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Zizo Bolt Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Tough Case & Screen Protector - Red Reviews

Equip your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-tough Zizo Bolt case and screen protector in Red. Coming complete with a handy belt clip and integrated kickstand. Feel secure with Zizo.
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Equip your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-tough Zizo Bolt case and screen protector in Red. Coming complete with a handy belt clip and integrated kickstand. Feel secure with Zizo.
 4.4 stars from 25 customers

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Great case
Great case really sturdy. Clumsy me, I've already fallen over with my phone in my hand which went flying. The case did it's job brilliantly protecting my phone. It is bulky but to me a phone that works is more important than a fancy case! I am a courier and a good sturdy phone case is paramount in my job.
Good rugged case
Brilliant case love the flap on the back .
phone case
this case gets noticed without being to flashy i also like the handy little stand on the back good product from a reliable company love it thanks
OK case
Case looks really nice and well built and does protect the phone well, but the edges around the screen push up my screen protector so I constantly have a "bubble", particularly on one side. Also, the kickstand has broken after less than 4 months use. Now it is something I use frequently most days, but on my previous two phones the kickstand has lasted 2-3 years without an issue so I am disappointed the kick stand has broken so soon and as this is the main purpose of me wanting this type of case, the case is now useless to me so feels like wasted money.

Perhaps if you use the screen protector that comes with the case (which it says isn't compatible with the fingerprint sensor, so what's the point of that) then the "bubble" around the one edge won't be a problem and if you don't use the kickstand regularly, just occasionally, then it may well last you a good while longer.

Initial impressions were good but glad I waited to leave a review until it's had a few months of some normal everyday use and in case you're wondering, I'm not heavy handed so don't believe it's my own fault the kickstand broke.
Extremely good
Excellent product
Great protection
Got my case and screen protector quickly. It was easy to put on and fits the phone perfectly.
It makes the phone a little heavier and bulkier to use but the protection is awesome. I dropped my phone on my tiled kitchen floor, oops, and was dreading the damage but there was no damage at all so the case and screen protector definitely does the job.
I would definitely recommend it.
Awesome phone case
The phone case is exceptional. Very good quality and looks very nice on the phone. The grips on the back make the phone easy to hold and the kickstand is very useful. It also comes with a case with a clip that can hold a credit card which is very handy. The screen protector included with the phone case fit in the case nicely but the fingerprint scanner did not work with the screen protector on. I purchased two and then ordered a third. Best case I have ever used.
I love my case with a belt hustler, since I don't like having my nice big phone iny pocket
An Awesome Case
I did not expect this case to be this good, the build quality is super and it fully covers all the phones edges.
The stand is actually very robust and solid, no signs of it giving way anytime soon, I haven't put the screen protector on though as I don't need it.

I love the feel of the case and the material, couldn't be happier.

One caveat is that it's not easy to use the edge panel due to the raised ridge of the case, but it's a fair trade off for protection.
Smart looking case!
Excellent product and very easy to install. Arrived promptly and packaged nicely. The video was clear and easy to follow. Will definitely buy again if it ever breaks. I doubt it will ever break!!
Sânt forte mulțumit
Eu as recomanda o la total lumea îți poți proteja telefonul in totalitate
Really good ;)
Very good product
I was very happy with my new case bought very good and protective case and thi company was integrated
They have very good customer service and all their products is warranty I will always buy from them excellent
Everything good
Love it
Nice colour
That it was heavy. It was sell made but made my phone too heavy and I did drop my phone. So I no longer use it.
Good value
Amazing best case I've had
great case
This is a very good looking case. It is strong and nice to hold. Fits my s21 ultra perfectly. The stand is handy. The belt clip is great. I clip this on my pants when I walk my dog, so no worries about it falling out of my pocket.
Awesome Product
I had one for my S7, bought one for my S10, so it was a no-brainer to get one for my new S21.
Not really worth the money
It's just a hard plastic shell and the tempered glass screen cover is smaller than the screen and has an annoying circle visible in it
Not up to expected standards
At first glance and reading the specs it looks great. When I got the product it looked good on my phone plus felt good too, nice and easy to hold however after using it for a little while the teeth broke on the front case cover after finding it quite difficult to get off and pull out, so had to super glue them back on which seems to be working at the moment but still a bit of a struggle to take on and off. I also found it fairly difficult to take back out the case once putting it in, not the most easiest tasks to do as it's very solid, I felt like I was going to break the phone just to get it back out! The kick stand at the back isn't great either, I don't find the angle that it sits at best pleasing plus mine snapped half off as I was closing it from a lower point on the stand so once again I used super glue to try and keep it together, this did work for a bit however this did break again when pushing it back from a lower point. In the end I brought a different product which I have found to be a lot better which is very similar but have found to be designed a lot better it is the UBpro case. This so far has been a big improvement and so far can't find any faults with it and would definitely recommend it to others!
Great case!
This the second case I have purchased, I bought one for me Samsung S20 last year. I'll probably buy another for my S22 next year. Thanks for a great product.
Love it
Love everything it comes with and it's design. I can't comment on the screen protector because I messed it up. Protection is great and very handy to have it round your neck or on your waistband. It comes in 2 layers with the case, the hard part pulls off first and then the silicone part that sits on the phone, it may feel like it's going to break when you try to take it off but it's not you will see. Very happy with it. Oh and also thanks for the screen cloth that came with my order.
I Love It!
Got my case today and I can't be more excited to see such a handsome case. Very tough and durable. Highly recommended!
Absolutely amazing
This case is exactly as it states my phone feels well protected the designer put a lot of thought in to what they made and over all I couldn't be happier.
Good but not great
It's very hard to get off once your phone is in, I felt like I might be breaking the phone just to take it out! Plus with the front case to attach it to a belt clips is very difficult to take off, the clip that holds it on isn't too flexible to take the teeth out that holds it in place, in fact mine got broken off first time trying to do it, however I super glued them back on and it works but you really need to force it off.
I like the design and it's durability but these two points for me are quite disappointing.
I haven't yet received my wireless charger so not too sure if it's going to be compatible with that yet. Will let you know.

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