Police eagles set to take down drones

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Soon to be manning the skies is a crack team of winged police officers, specially trained to take down rogue drones.

Yes, that’s right… not only do police eagles exist but they may soon be patrolling, protecting us innocents against those drones flouting the law.

As drones become more mainstream local law enforcement has began to proactively combat any threat they may pose. The hover-boarding teen is now a distant memory. There’s a new tech menace in town, and this time the boys in blue really mean business.

The Dutch National Police can be seen in the video below training eagles to swoop in and capture drones.

With their huge talons and powerful toes they’re able to grip onto, disable and retrieve the drones. A spokesperson states “they’re a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem”. They’re certainly more maneuverable than the other low-tech alternative proposed – a large net wielded by police officers – which sounds more like an old Laurel and Hardy sketch.

High-tech solutions are also available of course – the US are reportedly developing a laser(!) – however the availability and cost are bound to be issues. So the introduction of eagles my not seem to be as far out there as we initially thought.

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