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Zenus Prestige Samsung Galaxy S4 Lettering Diary Series - Dark Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This dark grey leather style Zenus Masstige Diary Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 features a unique embossed lettering design and internal storage pockets.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38878

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 4.3 stars from 14 customers

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love my cellphone case
I was very surprised when I received my new cellphone case. Love the color and the feel of the leather. Very happy with my selection.
I do like it but...
The credit card slot is kinda tight compared to the case for the phone this is replacing. I also would have liked to see a clippable thingy to close it like the last one. 3 stars but still better than nothing.
Zenus - A very "prestige" case for a great phone
Ordered this stylish protective case and it fits perfectly my phone, It looks and feels great and gives good protection. It will also double up as a wallet for two credit cards. All in all, am very happy with it and do recommend it.
WARNING: After 2 months of usage
After 2 months of normal pocket usage i decided to update my last review.

This flip cover do not have any type of locking system. Because of that the flip cover, while on your pocket, will rub your screen and damage the chemical layer of the gorilla glass.

I had to cut out the seams and remove the pouch where you would usually put your cards.

Now i have a permanent mark in my phone screen glass.

Not a problem if you are using a screen protector. But if your are not, expect damage in your screen.
Very protective and beautiful
I just bought this case to replace the tech21 piece of crap.

I must say this is exactly what i was expecting.
The case is gorgeous and grips the phone very tightly, so it will not pop out of the case even with small drops.
The case is made of PU Leather. PU leather is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed. The resulting product is cheaper than top grain leather and has an artificially consistent texture that is easier to clean and maintain.

They say that with constant use the polyurethane layer will crack and split free of its backing. Time will tell, specially on the folding zone.

It have a small gap on the top right corner, that leaves the phone a bit unprotected on that corner.
That was made for the Japanese and Korean S4 version because of the TV antenna.

The screen cover initially won't close all the way, but with usage the fold will gain some slack and eventually close properly. It has no magnet or any other type of system to keep it closed, so it might open if dropped.

In my opinion the best looking case i ever seen, very protective, and very well constructed.
The material is not top grain leather and feels like textured plastic.
Its a bit slippery in the hand compared with the "genuine" leather counterparts.

Here they only sell it in bronze, but there is another 4 different colors available.

I recommend it simply for its design. It's a really beautiful case.

I give it 4 stars for the synthetic feel and the gap in the corner.
thumbs up
Very protective, very attractive!

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