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Zagg Slim Book iPad Mini 4 Keyboard Case - Black Reviews

The Zagg slim book can take your iPad Mini 4 to the next level with this detachable case and wireless Bluetooth UK keyboard.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56108
$91.58 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 20 customers

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Exactly as it was described. Well packed, excellent quality and so simple to set up. The reviews were most helpful. Delivery was excellent too. Cannot fault it.
Excellent product
The Zagg case is exactly as I hoped it would be and as described (not always the same thing!) Delivery however was a disappointment. My "next day 1pm' delivery was 2 days late, but still arrived before I left for my trip, so no damage caused.
Love It! exactly what I'd hoped it would be
A couple of things I found hard to work out on the internet, so I hope this helps someone else. The usual keyboard shortcuts work as expected, Ctrl + C Copy, Cntl + V Paste, Cntl + X Cut, Cntl + Z Undo. but the one that really surprised me was the Command + Tab to switch apps, i didnt even know the iPads could do that. You can select/highlight text using Shift + the arrow key, basically everything is as per a normal keyboard. It is just fantastic. The 4 "modes" are all actually useful (Keyboard, stand, book and case) I would have been disappointed had I bought a keyboard folio that was realy just a one use thing, this way if i dont want the key board I just detach it. There are plenty of bad reviews about this product, talking about the durability and I can see where they are comming from and I am probably a bit concerned as well, it is fairly "creaky" and flexes a bit etc, and the clip on case is very thin, hence "SLIMBOOK" time will tell. For now, this has been a fantastic purchase I am very happy with.
Pretty near perfect
Great stylish look, very functional and versatile and will last years if it's as tough as the previous Zaggs I have.
Worth the price
great product recommended for school
Easy process and very fast service
Ordering product was a very easy process. Delivery was very quick. Received product next day. Packaging was in excellent condition. Would definitely use this service again.
Very well thought out
The keyboard case is well made and fits the iPad Mini 4 perfectly. It has a great keyboard which has several useful iPad related functions. It is robust and I am sure it will protect the iPad on bth sides and it can be used in various modes
- Using the keyboard like a small laptop
- To view videos on a 'stand'
- As a book
- As a tablet without the keyboard

Bluetooth pairing was simple and the backlit keys are fun. If the batteries last 2 years between charges that will be amazing although charging is easy with the included cable.

All in all I would recommend this as a very well thought out and high quality device.
First Impressions
Excellent product. A treat to write with this keyboard.Neat and portablel and fully functional.

Thankyou for a great piecd of kit.
Good quality
This is a robust and best zaggs keyboard to date. Stronger than the plastic one I had for the iPad air. As usual mobilefun delivered with lightening speed!! Excellent service who sell excellent products.
Very pleased with this item
Exactly its details as to size & capabilities etc. It came up to all expectations.
Excellent keyboard case for the iPad Mini 4 and very good service
I didn't know which keyboard to get for the iPad Mini 4 at first as there are quite a few on the market. However, I quickly discovered that all of them, bar one, are no good for touch typing. The main problem I found is the space bar is just too short and positioned such that when typing, each time I need a space I usually don't get one as the space bar isn't directly beneath my right thumb, which is the one I always use for the space. Therefore, I would be constantly correcting what I had typed.

The Zagg Slim Book, however, has a much longer space bar than others and it covers the space below the C to M keys exactly like a full-sized keyboard. It connects with the iPad via Bluetooth quickly and is ready for use very quickly. In fact, I've found that if I forget to turn it on and start typing it automatically turns on and connects after about 5 or 6 characters, fills in those characters and catches up with you so you don't actually miss any characters.

Zagg say that with an average use of 1 hour per day, the battery will only need recharging every 2 years, which, if true, is amazing.

I found the Zagg Slim Book keyboard case on MobileFun at a much better price than anywhere else. I needed the keyboard for a trip in a week so ordered and hoped for the best. It arrive the following day.

