Top 5 Nexus 7 cases

Today we’re going to be looking at the top 5 cases for the Google Nexus 7 as of the 7th of August, 2012. Let’s get right into these cases, all of which are in stock right now at Mobile Fun. Watch the video below or skip down for the text.

5. SD TabletWear LuxFolio

Our first case is the professional looking LuxFolio. This is the highest grade SD TabletWear case that we sell, offering a clean and executive design. The case is made of faux leather for that classic look without the high price of real leather. The case should offer a good amount of protection, given the thickness of the material and the excellent snug fit thanks to the velco inner fastening. The LuxFolio makes use of a magnetic closure which also ensures the Nexus 7 will automatically sleep and wake when the cover is opened or closed. As the LuxFolio is made just for the Nexus 7, it has cutouts in all the right places and should fit perfectly. Finally, the LuxFolio includes a built-in stand that includes three different viewing angles, perfect for films and games.

4. Pro-Tech Executive

This is a similar executive case that looks excellent. It has a softer, more realistic leather feel than our previous item. Inside, the Nexus 7 is fastened differently, making use of elastic and fixed mounts instead of velcro. The Executive includes a number of pockets in the left side of the cover, allowing you to easily store coins, cards and important bits of paper.

3. Case Logic Sleeve

This is an ideal choice if you’re looking for the ultimate protection for the Nexus 7 when it’s not in use. The Case Logic Sleeve includes a semi-rigid and highly durable frame that will protect equally well from both scratches and knocks. The zip closure includes a protective layer to ensure that the Nexus 7 will never get nipped by the zipper being closed.

2. Cool Bananas Rainsuit P2

The Cool Bananas case is a smaller alternative to the Case Logic Sleeve, offering a very tight and form-fitting cover. The case is made of a soft neoprene material that is easy to hold onto and looks great. This case will protects tablet when it’s not in use. Of course, the Rainsuit is excellent for preventing scratches to the screen and chassis of the Nexus 7.

1. FlexiShield Wave

Our final case today is the FlexiShield Wave. The case is made of a nice gel material that combines the flexibility of silicone and the toughness of plastic. This means that your Nexus 7 is protected against impacts and scratches at all times. The gel case is so thin that it’s one of the few I wouldn’t mind keeping on at all times – even with car holders and desk stands this case shouldn’t need to be removed. The case is also available in a bunch of different colours, allowing you to accessories your tablet as you wish. The colours available are black, purple, red and pink – and blue of course!


Thanks for reading. If you’d like more information on these cases or have any questions, then check out the product page linked below or leave a comment below that. Have a good one and be sure to let me know which videos and articles you’d like to see next! As well as the comments here, you can reach us on Twitter @mobilefun or Facebook at Love Your Mobile.