MCW 2022: Galaxy Book2 Pro Series

Samsung unveiled its latest device yesterday at the Mobile World Congress event and we’re going to talk all about it. Although there was not much that was released by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress event, Samsung did unveil its latest Galaxy Book2 Pro series. Below, we’ll discuss all the details of what you need to know about the Galaxy Book2 Pro series.

Galaxy Book2 Pro series


With the new Galaxy Book2 Pro series, you’ll be able to work from anywhere at anytime. The Galaxy Book2 Pro and Pro 360 have a clamshell design and are super sleek as well as light. This PC comes in 2 different sizes which are 15.6 inch and 13.3 inch. The 13.3 inch designed PC is only 11.2 millimeters and weighs 868g, meaning it is one of the lightest PC’s. Being lightweight means that you’ll have no issue carrying your PC with you wherever you go!

The Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 Series comes in the colours: Graphite, Silver and Burgundy which are all lovely colours. These colours look perfect for the work environment and are also very stylish too.

Made more smoother than previous designs, the Galaxy Book2 Pro series have a matte finish that gives the PC a premium feel.


Galaxy Book2 Pro series


This PC comes in a 2-1 convertible factor so you can get that tablet like experience. Not only are you able to convert your PC into a tablet, but the PC is also touchscreen and it features a stylus. With this you’ll be able to take your productivity to a new level and explore the many ways of working and being creative!


Network & Connectivity

With the Galaxy Book2 Pro series, working from wherever you are wont be an issue. The Galaxy Book2 Pro series is equipped with Wi-Fi 6E which delivers faster and a more stable connection, so you’ll be able to do your work from anywhere without any issues. Wi-Fi 6E is quite useful whilst in workplaces as no matter how many people are connected to the same network as you, you won’t have any network issues.┬áThe Galaxy Book2 Pro series also has 5G connectivity, so you can stay connected from wherever you are!



The Galaxy Book2 Pro series has upped its camera and video calling game from a 720Hp camera to a 1080hp full HD camera. This gives users a better image quality and is perfect for work video calls. Featuring auto framing, amazing audio and bi-directional intelligent noise cancellation, video calling for work purposes will be perfect!


Battery life

The Galaxy Book2 Pro Series offers a battery life of 21 hours of video playback as well as a 65W charger, which will give you 8 hours of battery life in 30 minutes.



Partnering with Samsung, Intel have produced a 12th gen intel core mobile processor for the Galaxy Book2 Pro series which will provide your PC with the fastest processing. With this you’ll be able to be game, create and stream without any limits!


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