourself in a world of digital entertainment with superior quality
sound and graphics enhanced by a premium quality component connection.
Dual Charging Station for Wiimote Dual Charging Station for Wii Remotes
Fed up with constantly replacing the batteries in your Wii Remotes? This Dual Charging station connects to a spare USB port on the back of your Wii and will charge your Wii Remotes when not in use.
Official Nintendo Wiimote Controller Official Nintendo Wii Remote Controller
To really get into the spirit of the Wii you need to be able to play multi player games. Adding an additional controller will open up a whole new level of fun. Connect up to 4 Wii remotes to your Wii console.
Official Nintendo Wii Nunchuck Official Nintendo Wii Nunchuck
The Nunchuck adds more control and interaction to your Wii gaming. Make the most of your Wii by adding a nunchuck to each of your Wii Remotes.
Sandisk SD 2GB Memory Card Sandisk 2GB SD Memory Card
Increase the storage capacity on your Wii to 2GB and you will never need to worry about running out of space for your saved game data. Transfer photos to the memory card and enjoy watching them back as a slide show on your TV.
Silicon Case for Nintendo Wii Controls Silicon Case Nintendo Controller
Make sure your Wii Remote and Nunchuck don’t slip out of your hands with the Silicon Cases. The non-slip design means your fingers won’t slip off the controls at the wrong moment!
Sports Pack for Nintendo Wii Nintendo 13-in-1 Sports Pack
Add more realism to playing Wii sports with this accessory pack! These clip on accessories turn your standard Wii remote into a Tennis Racket, Golf Club, Steering wheel, Baseball bat and more!
Carry Bag for Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii Carry Bag
Don’t want to damage your console when you take it round to your friends house for a party? The Nintendo Wii Carry Bag is designed to hold your Wii safely and securely and has space for games and extra controllers.
Nintendo Wii Remote Extension Cable Nintendo Wii Remote Extension Cable
Never get tangled up during a game again! This extension cable gives you more freedom of movement while using your Nunchuck connected to your Wii Remote.
Nintendo Wii Wireless Sensor Bar Wireless Sensor Bar
Don’t want wires trailing from your TV? Want to be able to position your Wii a bit further away from your TV than the cables will let you? This wireless sensor bar can be positioned anywhere, and can increase the distance you can play from. No installation is needed, just a few batteries!