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XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
X-mini II is the perfect audio enhancement for any music or video player device.
Price: £18.99
X-mini II is the perfect audio enhancement for any music or video player device.
 4.8 stars from 209 customers

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Absolutely delighted
Absolutely delighted. Wouldn't believe something so small could give such good quality sound. Would highly recommend this product.
Such a great little imp !
It looked good but that's not always everything. When it arrived I charged it up and I haven't looked back.
It's so handy and portable, with a great big clean sound for such a great little imp !
It is easy to plug in, a handy size for tight spaces and slips into a pocket or small bag. It does the tablet, my phone , the young lad's phone, bringing the room to life with full music. I'm very happy with it, highly recommended and I delighted I purchased a purple-coloured mini speaker.
I love it
Very nice shape, excellent sound quality and extremely portable .. I just love it
Extraordinary sound quality
I was surprised quite how good the sound depth and breadth quality is from this remarkable speaker. This is definitely on my Christmas list and will be in everyone else' stockings.
Customer service
Purchased XMI X-mini II mini speaker on recommendation of friend, happy with product for 2 weeks till it stopped working. Returned for replacement, very happy with customer service, no quibble replacement with fast service. 5 Star rating for company service, 3 Star for product.
Good little speaker

I found it very easy to hook up and sound is great.
better than expected
This little speaker was advertised as such a little marvel and I really expected this to be all hype. but I thought it was cheap enough and would suit my purpose. i use to to play music on my phone when i don't want to use headphones. well it IS as good as they say and in fact better. i would highly recommend it.
Great unless you forget to charge it once a month.
I've used my x-mini a couple of times and thought it was great. Until I moved house and tried to charge it after a couple of months. The battery will lose it's ability to charge if it is not charged monthly. I wish I knew this before purchasing. I'm currently trying to jump start it as per instructions on x-mini website.
Great improvement
A really cool speaker. A noticeably improved sound from the phones speaker.
A good buy.
Top notch gizmo
These mini speakers are excellent. Tremendus sound and very easy to use. They have turned my I-pod into a portable Hi-Fi system
Loud Indeed
Sound is clear and too loud than I expected , connecting with the laptop is also gr8 and produces a lot more sound than mobiles and also is cristal clear , it has sub woofer type system also which provides deacent beats
Loud Indeed
Sound is clear and too loud than I expected , connecting with the laptop is also gr8 and produces a lot more sound than mobiles and also is cristal clear , it has sub woofer type system also which provides deacent beats
Not bad but not great
Forget playing anything too loud or with any kind of bass. Horrific vibrational noise from the speaker when you do so.
Should have bought the original first. This thing centra only punches above its weight. Get one!
All OK
The product arrived today safe and sound. It took a while to get here but that is to be expected with the Christmas rush.
versatile good quality speaker
I have a couple of these speakers already (you can connect 2 for a more surround sound) although one is enough for improving sound quality of music from your mobile or cd. The range of colours from mobile fun is great and a perfect gift for teenagers and adults.
Great little booming speaker
I've never seen a sleeker speaker... The bass from such a small speaker as the mini is fantastic... Would definitely recommend!
Amazing sound !
Bought these last year for myself and as gifts..they are sooo good am giving more for Xmas this year. The difference in sound quality from my lap top is fantastic...and that is for loud Formula One coverage as well as music.Link a couple together even better.They look cute too !Not cheap but worth the money.
little cutie
I havent listened to it yet but omg do I love the look of it and its so tiny!! just over an inch width and probably height too. It looks real trendy and you got to love it!!
I am surprised and amazed at how good this little speaker is. I love it. The sound from this little guy is great.
great product
Good price. Great sound. Compact design.
great product
Good price. Great sound. Compact design.
Exactly what i wanted
I bought this speaker for my grandaughter for christmas.
She saved all her spends to modernise her bedroom in purple she always wanted a purple speaker but could not find one till now. This speaker will make a little girl very happy. Thank you.
Mini size but Maxi sound
Good design, great for travel, and adaptable for any number of devices. The quality and volume of sound are excellent. Everyone that has seen and heard it wants one (or two!).
Fantastic item !!!!!!!! Beautiful colour
great value speaker
Am thrilled with the quality and power of this little speaker, which is small and neat enough to take away on holiday and produces a lovely sound. Havent got to the recharge stage yet but once I have checked that out I will certainly buy a couple more and link them together for when we have people over. A great asset for the price
Bought 5 now.....
Just bought 2 for our daughter after having 3 for ourselves. Very good sound especially when used in tandem. Very useful when travelling. Good battery life.
Great Product
It is difficult to believe that you can get good quality sound from a speaker so small. Delivery was very quick.
