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Zizo Bolt Series Google Pixel XL Tough Case & Belt Clip - Black Reviews

Equip your Google Pixel XL with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-rugged Bolt case in black from Zizo. Coming complete with a handy belt clip and integrated kickstand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62330
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 5 stars from 1 customers

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I didn't think a phone case could save my life...
Our story begins In a sub modern north west city, enter an impressionable young man on his way to work. He cradles is fragile Google Pixel Xl firmly as it is unprotected by high quality plastic nor tempered glass screen protector. Little did this young man know that today would begin a new chapter in this already semi exciting story he would later call his life. His job isn't an exciting one, just a 9-5 telesales gig it puts bread on the table but you can forget about jam, this isn't that kind of story. He arrives at his desk when all of a sudden he realises something is off. A beautifully wrapped package appears to be awaiting him. "this couldn't be my phone case" he says "I only ordered that yesterday it could never arrive that fast...Could it"? He gingerly reaches for the package and begins to peel back the packaging his heart beating faster with every passing second. Finally he manages to break a hole to see the contents and he is immediately blinded by a ray of beautiful light. It is only now that he discovers that he was wrong and those geniuses at Mobilefun must have invented time travel just to get this to him in that speed. He eagerly rips into the box, the warranty becoming more and more void with every tear. And quick as a flash he applies this piece of modern artwork to his phone along with the free tempered glass screen protector. Both he and his phone are now ready to take on the world. He tells his boss where he can stick his job and marches out of the building with the suggest look on his face. Never to be seen again, he was finally free.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Aidan

Our own story begins with a review, but not just any review.... It is the kind of review that encourages you to sit down, take a deep breath and then to relive every exciting moment. When reaching the end of this epic conclusion, the loyal Mobile Fun staff member smiles, looks around the room for someone to share the joy - and then continues the day wondering if Hans Zimmer is free to score the soundtrack. We are awaiting his response with great anticipation.

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