An analogue take on the smart watch, now for the Galaxy S4 and iOS

Most smart watches that we’ve seen so far – like the Sony SmartWatch and the Pebble – have wholly abandoned analogue watches in favour of a purely digital design. The Cookoo is different, combining the utility of a digital watch with the look and mechanical action of a traditional analogue watch.

The Cookoo is well designed too, with a chunky professional look and all of the useful information represented by icons on the watch’s face. For example, you can see when you’re getting a call, a calendar appointment is drawing near or when you receive an email – even if your phone is in your bag.

The watch also includes other useful features, including alerts when your smartphone is getting low on battery or is fully charged, and a safety alert that lets you know when you’ve left your phone behind or it’s been taken. You can also press a button to make your phone let out a noise, making it much easier to find out where your phone is hiding.

Due to the use of icons instead of a traditional display, the Cookoo has excellent battery life – up to 1 year when it’s being used as a connected display, and up to 3 years for the analogue watch movement itself. That’s a few orders of magnitude better than the Pebble and Sony SmartWatch 2.

The Cookoo supports the latest generation of Bluetooth, which is called Low Energy or Smart Ready. That means you can use the watch with a range of iOS 5 and 6 devices – including iPhone 4S or later, iPad 3 and later.

Cookoo have also recently added support for an Android phone – the Samsung Galaxy S4 – with the release of the Connected Watch Beta app for Android. Additional support for more phones is likely to come later, too.

The Cookoo is available in a range of colours from Mobile Fun, including black, blue, pink and white. For more information and photographs of each model, check out the product pages below.

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