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Zenus Masstige Lettering Diary Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This black leather style Zenus Masstige Diary Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a unique embossed lettering design and internal storage pockets.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40741

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 4.9 stars from 89 customers

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Excellent purchase
Great quality and arrived in a timely manner p
Very Good
A very stylish case made from good quality material, my only criticism is that the top righthand corner doesn't have as much protection as the other three, if dropped (even with the case closed) the corner could hit the ground an sustain damage.
Makes my phone look classic
I'm an avid book reader and having this case on my phone makes me feel like I'm opening a leather bound book each time I use it. I love the sturdiness of the case and how securely my phone is held, and the fact that it has a stud fastening and not just a magnetic catch makes it even more secure. The pockets for cards are a little tight but will give over time and usage, and it means I'm not tempted to stuff them with junk as I used to with my previous case. The stud holds the case open too when it's folded back, good for propping up on my desk.I really love all the embossed lettering, adds to the feel of that 'good book'. Love it.
Great as always
I bought this case for my phone as it was replacing a previous case of the same style and design I'd ordered a couple of years earlier, in black. So it was an obvious choice to go for a similar design just a different colour as I knew from my last order I was going to get a very well made case.
This is a quality product that I'm now a huge fan of and intend to reorder and reorder as and when necessary.
5 stars from me !

Quality Case
I've had a few cases for this phone and this one has been the best quality - fits well and nice leather. The colour of my case is much the same as in the photo (another reviewer said that theirs was darker than in the photo) - I would have preferred it a little darker but apart from that I'm happy with it.
Top Quality
Fits perfectly. Great quality. Colour looks better in person than the picture shown, more darker tan- exactly what I wanted. Feels nice and soft to touch. I love that its not bulky. I can take out my pen easily than my previous cases. All in all perfect for my needs and well worth the money! Was reluctant at first now no regrets so far. Will not hesitate to buy again from this brand.
promising design, Zenus Mastigge is definetly a leader in leather covers
the moment i opened d courier i was so happy to found it as elegant in looks as it seems to be on screen, the build quality and fitting is like perfectly and especially tailored for my own phone, my note 3 looks more professionally astounding in looks now, really a masterpieace in design, in quality and i am sure it is pretty durable
It is a lovely case, given my phone a new look. I get bored with gadgets so instead of replacing I upgrade cases. Perfect service from Mobile Fun again.
Brought this case for my note 3,it looks good, protects the phone well and also carries some cards... Fast delivery, the range of cases on the website was very good... Easy to use website, would use again, highly recommend
Brought this case for my note 3,it looks good, protects the phone well and also carries some cards... Fast delivery, the range of cases on the website was very good... Easy to use website, would use again, highly recommend
Very nice case
I like this case a lot. My Note 3 fits snug in it and looks good. The case looks expensive. I am not sure what material it is; they label it as "leather style". It does feel good to the touch. The clasp is nice and firm when it closes. Not much more to say other than this is a great looking case and will also protect your valuable investment quite nicely. With this case I don't think a screen protector is necessary.
Superb case.
This case is I think the finest quality case I have ever had for a mobile phone, it fits perfectly and looks really good as well as giving excellent protection to my phone.
Don't bother with the cheaper products, this quality item will delight you!
Phone case and delivery.
Please ignore previous comments, the case has now been delivered belatedly by Royal Mail, I believe forgotten on first delivery!
The phone case is everything other people said it would be, a high quality case that takes the phone beautifully, a real quality product, though more expensive than most is worth every penny!!
Shame the delivery did not arrive with earlier post, all down to Royal Mail.Sorry about previous e-mail!
Real Quality
This is a quality item for anyone serious about protecting their phone. It's very well-made & fits the phone comfortably. The engraved lettering design is understated but eye-catching, and the stitching on the edging is a nice detail.
This is my first Zenus purchase but I'm already considering getting the matching Galaxy Tab cover....
Very well made
Oozes Quality
Ok so I decide my purchases on reviews and the Zenus Masstige excelled in every review I had read. I had a Galaxy Note 2 for 2 years with a Zenus Masstige case on it, still looking good 2 years on I ordered exactly the same case for my treasured note 3 such was the quality of it. I know it's the cost of 3 normal cases but what you get is a gorgeous, perfectly fitting case which adds so much class to your device. The case is embossed with writing which to me makes it look unique and classy. There's room for just 2 credit cards which I can just squeeze a £5 note behind for emergencies! Once closed up with the press stud fastening the whole case is still narrow and doesn't really add much bulk to the phone. All the buttons/ports are accessible with the case closed up. This really is the cream of the crop and worth every penny.
A really good case and excellent service
This very stylish case complements the very wonderful Note 3 extremely well. Of course it's a bit bulkier that the slim cases that replace the back cover of the phone but this means that the phone can easily be removed and out into a car or desk holder. MobileFun service - ordered just before 18:00, delivered 10:30 the next morning - thanks!
pure class
Simply an excellent case in both looks & function.
Completely Satisfied
Excellent Servise Thank You.
A great case. Allows access to all buttons and ports. Closes securely every time. imprint in leather looks great.
Very nice!
The leather case is really gorgeous and elegant. All my friends are amazed by its high quality, workmanship, and beauty. Not only that, but it fits my Note 3 perfectly!
I would recommend it to anybody looking for a high quality leather case for his/her Galaxy Note 3.
Awesome Case
This case is much better than I expected and holds this phone very securely. Combined with the spigen glas tr slim screen protector, not only is the phone well protected, but it also looks very nice. The leather case has softened after a weeks use but has a really nice texture to it and does a great job at keeping the phone secure. The engraved letters are also a nice addition to the case and add to the style. If the phone happens to land at an awkward angle then it could scratch the sides as the case doesn't FULLY protect the phone. But if you're looking for a case that's stylish and does a good job with protection then this is definitely for you. As for the pricing, it could be better but I don't regret what I paid for it; I feel that it would be hard finding such a high quality case at a cheaper price than this.
very good
Great cover
The Zenus Masstige Lettering Diary Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Brown is a lovely cover with a nice, soft feel to it, yet it is sturdy at the edges and will protect your screen. I really like the writing on the cover which gives it an old luxurious look and feel.
Solid case
I was a bit dubious about the writing on this case when ordering but on delivery I was very happy with the purchase and the writing actually looks ok.

