Marlin & Sailfish revealed: Android Police publish render of HTC Nexus phones


Android Police have done it again. After posting specifications for both of HTC’s upcoming Nexus phones, codenamed Marlin and Sailfish, the Android blog has created a render of what both phones will look like.

The render has some interesting details. For example, there’s no camera bump; we have a completely flat back for maximal battery capacity — something that Android fans have been requesting for a long time. There’s also a camera in the upper left corner, with four additional apertures beside it for the flash (left), autofocus and rear microphone (right).

There’s also new branding on the phone; a small uppercase G for Google on the bottom of the rear side. The phones will also be built of aluminium, rather than polycarbonate, going with the current flagship trends. Overall, the design is quite different to what we’ve seen before, resembling neither earlier Nexus phones or existing HTC models.

According to their sources, both phones will have the same design and specifications, but one is a 5.5-inch model and the other is a 5-inch phone. That’s why there’s only a single model shown; both will appear almost identical apart from their dimensions.

Android Police rate the rumour as an 8 / 10, and generally they’re pretty conservative in their predictions. If we give them the benefit of the doubt on this one, then all that’s left to be seen is when these phones will be announced. Nexus phones are traditionally revealed in the autumn, so we don’t have too long to wait. (And if you need a Nexus-like phone now, the OnePlus 3 is £309… not bad at all.)

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