Really good sound and really loud for such a little speaker
Fantastic Sound
I'm amazed how much speaker technology has changed. The sound from this speaker has to heard. Excellent bass and clear upper ranges. Fantastic value.
Super little speaker
Second one we have bought, first went to Grandkids so they could listen to audio books. This one was even better value for £, excellent sound for all types of music, clear speech on audio and the battery life is phenomenal!Its also so neat, good to take on hol for when use ipad as TV.
great product
if you are wanting to buy I speaker for your phone or laptop anything this is a great products very loud clear sound and you can also buy more and connect them all up happy with this purchase
Don't buy one, buy two!
The big secret when buying from MobileFun is that the best stuff is often out of stock. This was, in fun red, so I bought it in boring black.
It sounds fantastic, obviously no deep resonating bass , but it's got an amazing range, and it's rechargeable.
They can be linked together so don't buy one, buy two!
Great Sound Bargain Price
We wanted a replacement travel speakers for our hols, Took a gamble on the XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker. So glad i did, when not in use it's so small it takes up no room but when connected to your ipod and opened up it provides a great sound. You wont buy better for the price.
Also the service i received from Mobilefun is second to none, ordered item at 4.30 pm Monday, item delivered Tues AM
Super little speaker
Needed a portable speaker for my holiday
couldn't believe how lucky I was to pick this little gem
what great sound from a tiny package it fits into its own bag so great for taking away on your hols.
Recharging couldn't be easier using the same usb system as the phone.
Size isn't everything
Much smaller than I was expecting, I was sceptical when I removed it from the packaging that the sound quality or the volume would be adequate. There was no need for concern though, despite the size it works perfectly in the kitchen, garage and shed with both ipod and phone, enhances the sound quality on my laptop buy about 50 times and packs up not much bigger than a golf ball to take on holiday. For the price and size it's absolutely unbelievable.
WOW Un real sound out of these speakers. Top design, real cool. Galaxy Tab 2 sound like a large unit.
Excellent bit of kit!
I have had one of these before, but left it on a train! Am using it with both a portable digital radio and an MP3 device and am very happy with it. The sound is full and vibrant. Charging it is a doddle and only took one hour......although that have been because it had some power in it, as I had only just had it delivered.
Thoroughly recommended.
best money I have spent on mobile accessories
This is by far the best money I have spent on mobile accessories. I was looking for a compact mobile speaker to take on holiday to listen to my music. The xmi mini speaker ticked all my boxes. Small. Great sound. Endurance and value for money. I can highly recommend this speaker. You won't be disappointed. :-)
does the job
Description was accurate and it does what l want louder volume than kindle but clear and sharp would recommend
Mini speaker
Great product, I have 2.
great sounding speaker!!
Friend got one too so we link them up together for even better sound. Small and worth it.
bought to use with fox calling app on samsung galaxy. sound quality good. volume very good. price spot-on. well done
bought to use with fox calling app on samsung galaxy. sound quality good. volume very good. price spot-on. well done
Biggest little speaker ever
This is a cracking little speaker with a big output. Just what you need for round the pool on holiday. Great service as always from mobilefun, many thanks.
XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker - Blue
Neat little unit. Works well and packs a punch, volume wise for such a little thing. Only complaint is the audio cable is very short
XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker - Blue
Neat little unit. Works well and packs a punch, volume wise for such a little thing. Only complaint is the audio cable is very short
Amazing little speaker
I wanted something to take on holiday to use to pay MP3s stored on my phone and had read good reports of this little speaker. For its size, it really is quite amazing, the depth of sound that it produces. Couple this with a very keen price,
and I am completely satisfied with the purchase and would happily recommend it to others.
Great wee buy
This we speaker is great, so small you can take it with you anywhere.
XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker
There has been a lot of thought, gone into the design of this quality product. The sound that comes out is excellent, lots of bass. Battery life, which is built-in & USB recharge-able life is good too. Also like the idea that you can plug more into each other to make a truly "Mobile" sound system.
Excellent small speaker
Just what I required for trip to NZ. Impressive sound from such a small device. It's size was useful in a trip half way across the world and allowed me to play decent sounds when relaxing in my campervan. Only gripe was missing sterio effects but with one speaker what can you do
Excellent sound quality
I've used a few capsule speakers in the past and been reasonably impressed. This one blows them out of the water. Even in fully-compressed mode it'll give a reasonable quality of sound and volume, but when fully extended it provides fantastic bass response for its size, on top of everything else. Does a decent job even with more challenging music, like Muse.
Very quiet / Poor connection jack
This is barely loud enough when used on the move. As my need was to use it when allocated a van at work with a bust radio then not good.

