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Zenus Prestige HTC One Lettering Diary Series - Wine Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This wine red leather style Zenus Masstige Diary Case for the HTC One features a unique embossed lettering design and internal storage pockets.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39260
$41.70 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 17 customers

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A Good Fit
Difficult to locate leather covers for my HTC One.
Have ordered from other sellers and received non leather goods.
This is exactly what I required.
It is a good fit and soft to the touch.
Would definitely recommend.
Quality Product
I purchased this for my daughter as she has now grown out of the younger style cases and wanted something a little more stylish that would protect her phone.

She was not disappointed, this is a very attractive case and really oozes quality, and although a little bit pricey it is money well spent as it should last for years.

Look no further if you want a quality case for theHTC one.
Very Practical Eye Candy
It's a high quality case and pretty easy on the eyes! The fact that there's two slots for cards and a slip in-compartment for a note or 2 is an extra bonus.

I've never gotten one of these before, but switching to this from a fat wallet and a phone to just one pretty case is quite nice. You can easily get 4 cards in, maybe 5/6 at a stretch but then the case starts feeling bulky obviously..

All the slots and cut outs are done perfectly so there's no need to worry about that, and it isn't a magnetic case but it closes fine all the same, as it has enough weight to stay closed on its own.

There's a cut-out for the LED as well which is a nice touch, so you can see the notification light up as normal too. Lots of flip cases block out everything on the front, it's nice to see a case that's got every aspect covered.

All in all pretty satisfied!
If you want a good looking case that's above the run-of-the-mill cases, and want some extra practicality with it, this is the one to go for.
nice piece of kit
really nice looking kit. is easy to use and fits into my handbag Is quick to find among all my rubbish. Seems durable too.
Classy Case
A quality product - very distinctive!
Happy with this
Searched for a case for my new phone on every available site. I had previously had an iphone with a beautiful red leather wallet case and wanted something like it again. Finally settled for this one and am not disappointed. Does just what I want it too. I like having a wallet case and a space to put cards etc. as well
Looks very good
It looks better than in the pictures.. Flawless quality leather.. The only thing missing is a magnetic shut mechanism.. Sometimes it just flips open for no reason.. Overall satisfied.. Cheers
Beautiful and Practical
-the case can hold two cards comfortably per slot, and has a little pocket on the inside to store cash or anything else you see fit.
-There are holes cut into the case for every aspect of the phone (IE.Camera, flash and speaker)
- Phone has never slipped out
-The left side of the case folds back easily when you're using your phone frequently
-Beautiful design and colour

-Nothing to secure the case closed completely (A button with a string elastic or a clasp would make the case perfect
Exactly what you need
This looks amazeballs. It doesn't actually add that much thickness, Which doesn't spoil what makes the HTC one so special. it's comfortable to hold, AND it'll hold two credit cards, and a few Notes, so you only need to carry one thing around with you. Of all the Wallet cases for phones, this is probably the most fashionista.
Good quality leather and generally fit for purpose but has a few flaws.One is the case covers never appears to stay down, a small magent under and to right of button in leather would probably resolve this and the rear could do with a bank of small holes to vent the rear of the phone as with all smartphone's due to their power the back gets hot very quickly
Looks very professional, adds a very handsome look to my new phone, and allows for all functions to work perfectly. Substantial but not obtrusive, looks great, and not frilly. I do love my new look.
Just right, not frou-frou
Zenus Prestige HTC One Lettering Diary Series - Wine Red is seriously perfect. Lovely and protectful, useful.
The cover is much better than the picture.Its a classic.Must buy for every HTC ONE Owner.

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