There is a solid and quality feel to the case and the Note fits in securely and would appear to provide a good level of protection (Havent dropped it on a hard surface yet!)
This case is certainly worth a look if your in the market for a professional looking case.
Great product
I absolutely love the Note 3 case, it looks terrific and is very professional, it adds allot to my phone. I would highly recommend it to all my friends and coworkers!
Elegant. Stylish. Classy. Functional.
Having purchased the Zenus Masstige Lettering Diary Case for the Note 3 prior to the phone arriving I was impressed at the slimness of the case, knowing some alternatives remove the back of the phone I thought this kept more than a small profile with the original back intact.

The Note 3 fits perfectly into the firm backing holding it very securely, the cutouts are in all the right places for when the cover is closed, though volume buttons are not exposed (this is not an issue for me). The earpiece slot is perfectly placed and the press stud closure is exact in its measuring up every time.

One of the most important factors for me was to have the case of my phone looking elegant, stylish, classy yet functional and this does exactly what it says in the title.

Inside there is space for 2 credit cards (if you desire to have them close to a battery) or in my case a train ticket and a Filofax credit card sized magnifying glass.

The most important consideration for me was to have the Note 3 protected and to that ends the Zenus case extends beyond the phone body a couple of milimetres at the top and bottom (and sides to ensure should you drop it it will remain cossetted.

Quite simply, I could not desire a more beautiful nor perfect case for the Note 3 and I fully expect it to age wonderfully; incidentally, I have a black Note 3 which compliments the brown leather beautifully.

Great price too. Thank you Zenus.
Just what I needed
Very pleased with the diary case for my Samsung Note 3. Next day delivery, excellent.
Good quality item
I bought this because I don't like the fake leather items out there that fall apart after a few days of use. So far this has proved to be a good choice. I have the wireless back cover on the phone too. It was a tight fit but went on and the phone sits comfortably in the case without loosing it's shape. I have had the case a few days now and I have not removed it from the case. It is starting to soften now and feel more like a wallet. I have my credit card and oyster card in the pockets and if I need to there is room for a few notes. Overall so far I am pleased with the product.
Great Quality
Not the cheapest of cases for the Note 3 but looks great, gives a "classy phone" a touch of "extra class".
fits like a glove
Wasn't sure about this case at first as it looked cheap and over price. When I got my hands on it I was very wrong. It's fits perfect and really compliments the note 3. Only one really picky niggle. The card holder used to flat forward on the note 2 giving extra space for storage. On this one it doesn't flap forward. Apart from that it's just perfect
Par excellence
Very stylish, superb quality and value for money.
Perfect for the job.
I was looking for a quality cover for my new phone which suited my needs and gave the protection I required.
Perfect,the phone fits securely and the case looks the part well made,robust and attractive to boot!
fantastic quality
Ordered this case to protect my phone but wanted something a little different. I love the emboss writing effect and the case is outstanding quality and excellent value for money
Quality real Italian Leather Case
Looking for a quality diary type case that would look good and protect the Note 3. Superbly made and actually makes the Note 3 look even better. Credit Card slots are good and hold them in tight. Super fast service from Mobile Fun as usual.
This is a must buy if you want to totally protect your NEW Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Fits perfectly and dosen't make it too bulky to handle. I was worried about protecting fab mobile but that was short lived I'm glad to say. This cover also has some handy slots for your credit/debit cards. I'm a very happy chappy

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