Freshfiber Cassette and Boombox 3D printed cases for iPhone

Freshfiber are part of a new wave of smaller case manufacturers that have sprung up on the back of newly affordable 3D printing technologies. With some cool fresh designs, Freshfiber have carved out a reputation as a great new case maker and their latest iPhone 4 accessories are definitely worth a look. Here are two of their best cases, which will fit the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The first case, shown here on the left, is the Freshfiber Boombox case. This iPhone case salutes the days of old with a classic boombox design, with a load of intricate details. There’s even a handle which works as a kickstand for your phone – a really nice touch. The Freshfiber Boombox case is available in a friendly matte dark gray colour.

Our second case, to the right of the picture above, is the Freshfiber Cassette case. Like the Boombox, it’s a nod to the retro technology that kicked off the personal music revolution and got us to where we are today. There’s a ‘mix tape’ inscription that adds to the case’s bold red look.

Both cases cover the back and corners of your iPhone, protecting them from damage whilst leaving cutouts wherever necessary for the buttons, ports and the camera.

For more information on these super cool cases, check out the product pages right here:

I can’t wait to see the next set of iPhone accessories from Freshfiber. 3D printing is really exciting technology, and I think we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible with it. For more on 3D printing, have a look at the video below which shows these cases being printed out!

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