Top 5 iPad 2 accessories

Here’s our Top 5 iPad 2 accessories this Christmas.  So if you’re an Angry Bird, want to turn your iPad 2 into a TV or want some extra juice these are the accessories for you!

1. Gear 4 Angry Birds Speaker

It’s time for the Angry Birds to fly off your iPad and into your life with an Angry Birds speaker.  Use the speaker to play your favourite tunes and charge your iPad 2 whilst it’s in the Angry Birds inspired dock.  The speaker also comes with a remote, so you can control those Angry Birds from the other side of the room.

Gear4 Angry Birds Speaker for Apple Devices

2. Keycase Folio Deluxe with Bluetooth Keyboard

Type and touch with the Keycase Folio Deluxe, an accessory which combines both a leather iPad 2 case with a bluetooth keyboard, for easier typing and the ability to work quickly on the go.  Stylish and well-built this keyboard case positions your iPad 2 at the best angle for working and lasts up to 45 hours off a single charge – perfect for use on long journies or whilst at your desk.

KeyCase iPad 2 Folio Deluxe with Bluetooth Keyboard

3. Elgato EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner

Turn your iPad 2 in a portable TV with the Elgato EyeTV Tuner.  This small and light weight device slots into your iPad 2’s dock connector so you can wirelessly watch TV without needing an internet signal.  Download the free app too and you can watch and record TV to your heart’s content.

Elgato EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner

4. Life Battery Charging Case

Never let your iPad 2 run out of power with the Life Battery Charging Case.   This 8000mAh battery not only provides more battery life, but also protects your iPad 2 from bumps and scratches.  The case adds extra grip too, so you can keep working for longer without the fear of dropping your iPad.

Life Battery Charging Case

5. Apple Leather Smart Cover

Smart Covers were like gold dust when the iPad 2 was released and it’s easy to see why.  Not only do they protect the screen of your iPad 2, but they also fold back into a handy little stand when you’re using your iPad.  The Smart Cover is the perfect fit on your iPad 2 and activates the sleep mode of your iPad when the cover is closed; so they save power look good and are multifunctional – what more could you want?

Apple Leather Smart Cover for iPad 2