Konnet Talking Tom Hard Case

This officially licensed Talking Friends iPad case features Talking Tom, the talking tomcat that repeats people’s words back to them in a popular app of the same name.

The apps have seen 360 million downloads and have 100 million monthly active users, showing that this cat isn’t just kitten around. As well as showing off the feline face of Talking Tom, the iPad cover is quite practical as well.

It’ll protect the back and corners of your iPad for knocks and scrapes, whilst allowing easy access to the ports, features and buttons of the iPad. The case itself is a simple snap on design, allowing for easy installation and removal. The iPad skin has a special coating to ensure that it won’t scratch the back of your iPad.

All in all, it’s a pretty purrfect proposition. (OK, I’ll stop with the puns if you ask micely.)

For more information on this new iPad and iPad 2 case, check out the product link below or write to us in the comments.

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