Sony Xperia X reviews roundup

Xperia X
May 2016

The Xperia Z is dead… now, it’s all about the Xperia X. Sony’s new flagship series remains stylish and waterproof, with faster internals and some new tricks. Here’s what the press thinks of it.


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Reviewer: Eric Herrmann

“The Sony Xperia X feels out of place. Its formidable predecessor, the Xperia Z5 may be disappearing from store shelves, but it remains in our memory, and it is clearly a better purchase than the Xperia X thanks to a lower price, better performance and water-resistance.”

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Reviewer: Chris Barraclough

“The Xperia X is a curious endeavor from Sony, a flagship phone that willingly skimps here and there in order to undercut rival handsets. And while some might bemoan the lack of Snapdragon 820 action, or how the water resistance is a thing of the past, the Xperia X still ticks all of the boxes for a flagship device.”

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Reviewer: James Peckham

“The Sony Xperia X is an odd fish. In its own right, it’s a very good smartphone, with lovely design, decent battery life and performance, a great screen and (in some circumstances) an impressive set of cameras. Yet, given its specifications, it’s entirely the wrong price.”

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Reviewer: Andrew Williams

“Want the latest and greatest that phones have to offer? Or a startling smartphone bargain? You won’t get either of those with the Sony Xperia X. It’s a sign the company has lost some of its confidence and realised that fighting with Samsung and Apple at their own game isn’t working any more.”

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Reviewer: Katharine Byrne

“Super fast and a beautiful screen, but the Xperia X’s over-processed camera and high price holds it back… it currently costs £460 SIM-free or around £32-per-month on contract. This puts it in direct competition with the LG G5… when you put these phones side-by-side, the G5 wins hands down.”

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Reviewer: GSMArena team

“The Sony Xperia X is a great upper-midranger. The high-res camera, stereo speakers and robust chipset do set it above the average midrange crowd. But so does, in a bad way, its exorbitant asking price.”

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