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Zenus Google Nexus 4 Minimal Diary Series Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Google Nexus 4 and give it some extra style with this black Minimal Diary case with internal storage pockets.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37996
$34.30 inc. VAT
 3.5 stars from 6 customers

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Nice case that renders phone virtually useless
This is a quality case that is well made and fits the Nexus 4 perfectly. I was happy with this case but thought I had a phone or network issue due to permanent poor signal. At a friends house who is on same network I had zero signal he had strong one. When I took my phone out of case to swap sim card I instantly got a strong signal. Phone back into case signal gone. Have stopped using this case having gone back to using bumper case and phone back to fantastic. Shame
Major Problems
I thought I'd be safe buying one of the most expensive cases. However, the most significant problem is that the powerful magnet on the flap prevents the compass and gps from working correctly, I think it also effects the phone reception, but its harder to test that.
Other problems:
- Cards in the holder mark the screen (case too tight).
- No protection for the top of the phone.
- The flap doesn't hinge nicely or fold away making it difficult to use the phone when its open.
- The catch doesn't fold away.
This would have been a 4 star item if it had a velcro rather than magnetic flap. Did they test it on the phone before sending to market? I don't think so.

Good points, it looks nice.
great case
great case, nice wallet options and good feel to the case.
Great Case for the Nexus 4
Great Case for the Nexus 4. All that I wanted.

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