More imporantly the connection jack to the MP3 player is very iffy being more off than on. The very short lead doesn't help as it stresses the connection. I have just got a quality extension lead and with a bit of solder may be able to make it more secure.
Great Service, and Product.
Ordered my XMI X-mini Speaker on Tuesday 2nd, and it was received Wednesday 3rd April. Good sound coming from my Samsung Mobile, and great value.

Will use MobileFun againfor this type of purchases.
Product came in great condition and sounds amazing!
These speakers are quite simply amazing! when you hear one for the first time you'll be shocked at the sound quality and volume coming out of it, when you connect two together its even better, connect a third and its on another level and if you want incredible sound quality and volume pick yourself up a cheap fiio e6 headphone amplifier and wow!
Top people sellimg top products
Would thoroughly recommend the product and the bods at mobile fun.
Top people sellimg top products
Would thoroughly recommend the product and the bods at mobile fun.
Does the job
As a student who travels quite a bit, I was looking for some sound which was reasonable in terms of price and was light enough to take up and down.

If you share any of my sentiments, this is a decent buy.
great sound
Sound from this speaker is great considering it's size. I can also carry it in my handbag. Only downfall is it doesn't get quite loud enough for me utilize pretty good considering the price and size.
This product is a bargain, amazing sound from such a small package! I searched and searched for a new speaker docking station for my iPhone 5 but they were too pricey or not for music. I found this and thought I'd try it - at that price if it wasn't right it wasn't too much of a waste. I'm well impressed! It fits in the palm of my hand yet has the bass of my old docking station and speakers. It comes with a little protective bag to slip it into so it wont get damaged in my handbag and I can position this in whichever room in the house I like without and messing about with wires. Not going to be needing another docking station after all...thank you for saving me money!
Small Stylish and very cool
I bought this item when a friend of mine showed me theirs. I was sold there and then. Great sound with a nice bit of bass. Cable tucks away nicely and it all clicks together into a small solid package. Would have been nice to have Bluetooth but not that much of a big deal.
Definitely recommend this product.
Useful & looks good
Very good sound for such a small speaker. Very useful to carry round when not possible to take my larger sound system. May have to buy another couple to link on for even better sound.
exactly what i wanted
i bought this speaker for my wifes new i phone 5 and it is absolutly brilliant i have loads of tec but i am astounded just how good the sound is from this small piece of kit i would not have believed it the bass and volume are extrodinary on the i phone music sounds like youve got a much bigger speaker attached she loves it in the bath relaxing and listening to the sounds we also use a first generation i pod it sounds great to i am very impressed we are ordering another to link together for an even better sound quick delivery ive only just started using your company and ordered loads of different stuff as you know and i tell you very quick slick and certainly did the trick class act
pleasing gift
First time buyer from here and very pleased with overall purchase, will be using again. I purchased one of these for my wife's Xmas present this year as her previous plugin speakers broke and she uses them to aid teaching guitar. Very pleasing sound quality and volume from such a small device, the ability to plug multiple speakers together is great.
great product
After reading the reviews from other people,I had to try one.It lives up to expectation.For such a small device the sound is brilliant.Ideal for the desk or to take on holiday.I will be ordering more in the near future.
Must have gadget
Delighted with the device which is small and light in weight, but has a powerful sound output. The charging time was expected to take 2 1/2 hours and I was pleasantly surprised when it fully charged in under 2 hours. No complaints.

