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Zizo Lightning Shield HTC 10 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Made from high quality tempered glass, the Zizo Lightning Shield provides crystal clear, responsive protection for your HTC 10. Easy to apply, the bubble-free installation takes a matter of seconds, making for a quick and easy application.
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 2.1 stars from 8 customers

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Too small for HTC 10
Does not cover the whole screen on a HTC 10. Small amount of space near the edges of the screen not covered. Does not fit purpose advertised.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ben

There is a little gap to reduce any halo effect as the screen is ever so slightly curved at the edges. Also prevents dust and other debris getting underneath the screen protector.
No scratches
The item in question does what it say on the box. Only one small issue, I think it should cover more of the screen. A few more millimeters and it would be perfect.
Not Great
This is not great, the protector doesn't cover the entire active screen, and for myself it only survived 1 drop were is has cracked across the protector. But on the positive side, the proctor was nice to use, and it had protected the screen from damage.
Not big enough
This is way too small. It's falls short a few millimeters on each side and the pic makes it look longer than it actually is. Not happy at all! Made for a much smaller phone.
Good but could be better
The protector fits the screen but not the entirety of the phone's face. Overall it does the job, just could have been better in my opinion.
Too narrow for HTC10
While it's a solid glass screen protector and applies smoothly, it's just too narrow in width across the screen, it leaves about a millimetre of active screen width uncovered and definitely does not extend across to the surrounding border of the screen.
The cut outs for the front camera look a bit inaccurate also.
Looking to get a replacement!
Very poor
I was very dissapointed with this screen protector it is way smaller than the actual screen of the phone and I'm constantly having to clean the screen since I put it on the phone it's just not good at all
Its smaller than the screen and doesn't give full protection. Very disappointed I'll have to buy a different screen protecter now. This is a waste of money.

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