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Zens Qi Wireless Charging Pad - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Wirelessly charge any supported smartphone with this convenient and stylish Zens Qi charging pad.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38829
$54.98 inc. VAT
 4 stars from 7 customers

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Not as fast charging
Charges my s3 at about half the speed of a normal usb cable. Furthermore, battery gets very hot during use. Have reverted back to normal wired charging.
Nice looking, works well, positioning phone can be hard
I'm using it with a nexus 5, and when it's positioned right works really well, charges surprisingly fast. It is pretty specific about where you need to place the phone to keep it charging continuously, but it doesn't strike me as something that will be an issue once I'm familiar with it.

Note: I purchased this on the .au mobilezap site, it was not at all clear that this comes with a UK plug and adapter, in fact not clear that it came from the UK at all. So to anyone buying from Australia, this does not come with a OEM AU plug, it comes with a UK plug and an AU adapter. Not an issue I guess but it was a big surprise.

Overall a good device, and works fine with Nexus 5 including Ringke Fusion case.
Works well
Works well with my Nexus 5 even with a gel cover on it. Takes about twice as long as normal wire charger.
Phone gets warm but not too hot.
Very convenient.
(NOTE: they sent me a UK model with a UK power plug - I had to purchase a UK/Australian power plug converter)
Very good quality
This feels and looks like a high quality item. It is very neat. The small indicator light does not disturb me during the night. However it remains lit when the phone is fully charged, presumably because it is trickle charging, therefore it does not seem to shut off when the phone is fully charged as is claimed.
The best option
Received as quickly as possible as always with Mobilefun, this pad is smaller than you imagine - slightly smaller than a drinks coaster. It is attractive with a low profile and an indicator light that glows in a manner not to disturb your sleep on the bedside table. It is completely silent unlike some other similar services. It charges from zero to 100 percent in about two hours. It switches off when charged and does not get too hot. It works with both the Ringke Slim and Ringke Fusion cases. It's a better choice than the LG charging orb, which allows the phone to fall off and also is not yet even available in Europe. This product is a fantastic product. Don't hesitate.

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