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Zagg Rugged Book Magnetic iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Zagg rugged book for the iPad Air 2 is the toughest and most versatile wireless Bluetooth UK keyboard available today. Made from a tough polycarbonate and combined with a soft silicone to deliver unrivalled protection and functionality.
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 4.8 stars from 18 customers

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Just what it says on the tin
As the description states this is a rugged case. We bought this for our son to use in class and so far it is going very well. It is a bit "snappy" at the moment but I suspect this will settle with use. Overall a good buy
The rugged keyboard and magnetic screen that detached are great for my home health nursing job. My iPad gets abused from being thrown in my bag or car because I'm in a hurry and my pts love that the screen pops off so it's easier for them to sign on.
All good.
All good. Good product delivered quickly. Happy with product and service.
Great service
Great product, great service and great follow up. Very impressed. The case seems very rugged and so easy to use.
its good but it isnt connecting anymore!
its good but it isnt connecting anymore! :(
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems, please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Fabulous hardwearing case
Bought for my son to use with his iPad at school. Really hardwearing and sturdy. I find the keys on the keypad a little small if I was using it for a long time, but it's perfect for him. Would highly recommend.
Great case and keyboard
I bought this for my son who uses his iPad for Yr 11. He tells me the keyboard is comfortable to use. Although the case is a little bulky it also provides excellent protection as it gets thrown around in his school bag every day. It was easy to set up and does everything it said in the description.
Perfect case for my daughter
What a great case. It was near an impossible task trying to find a case that would be suitable for an 8 year old for school, that would protect the iPad. I Stumbled upon this case during an internet search and couldn't be happier! It looks great, love that you can detach the iPad from the keyboard so simply, the keyboard itself is lovely to use & in general it looks great. Most importantly, I know that if she were to drop it, it would be well protected & most likely bounce back! My only issue is it is very difficult to find the back light on the keyboard, I still haven't managed to do this after searching utube sites on how to activate it & there are also no instructions in the box on how to do this, yet it is listed as one of the main features on the box. Still trying to work this out!!
Great for subduing the wife
I bought my Zagg Rugged case as i really get annoyed when my wife beats me at Words with Friends.....i know that what i have invested in is a significant heavy weapon that i can throw at her repeatedly safe in the knowledge that it will not break....

Yes, it is heavy !
Yes, it is thick !
But then again, so is the wife !!!
Great product
After shopping about for some time and splash out the extra $$'s for a case that looked like it would handle the school bag treatment two kids could inflict and thankfully they seem to be holding up great.

I purchased two of these for my kids and while they've only had them for a month I must say I'm quite impressed. Don't expect a slimline case (these are quite bulky) but they are put together well and provide great protection.

I like the ability to easily convert the ipad to different configurations or even remove the keyboard and maintain a protection for the screen which is handy in case of drops.

I'm hoping the magnet holds its strength as can see this is pivotal to the success of the design but so far so good.
Excellent Experience
from selection of products through to receiving my ordered product I could not have been happier with the experience and the product. I have been kept informed of my orders progress through every stage. I will shop again.
excellent service - great product - fabulous for young boys
excellent service - great product - fabulous for young boys
Great product
Great product, exceptional service.
Arrived promptly & as listed...very happy to recommend :)
As above
Solid Product
Very fond of this product. I often cycle to University and this case provides piece of mind that my ipad will be safe no matter what happens. The keyboard is a little cramped which is to be expected with its size, however it still provides an enjoyable experience even with my large hands. The keys themselves have a decent tactile feel and the backlighting works as expected. After a period of inactivity the keyboard will enter a low power state where it will take a second to regain connection. I haven't had an issue with this feature, if it's in low power state and you start typing all key presses will be sent to the ipad upon reconnection. Only flaw is if you are using the ipad with the keyboard attached to the back it willl block the rear camera.
Perfect product
Product is absolutely perfect - very impressed and happy
10-year old proof
This is by far the best case with keyboard that I've seen. My 10-year old son is required to take his iPad to school each day to assist with his specific learning needs. His coordination means the device does take some knocks, but this case is incredibly protective and gives me a lot of comfort. The ability to detach the screen from the keyboard is brilliant. Love it. Thanks ZAGGS - very well thought through product...and fast delivery. Happy customer :-)
Superb !!
The most amazing case for iPad ever.. Sturdy.. Handy.. Looks good.. Portable.. In simple words, awesome !!

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