However, the plastic cylindrical container in which it came, is fragile; it arrived cracked and broken in several places and the device could have been damaged. In this case it was not. Unless the packaging is beefed up, customers could end up returning goods that are damaged in transit
This an awesome piece of kit, bought two to hear what it's like with my iPad 1. Fantastic sound even at full volume, no distortion whatsoever. Sound great with one but so much better with two. Purchased a small extension lead to allow one speaker either side of the netbook and tried it with base enhancement turned on, couldn't believe the quality. Have bought another two since. Great sound at a brilliant price. Delivered in no time... Great service, cheers MobileFun!
Powerful little fella!!
Couldn't believe how small the speaker was. Plugged into the Iriver mps player and filled the room with great sound. Good quality sound, not tinny. Like it so much I'm going to order more.
Great little Mini XMI II Speaker
I have always wanted a speaker as an extension for my iPad and phone. I have never had luck or have found anything to be man enough or have enough oomph. But this little gem has got a fantastic range in vocal and bass.
This little speaker is very impressive, you would never believe what comes out of it. Not only has it got the power, it also closes up into a small package. Ideal to put in your pocket or travel bag. I was so impressed I brought another one for myself and have daisy chained the two speakers to create a stereo effect. And brought one each for my two sons for their phones. They won't be disappointed, I'm convinced of that. I would highly recommend this speaker.
Just good as the review
Small and mighty great service
Excellent mini speaker
Bought one of these speakers was that impressed immediately bought a second one. Amazing sound from such a small and handy device which fits easily into my lap top case.
Great little speaker
First off, don't go too crazy for the hype. This is a great little speaker, for sure - but it's not quite the sonic sensation some of the reviews here would have you believe. For its size, it certainly generates a mature sound, but I was expecting greater volume from this battery-powered device. On the subject of battery life, it's very good, the supplied Mini USB charge cable a welcome addition. If you value a small size and low kerbweight over and above musical purity, this certainly fits the bill. However, I can't help thinking that even slightly larger speakers would give a more satisfyingly room-filling sound. For it's size, and at £15, it's a lovely, if not miraculous, device.
big sound from small speaker
Good Clear and distinct sound from this little speaker very compact but does not hinder the performance in any way
Little Speaker- BIG Sound
I bought the Green X-Mini Speaker as I read the product description and thought- lets give it a go as I have difficulty using headsets-well I was NOT disappointed in fact so impressed with it I further ordered another 2 as presents- Sound is AWESOME and size of speaker is lovely and small to carry with you anywhere and even has it's own little pouch for packing which is great as I am taking it on holiday.
Showed it to a friend and she wanted to order some for her grandchildren as she too was so impressed with size and sound that came out of something so small. Anyone reading this don't delay order one today.
Pretty good!
I mainly bought this to connect my phone to as I run fitness classes in a studio. My phone wasn't quite loud enough on it's own so I just wanted something with a bit more oomph. I'd say it just about does the job for what I need, not that it blasts music out like a normal fitness class but it adds some bass and volume. If you're wanting to entertain a large group of people in a large space I'd go a bit more upmarket, but for limited space / people it does the job really well. Lightning quick delivery as well (ordered 3pm, arrived the next morning!)
XMi Mini speaker for ipod
Read the reviews and bought one. I am about to order two more for my sons. This is the perfect holiday companion which take up no room an weighs the same as a hard boiled egg! perfect for when I take my Harley abroad as I am restricted to space on a bike and this is ideal.
The quality of sound is very good and just what you need for the hotel room or wherever you are to listen to your iPod.
My old docking station will now go in the same box as the old camcorder and desk top PC never to be used again.
Excellent value for money and perfect christmas
present at an affordable price!
Fast delivery
Foe the size the speakers are extremely was like someone had flown them straight to my door.Extremely happy with purchase
Powerful tool in a small package
This speaker is amazingly powerful. I bought 2 and connected them together. They are so compact and yet they really blast out the sound. Absolutely delighted with them and would recommend them to anyone.
2nd order
1st order arrived by post next morning-2nd order let down by P.O. i had to pick them up from main P.O. i now have 4 speakers linked on my phone & the sound is brilliant.
Now I can hear.
Great piece of kit
worked brilliantly straight from the box. Extremely easy to use and a great sound,plus you can link several together for an even more impressive sound.
A must for anyone with a mobile phone or mp3 player who wants to share their music instanlty with others.
quality all round
the perfect answer for my needs.
Great allrounder
For such a small speaker it has an amazing sound, the great thing about it is it's so unobtrusive. Close it up put it in the handy ring pull bag and away you go. The charge seems to last for ages I have had it on for hours and it still sounds great. Use it on your PC, Laptop & even your mobile phone or IPAD. Great value for money as usual delivery was incredibly fast 48rs when there is a Christmas rush on.
Ideal for Travel
I needed a lightweight small speaker to use with my iPad whilst travelling overseas and, having read all the positive reviews of this product, ordered one of these little darlings. It does what is says in the description and is perfect in size and weight. Delivery was very quick and the price was right.
Fantastic little ball speaker. Had mine a few years now and love it. It's rechargeable. The sound from it is fantastic as it opens ur to reveal a rubber shock absorber so the sound is never tinny, there is also a volume control on the speaker as well as your gadgets speaker so great volume. All in all. Brilliant
perfect for my phone
great little speakers - got 2 last week & am getting 2 more now.Great service from mobilefun arrived in post next morning
A little sound grenade
First of all, the minispeaker is small but seems well built. It is finished to a high standard as is the sound produced.

