Meet the Incipio Smart Feather – the ultimate in smart cover compatible cases

After the launch of the iPad 2 and the Apple Smart Cover, many people began raising queries about the Smart Cover and its capabilities: it didn’t protect the back, the magnets were weak, the stand function didn’t really work and did it damage the iPad 2?

This led to us sourcing a large number of smart cover compatible cases to help solve these problems, but there was still one issue we hadn’t solved which was raised in this video. – protecting the back whilst keeping the smart cover in place.  Now we have the answer: the Incipio Smart Feather case for iPad 2.

Incipio Smart Feather Smart Cover Compatible Case

The Incipio Smart Feather is one of the only iPad 2 covers which not only protects the back of the tablet, but also locks the smart cover in place, meaning you no longer need to rely on the magnets and your iPad is fully protected.

How it does this, is by the lip of the Incipio cover hooking over the rim of the Smart Cover, which is then locked into place once the Incipio is attached to the back of the iPad.  It could be said that this makes the two covers into a single, more protective one.

Incipio Smart Feather iPad 2 cover

In keeping with the iPad’s slim style, the form-fitting Incipio shell is less than 1mm thick and made from polycarbonate with a smooth matt finish, improving its feel.  The iPad 2 cover also features all the relevant cut-outs including one for the camera; making it the perfect companion for any iPad 2 owner.

As with many of the iPad 2 accessories, an iPad 2 screen protector is advised for ultimate protection and to reduce the likelihood of scratches to the screen.