I'm very pleased with the Zagg Slim Book and delighted with the service from MobileFun. I will certainly be using them again in the future.
Best Case !
If you don't need a heavy duty case then this is the case you need for your iPad. The magnetic bind is super strong and I love, love, love the keyboard. Very east to type and even though it's small that's the traditional keyboard it's still very finger friendly. Definitely recommend this.
Perfect tool for the job
Had already sent one case back to another company as it did not allow for the disconnection of the screen from the keyboard. This one is perfect for my work tablet.
I can take minutes of meetings just as easily as securing those important team photos, without the keyboard being in the way, and the ipad is protected at all times. It does increase the weight of the very slim ipad considerably, however not a problem as it means my investment is protected.

Seems to be one of the only cases of its kind on the market that is so versatile and I am very happy with my purchase.
Sturdy, easy to use, affords great protection
This keyboard case is ideal for the iPad mini 4, which is slimmer and more compact than previous models and is therefore hard to find a suitable keyboard case. This Zagg one fits perfectly, is easy to fit and makes typing a joy. It affords excellent protection for the iPad mini 4.

I was delighted with the service from Mobilefun. The product was delivered speedily with no hassles at all. I'd certainly use this company again.
A great purchase, amazing value!
Having read all the reviews of keyboard cases for the iPad Mini 4 this one comes out on top, so I decided to buy it, and found that Mobilefun were selling it for approx £20 less than their competitors. I was concerned that I was taking a risk with a company with which I was unfamiliar, however their service was outstanding and I am delighted with the keyboard case. It is compact, sturdy, the keyboard is easy to use, and when open forms a secure stand for the iPad.
I am very pleased with the keyboard, makes the ipadmuch more usable and I keep it on all the time to use as a case in my bag. It adds thickness but that is ok. I ordered from mobile zap as they appeared to be an Australian company, however the product was shipped from the uk. This was disappointing as it slowed down delivery and I could have got it else ware instead.
Excellent keyboard
Came across the Zagg and decided to go for it as I had seen a few good reviews. I have to say that I am not disappointed. The build quality is excellent and the fact that it detaches very easily and gives the Mini a good protective case is great. As some others have said the CTRL and Enter keys are a little small but you soon get used to them. The keyboard is quite heavy which some people might not like especially as one of the attractions of the Mini 4 is its size and weight however it feels quality and you know that your expensive gadget is going to be well protected. Another neat feature is the backlight keys which are not found on many other keyboard options. you also have the option of a number of colour lights. Also, the fact that you can easily detach the keyboard, turn the Mini round and use as a stand when watching videos or browsing is very useful. This is the best price I have found on the internet and the delivery was very quick, great service overall. I would recommend this product and now use it extensively for note taking in meetings
Excellent keyboard case for iPad mini 4
The Zagg Slim Book iPad mini 4 keyboard case essentially turns your tablet into a small laptop with the versatility of being able to detach it from the keyboard with ease. The actual keyboard is excellent quality with robust keys and backlighting. You can still use the touch screen proving a very flexible and easy to use set-up. The case is strong and provides excellent protection for the iPad. The only disadvantage is that it adds more weight to the iPad but when attached is still not over heavy. Overall, an outstanding product.
Excellent light & slimline, yet protective keyboard case
After upgrading from an iPad mini 3 with Zagg's tough keyboard case I wanted something less bulky. Perfectly, Zagg's slim keyboard case suited my requirements exactly.
my ipad has found its soulmate
Have tried standard hard case and neoprene sleeve prior to buying this but the keyboard is so much better. Holder and keyboard fit smoothly together evey time, the msgnet is strong and the movement to assist the screen is reassuringly stiff but not impossible to move. The keyboard feels exactly like a modern lsptop keyboard and although retn and ctrl are small, I'm getting used to it. Although weighty together they detach easily to leave a lightweight hardcover. Much cheaper here than elsewhere and prompt well packaged delivery. I liked my neoprene case but I love the slimbook. I'm typing this on another machine with no keyboard and the difference shows.

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