Three Kindle Touch cases that stand out from the crowd

The Kindle Touch is the first e-reader device which is actually tempting me to convert from old school books to e-books.  Not only does the device look good but the touch screen features and E Ink display look really impressive, especially the new X Ray feature.

To celebrate the Kindle Touch I’ve put together a run down of three Kindle Touch cases to help you stand out from the crowd:

Zebra Kindle Touch Case

Zebra SD Leather Style Book Case 

This Kindle case lets your animal instincts show, thanks to the Zebra print design.

Made from a leather effect material, this Kindle Touch cover is designed to fully protect your Kindle from day to day bumps, drops, scrapes and scratches.  It opens and closes like a folio in order to keep the screen protected too and even has a magnetic snap closure.

Your Kindle is held in place with four tabs, which again have the cool Zebra print design – animal print is still high fashion, so this beauty is the ultimate case for fashionistas.

When using the Zebra print case you still have access to all the ports and features of your Kindle Touch, including access to the Kindle Touch charger port, so that you don’t have to keep taking your Kindle out of the case every time you want to charge it.

The case also has an interior slip pocket so you can store any documents or tickets to access them easily; like a train or bus ticket.  This saves you from searching through your bag  or pockets so is the perfect accompaniment to the case.

Dracula KleverCase

Dracula KleverCase

Next up is one of my favourite products, the Dracula KleverCase.  The KleverCase range disguise your Kindle as a famous work of fiction, with a variety of titles to choose from including; Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Alice In Wonderland and simply My Kindle.

The KleverCase Kindle Touch cases are highly protective and can also be seen to help deter thieves as it appears you’re carrying around a vintage book rather than an e-reader.

Sitting in a moulded area your Kindle is extremely safe in the KleverCase and won’t fall out during transit.  Plus the case features all the cut-outs for the important ports and features so that you don’t have to frequently remove the Kindle from the case.

The hard cover of the case helps to protect your Kindle from daily damage and scratches, which in turn help to make the book look even more vintage, so only add to its style.

Team this case with a Kindle Touch screen protector and you have complete protection and head turning style to make you stand out from the Kindle cases crowd.

Incipio Kaddy Nylon Case

Incipio Kaddy Nylon Case

The final case in my countdown is a case manufactured from nylon, which is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Incipio Kaddy Case is one of the best Kindle Touch accessories for  sleek style, which is perfect for both business and social use.  This case doesn’t detract from the slim appearance of the Kindle, instead it highlights it and leaves all focus on the e-reader.

What’s special about this cover however, is the that the Nylon material helps to add a waterproof element to the cover, so that your Kindle has some protection should you get caught in the rain.

The case also offers superb scratch and damage protection, as well as offering complete access to all the ports and features of the Kindle Touch.  The corners, front and back of your Kindle are always enclosed with this case but the sides do remain open for access to the ports.

Perfect for under-stated style, the Incipio case simply needs teaming with a Kindle Touch light to help you keep reading in the dark and you have the ultimate timeless cover.

These are my three favourite Kindle Touch cases, but which styles would make your countdown?  Let me know through the usual channels!