Moto 360 revealed: charger, back, compared to G Watch & battery life

The Moto 360 has yet to be formally launched, but a lucky Italian blogger called Luca Viscardi has managed to detail his experiences with the watch on his website. The article includes some interesting new photos of the device, including our first look at the watch’s rather stylish charger, the back of the watch and even a comparison with the G Watch. Let’s take a closer look.

So this is the Moto 360 while charging. It sits atop an angled wireless charger, seemingly similar to that of the Nexus 4. The Qi charger is just the right size for the watch, and it looks like the 360 is held in place with a small lip and/or magnets. Hopefully it’ll be possible to use third-party Moto 360 accessories too, particularly less expensive chargers.

The charging interface shown on the watch is quite beautiful (particularly compared to the simple icons we’ve seen on the G Watch and Gear Live), but the circle is unfortunately broken by the lower section of the watchface, which houses various display circuitry and remains black. This looks fine while the watch is vertical, but when placed horizontally it’s a lot more noticeable… hopefully the design will be changed before the watch is released.

The back of the watch also shows a few secrets. There’s a small hole (presumably for the heartrate sensor) in the centre, with a ring of feature descriptions. The circle reads “stainless steel 316L – optical heart rate sensor – wireless charging – pedometer – water resistant IP67 – Moto 360”. There are no charging pins here, so we can assume that wireless charging is the only way forward. I wonder how the Moto 360 will connect to a computer for ADB, then?

The blog post also includes some impressions of the watch. The watch appears to last a long time – 2.5 days – compared to the day or so of the G Watch. The strap is replaceable, like the Gear Live and G Watch, so it should be possible to swap in your own strap in the material and colour of your choice. The leather strap Moto 360 seems to have been used here, but a metal Moto 360 variant has also been teased.

The final picture is the size comparison between the G Watch and the Moto 360. The 360 looks smaller here than I expected, with a wider but shorter face than the G Watch. The default watch face really looks stunning here, particularly while the full colour is active, with notifications sitting fairly naturally above the screen element at the bottom.

What do you think of the Moto 360, as revealed by these photos? Let us know in the comments below or speak to us on Twitter @mobilefun!