Secondly, by the service from Mobile Fun - item ordered 1723hrs (acknowledged) Dispatch notified 1755hrs and received first postal delivery at 1115hrs the following morning.

Well done.
Compact woofer
Simple and brilliant and LOUD speaker for my phone or laptop. Even has some mid- lowrange sounds.

And the battery last well too!
Great Speaker for iPad
This speaker gave really nice volume for enhancing the video experience with the iPad. I plan to use it in conjunction with demos at conferences, where the exhibition hall can be quite noisy.
Music while working abroad
Excellent sound, nice and compact and a really good price.

I work overseas and have all my music on my S3 and was looking for a dock for my phone to play my music through.
My main consideration was minimal weight and bulk and this speaker eliminates both, without the sound quality suffering.

Really pleased, the sound and quality.

I would recommend this mini speaker to anyone, ideal for travel or in the office etc.
Love it
I received this as a gift and had never seen anything like this. I love the big sound that comes from this tiny device. I received two of them and link them together to get an all around sound. #Great
Better than expected
Great little item which has much better sound quality than I expected for the price. Fast delivery too
Better then expected
Going on holiday in Maldives with no radio in the room we needed mini speaker to play music from our mobiles (Nokia and Samsung Galaxy S).
The main points I paid attention in reviews were sound quality and battery life. This small device worth every penny and looks fantastic.
The sound for a such a small device is incredible, battery life is as claimed 11-12 hrs. Speakers in gloss magazine on aircraft cost 2.5 times more.
Brilliant product.
I needed a portable speaker to use with my iPad3 and this is just superb.I can use it anywhere and the sound from such a small speaker is great.Highly recommended.
A great little speaker
Sound quality superb for such a miniature speaker. Value for money is excellent. The ability to couple multiple speakers together is an added bonus.
great product
this is a great speaker really quite loud for how small it is brought it for my partner for when we go on our holidays and hes over the moon with it. thankyou
Great Product, Real quick delivery
I would defiantly recommend Mobile Fun to any one. Quick and simple ordering, Very quick next day delivery. I got the XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker and to say its a little devise it packs a punch il be getting another one this week. Very cool gadget very good seller.
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