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Zizo Bolt Samsung Note 9 Tough Case & Screen Protector - Black / Red Reviews

Equip your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-rugged Bolt case in black / red from Zizo. Coming complete with a tempered glass screen protector, handy belt clip and integrated kickstand.
Price: £17.99
Equip your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-rugged Bolt case in black / red from Zizo. Coming complete with a tempered glass screen protector, handy belt clip and integrated kickstand.
 4.6 stars from 58 customers

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Hard case for Note9
Really nice and sturdy case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Well fabricated and fits perfect in the phone
Really recommend the case and the store
Solid Product
Great product. Does exactly what is needed and it is a good fit! Can't ask for more.
Nice case!
Another great transaction with you guys, shipped super quick and with all that's going on that's impressive! Case fits very well and has nice raised sides, only case that I have found that helps protect the edge. Still can access the edge bar since the edges don't pass the screen. Time will tell how it holds up, but I don't think it will be an issue with the nice build quality of the case!!!!
Completely satisfied !!!
The case is high quality as i expected. I ordered more than one and more than once due trust of this seller. I recomend this product and thus helpful seller. Thank you.
The Amazing Zizo Tough Case
When I seen the Zizo case I knew I had to have this for my device, it's tough, rugid and feels good in your hand, a little heavy but hey it's super tough. I use it for work which is ideal with the rugid belt clip provided and I'm a auxiliary nurse in a hospital and says it all. The buttons and ports are accessible and it comes with an easy too attach tempered glass screen protector.. 5 star product
Great value and practical
Should have installed cover before screen protector.
Put cover on after which slightly lifted edge of screen protector So days later the edge cracked!
Good quality case
I am very happy with the the case, very good quality the only small thing I am not so happy with is the screen protector I have to hit the screen harder to make it do anything, some times I have to hit it two or three times to get a result, other than that I am very happy with the product.
Its worth getting, solid & quality
Thank u soo much for my note9 case& screen protector ..very solid and the quality is worth it..thank you again
I love my new phone case and will be buying more stuff from Mobile Fun , they are always wanting to be sure their customer is happy and with this new Zizo Bolt case I am very happy
Top protective case
The ideal case for eiher the parent of young children, or the workplace away from the traditional office and additional protection is required. The inbuilt stand is fantastic for watching a clip/movie. The lanyard is perfect for those situations when your hands are full and there is no room in your pockets! would recommend to anyone who is looking for as rugged case.
Excellent hard wearing case .
Having bought this brand of case for a previous phone model I knew it would be hard wearing and tough.
Great protection.
These cases are heavy duty, and fit my Samsung note 9 perfectly. The glass cover is very sensitive and responds as if there were nothing covering the phones screen.
Bate all
It's the ducks nuts. I made clean sh#£ of the first one after plenty of knocks but the phone is still like new. It's the business.
Great product
Tried many "tough" phone cases and while there maybe more durable ones our there this type is perfect for the average user. I am a service tech on the road and this case is perfect for me. Happy with their delivery time too.
Very good case
Really good case which offers very good all round protection. The only let down of the bundle was the awful and totally useless screen protector that comes with it. As an agricultural mechanic I need long lasting and durable. Screen protector lasted an hour. No I have the combination of this case and a whitestone dome screen protector. I would recommend this set up to anyone.
Fascinating for advantires
Sturdy and convenient. Recommend it for outside hard conditions adventures
Great and rugged protection for my phone. Practical and great for outdoor activities.
It arrived very promptly, packaged really well.
I had one of these cases for my last phone it did the job very well.
Virtually indestructible! Protects the phone well and the glass screen saver is superb, turn the sensitivity up on the phone and you wouldn't know it was on there.
And it looks really cool!!
What's not to like?
Would have given more stars had there been the choice.
Great case
Very sturdy, robust case. Google pay works while case is on. Just what I wanted. Thank you x
1 Word Awesome
Brilliant bit of kit
Would of liked to have known if the clip would of come off
Great case
Love this case, however the swivel for the holster seems so stiff that if I try to rotate it I'm afraid it will break off as I have seen in a couple of reviews.
Precisely what I needed
Well made, well fitting, robust and serviceable.
Simply Protected
I've had Zizo cases before and loved them. Quality and durability is fantastic. Plus the price is great compared to what you see at the stores. Can't beat the added bonus of the screen protector. However the screen protector adds hows fingerprints and smudges quite a bit and the curved edge of the protector, that fits the galaxy's curved screen, is a bit delicate as the case does not cover the edges. If it did you'd lose functionality but just an fyi the edges of the protector are easily cracked.

