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X-Doria Defense 360 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case – Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The X-Doria Defense clear case is designed to provide a stylish complement to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Featuring polycarbonate construction for lightweight yet comprehensive protection for all of your device.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57348
$26.54 inc VAT
 3.8 stars from 25 customers

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Protects front and back
It is a case that protects your screen and the back of the phone without being bulky. All of the phone's capabilities are still easy to use and the case does not interfere with any of the functions. The back of the case protects the camera which sticks out just a little without the case. All in all a very good case which still keeps the phone slim and easily pocketabe.
Bought this case for my 14 year old son it's great
Bought this case for my 14 year old son it's great better than I thought it would be Think I be buying one for myself
improve design please...
I wanted anti-slip for back as I have dry hands, it was. I wanted very slim, it was. It had to fit perfectly around edge, it failed! Top and bottom was a very snug fit but disappointingly the sides were 'baggy' so side button operation poor. Returned for refund.
Let's dust under cover
No good.
protects, reduces screen touch response
When I received the item, first attaching to my device made the phone appear to have no cover at all. felt great in the hands and the protection was adequate. There was 1 major downfall I found. Maybe its from the cracked screen on my phone or the plastic covering itself. but typing on the keyboard was difficult as I had to hard-tap to hit the keys and it was difficult to pull down the notification window and side swipe was sometimes hard to do.
Full body case and protects the screen
Is this case a full body case and protects the screen
Exactly as required
Fits the s7 edge perfectly. Don't bother paying over the odds. Great value for money. Touch screen is slightly effected but easy to get used to. Finger print scanner fully functional.
Brilliat product
I was looking for a cover which look nice and protect my fone in the mean time..tbh there are not many s7 edge cover in market which really suit this phone cos of it's edges..but this cover is just amazing from its look to its small details in different cuts is amazing..it doesnt feel there's any cover over the fone but still it does it job...front screen touch goes bit slow cos of front cover but it wong put me off as long as it protects my fone..great product with fast delivery service...keep up the good work
Surprisingly good
I spent quite some time looking for a phone case and in the end decided to go for this one despite some reviews saying that the screen cover effected the touch screen responsiveness. I thought I had made a big mistake when I got the case and screen cover because the cover is hard and pretty thick plastic but I found it made very little difference to the touch responsiveness. Not sure how it works but it does. I think this will definitely protect my screen better than a film cover and it is much easier to put on. I would recommend cleaning the screen thoroughly before putting the case and cover on and to avoid touching the insides of both the back and front covers. It is so well fitted and being pretty much transparent it looks as though there is no cover on at all. I will be purchasing another.
Not as clear as would like
Case offers good protection,light and elegant however the touch sensitivity is massively impaired. I will use this case until I find a better one. Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this case as lack of sensitivity is too frustrating.
Great case
Great case , phone is fully protected whilst still looking good these guys deliver fast really impressed
The best 360 case that l have found
The best 360 case that l have found for the galaxy s7edge and l have had a lot all of which were not a patch on this one, great case
Great phone case
Great product, fits together easily. Good quality, worth buying!
Emazing fits perfectly!!
I recommend this product:)
very slim fit it very well
360 cover is very good your phone still feel very slim
Terrible sensitivity
I have to press numerous times to get it right. Horrrible touch sensitivity
Not the greatest not worth 30 odd dollars
the case Isn't 100% Clear. Rear part is significantly frosted and The front has a slight fog to it so looks washed out looking into the screen. Altough the case is very slim trying to use the screen is a hit and miss you really have to thump at the buttons for it to work. Brought the case before I brought my phone only had it on 2 days and have noticed small scratches on the screen and back from dust getting inside. The case itself needs to come with a cleaning cloth so you can remove all lint/dust before applying and then everything day to prevent scratching. I won't recommend try find something that will stick to front and back rather then this case.
Great Invention
This is a brilliant case for my new phone. It covers and protects every millimeter of my phone, everyone i have shown my phone to hasn't even noticed it has a case on until i have told them. I gave it a 4 out of 5 because although its a great case it does decrease the sensitivity of the touch screen slightly...sometimes it takes a few attempts at a touch to get a reaction other times it works straight away. Its worth persisting with the touch screen though just to protect my phone. I had looked at at lot of cases before choosing this one and am 100% certain i made the right choice!! Would defo recommend!!
Super Slim!
- Super Slim case with an almost unnoticeable increase in overall size
- No sharp edges and is a full wrap around case.
- Does not impede the Fingerprint reader, front/rear camera at all.
- It is exactly as the Ad says it is.

Cons (Unfortunately, for me, there are a few):
- It’s not 100% Clear. Rear part is significantly frosted and masks whichever colour of Phone you purchased. The front has a slight ‘fog’, the kind you get with a Matt stick on protector. It detracts from the beautiful OLED display and looks particularly washed out when Black is the predominant colour on the screen.
- Touch Sensitivity isn’t effected on the main part of the display but using the edge shortcuts is hit and miss. Mainly miss.
- Although a 360 case, dust, lint, etc has got in. Once this happens it won’t take long for areas to become scratched.

If you are buying this for great scratch/scuff protection with an almost unnoticeable increase in overall size, but it. If you are buying for aesthetics and to protect from general scratches & wear and tear, get something that sticks to the front and back.
Good quality
Brilliant fit and good quality. Does the job and protects from scratches.
Good quality
Brilliant, strong, sturdy case perfect for my phone! Complete coverage and 360 degree protection and easy to keep clean and maintain. Well worth the money. No more worrying about scratches and/or dropping the phone and causing damage. Definitely worth a buy.

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