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Zizo Lightning Shield Google Pixel Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Made from high quality tempered glass, the Zizo Lightning Shield provides crystal clear, responsive protection for your Google Pixel. Easy to apply, the bubble-free installation takes a matter of seconds, making for a quick and easy application.
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 5 stars from 3 customers

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Perfect fit, easy application
Perfect fit, easy application. Comes with cloth, dust remover and tabs to help you apply it. 2nd one used, first one brilliantly saved my screen underneath after dropping it in gravel!
Dear Mobile Fun,

In my previous review I gave a negative review of this product due to my misunderstanding of how screens work with new phones that have edged corners. I statede that this product was smaller than the screen of my phone. So, please disregard that review.
Best regards,
A Pixel screen protector that fits
Anyone who bought one of the first screen protectors for the new Pixel was probably disappointed. While the product descriptions either ignore the fact or skirt around it, the screen curvature near the edges is a problem. The initial batch of protectors tried to avoid this issue by simply being making the cover smaller. Since the phone glass starts to curve away before the edge of the active part of the screen, this meant that the cover stopped short and a fine line would be visible down one or both sides of the image. This was not pretty.
The Zizo is the only protector I've found that is big enough to cover the whole width of the active screen area. This lets you see the whole of your display without problem. Outside that area, because of the curvature, it is possible to see a slight greying of the border, but this isn't really noticeable in use as it's outside the usable display.
I'm not sure if this means there's actually a small gap underneath the edge of the protector. If so this could conceivably allow dust underneath. However in a couple of weeks of use I haven't noticed this happening. In any case I'd rather that than a sharp dark line running down through my text or image.

The glass itself is very clear and smooth, and responds to touch exactly as the original phone screen does. Fitting was easy, but of course as always with these screens you have to ensure there's not a single speck of dust between the screen and protector. You don't really get a second chance to get this right. Use the cleaning materials provided with the protector and fit under a bright, obliquely-angled light source to show up any dust.
I'm very pleased with this protector and recommend it.

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