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Zizo Nano Universal Liquid Screen Cleaner & Protector Reviews

Making use of hi-tech nano coating technology to create an invisible layer, the Zizo liquid screen protector protects the surfaces of your phones and tablets from dirt, oil, dust, germs and superficial scratching, whilst offering crystal clear clarity.

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 4.5 stars from 21 customers

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How to put it on, wasn’t clear, and did work as my phone still ended up being cracked when i dropped it, waist of money really, also no instruction on how to take it of, if need be.
Average protection
They should tell you that it's only a medium rated cover not good enough for heavy use I had to buy another screen protector.
Easy to apply
Very easy to apply although the instructions differ between those with the product and on the website.
Too early to say if the protective film works against scratching etc but it does make the phone silky smooth.
We will see
Well I put it on my Samsung Galaxy fold so I really dont want to find out if it works lol but using it all day and using different dust rags I dont have any scratches so I think it's doing it job .. well it works for me !! Thank Alot
Very easy to use and so far excellent protection
The product is as described and is extremely easy to apply having first cleaned the screen, it's been on a couple of weeks and has protected the screen todate
Very good
Fast and Reliable
Sell you exactly as you see it online great service
Seems to work
A little more information about how to apply it would have been nice. The instructions that come with it are not particularly informative. The manufacturer's website is helpful though.
Yup, hope this works!!
This product is simply a liquid that you spread on your phone then wipe it off!!??
Can't currently say whether it is brilliant or whether I've been ripped off.
Question - if it hasn't worked how do you take it off when it was never there in the first place?
Very easy
I had this product for an iPhone and tablet I had. I felt comfortable with just using this product. I liked the fact that there was no screen protector to have to fight to get it on right. Would definitely reccomend!@!
Great invention....
Great invention for mobile phone screens make the finish feeling very smooth and no finger prints.....
Great customer service
Great customer service including prompt response when I advised I had not received my items. Will definitely shop here again 👍
worked well
Great service
The bottle arrived broken but was willingly replaced in a few days. Excellent product and service
Zizo Nano Liquid is the ideal product for keeping you phone screen protected from finger marks & provides a smooth invisible layer of protection. Ideal for both Mobile Phones & Smartwatches, great value for money.
Seems OK after a few weeks
Information provided was adequate though it'd be useful to know how long the protector lasts. Reviews helpful
Not yet used
That the phone case I bought at same time had screen protector fitted.
Great Product
My only gripe about this is the instructions that come within the packaging in that the print is very small and, the method of applying the liquid is not clear. The instructions shown on the Mobile Fun website solved that instantly. The liquid is easy to apply and so far (three weeks) the protection is absolutely fine
Excellent product. Screen is crystal clear & no bubbles.
It made a instant change to the screen , would recommend it

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