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Equip your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-rugged Bolt case in blue from Zizo. Coming complete with a tempered glass screen protector and a handy belt clip / kickstand.
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Stunning Looking Case
Most items do look on camera but this phone case looks stunning good in person! Love really bad! Will definitely buy again! Came quickly and top top class condition!

Great Service
No complaints.
Excellent product and received within a few days of ordering.
Appreciate the great service.
Great case, well worth the price
I found this a cracking little case. It has some great attachments like the kick stand at the back, although I doubt ill ever use it. The case seems very solid and could withstand a decent fall. The access buttons don't effect sensitivity and the case comes with a screen protector even though I used another brand. Great looking case over all, the plastic nibs/stands on the bottom would be better in rubber or silicone for slippage. Ive had other brands like otterbox and griffin a d I think this case is slimmer and just as protective.. Very impressed over all.
Really good case
Have used Zizo bolt before and it's the only one that has lasted so have purchased again, twice. Even using it without the front cover it's still secure. Very much recommended!
The fit is so tight that it affects the adhesion of the screen protector around the edges. Also the stand is situated the wrong way around and means that when viewing stood up on its side, you can't access the volume button on the side of the phone. Also can not plug my Sennheiser headphones into the jack socket even though they are the right size. Standard headphones work but a decent set of bins are a problem.
Material used feels hard, cheap recycled plastic tat.
Expensive phones demand more friendly plyable products..

Waste of money.
I need a tough case because of the number of times I drop my phone! This cover is good for that but the screen cover was not as sensitive as I had hoped so I've removed it. Bright blue colour helps me find it.
Not really up to it
It is a nice looking case and has some nice additions included, but the pop up stand broke in 1 day, and not from rough handling, so it's not very robust. The included stick on screen protector makss it impossible to type on the screen keyboard, and dampens the finger respose completely. That went in the recycling very quickly. I like the detachable lanyard strap that came with it, but wouldn't buy this device again. Waitng for folding screens in a clamshell now !
Excellent Product
perfect fit for galaxy s9 plus and rich look
This is a top class product. Solid yet perfect fit with an easy installation. I'm a heavy phone user with high demands on my device; ZIZO Bolt Case makes use a total pleasure.
HIghly recommend
Best case second one I've had
How it protects the screen
Ok not brilliant
The case is ok but the rear stand has already broken !
MobileFun Reply
Hi Paul

Sorry to hear that, can you contact our Customer Services department so we can look into this for you.
stand broke after 3 days
I love the case and beltclip however the stand on the back og the våde broke after only 3 days.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ole

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. Could you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
S9+ case
Very strong case great protection
Good quality case but screensaver poor
The actual case is good and slim but the screensaver reduced touch sensitivity so much that I had to remove it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Simon

Did you go into the options of the Samsung Galaxy S9 to alter the sensitivity setting for specifically when screen protectors are applied?
Instructions can be found here: https://www.mobilefun.co.uk/blog/2018/03/how-to-make-galaxy-s9-screen-protectors-work-better/
Very good quality.
Very good cover with great features and accessories.
Very good case but disappointing screen guard
Screen guard came off within 24 hours ... all provided instructions followed to the T.

The case is good ... sould be more of a rubber feel ... less slippery. ... otherwise very good looking case.
Super product
I was looking for a case which would offer my phone good protection - not least for when the phone is dropped. I was particularly pleased as this case also offered screen protection. I'm delighted that it's both relatively slim, stylish and has so far been effective!
If you're buying it for the stand, dont.
The case is robust fits well and is attractive.

Problem is that the stand on the back is so weak and flimsy it lasted a week, so for me its money wasted.
Good but not perfect
Inner part of the support leg broke already. Should be tougher plastic. Whole case looks solid but I don't trust it. Rubbery plastic that overlaps on top and bottom should protrude also on the sides. Cracked s8 twice and s6 once and it was always near the edge on either side. Look is good. Would be nice if smth softer protected the phone inside the case.
Gold Star Service comes as Standard from Mobile Fun
Firstly I have dealt with MobileFun for many years Gold Star service is standard, This Zizo S9 + case is one of the best I have owned at sensible money 10/10
perfect case for samsung 9+
couldnt ask for more in this iron man looking case, it held up great when the hulk attacked me and i had to defend him off by throwing the case at him... poor green guy
buy one fast and save your earthly bound mortals fast!!
Nice snug fit, but east to fit and remove. Screen protector is a lot firmer.

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