I do wish I'd been able to track my order. Took quite a while to arrive.

I feel you should inform customers if they pay the extra postage they will no when the product arrives
let customers no that pay the extra postage and this will ensure where product is in the post . happy new year/
Phone is very good
Great case ,BUT , says it comes with screen protector, I bought 2 cases only 1 had a screen protector inside. I understand its not Mobile zaps fault
Not as robust as I imagined from the advertising and not even water resistant. Also the front cover is awkward to remove without pressing the phone volume button and the belt clip is on wrong side of phone case and does not rotate so it will break easily with normal bodily movement when working or being active.
It's a good case.
The case was easy to fit around my new phone. The glass screen was straightforward to fit, I was done in no time.
Great product and except screen protector is not compatible with screen, touch screen is not working very well, so have removed it.
is what it says it is
all info there i needed
Totally disappointed
Nothing wrong with the case. But screen protector is to thick and requires extra pressure on fingers. Screen protector ended up in the bin.
Totally disappointed
I bought the product and had it for a week. Nothing wrong with case at all. But the screen protector is to thick which requires more pressure exerted on screen became annoying. So went in the bin. Big let down.
Tough and practical
This piece of kit is just very nifty.
Very tough but the fact you can remove the lid make it practical. The addition of a proper slide out stand makes it even better. Top notch.
Great case
Love the case, the stand is a little clunky to pull out, feels a little like it might break, wish the stand would also work portrait. The glass screen protector cracked when I lifted it slightly to remove a hair that was stuck under the corner. However the company have sent me a new one asap.
Works perfectly
The case is a really good fit and looks great. I've managed a to test it out a few times already having dropped it and it did what it was supposed to do. The sceen protection is an easy fit too.

Great case at a great price
My husband love his case. The price was perfect and the workmanship is superb. I would recommend this case to anybody looking to purchase a case for their cell phone at a very good price.
Exactly what I wanted
Solid protection all round with a kick stand. Only one I could find like it
Best Case I've ever Owned
Perfect fit, even with a curved glass screen protector. The two piece case clips together securely and once closed leaves you with absolute peace of mind. I just wore this clipped to my left front belt loop on a roller coaster traveling at 74 MPH and thought the lap bar and G-forces of the ride might damage the phone....everything was perfect. It also comes with a quick detachable lanyard that you can loop through things for added security and worry free carrying. Far and away the very best case I've ever owned. I'd give it Six Stars if it was an option.
Nice case very happy
This is my second time to order from you and I'm very happy with the items nise quality.
The case is very nice God quality I'm very happy
Solid Case that provides all body protection
The case is very stylish and the red colour is the right shade for me.

The kickstand is welcome and I know it has been reported by other reviews on the internet that it breaks easily but I have not experienced this. Just understand the mechanism.

The included glass screen protector is ok but the touch sensitivity of the screen is affected. To resolve this for the phone, I had to increase the sensitivity of the screen via the settings.

The 4No. plastic dot bumpers on the back of the case is a disadvantage for me. It is smooth and provides no grip when placed on a surface. This results in the phone being easily moved, it should have a rubber inset to prevent this.
Good all round tough case with good grip.
Works with wireless charger & NFC payments.
Compatible with Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector.
really great case!
Bought this case to protect my new note 9, it's really robust and does the job just right!
Awesome cases
Zizo Bolt cases on all my previous phones too. Great, good quality cases that look the part too.

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