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X-Doria Bump Gear Plus iPhone SE Aluminium Bumper Case - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone SE with this unique silver bumper with machined aluminium exterior from X-Doria. Protecting the outer edges while providing some front and back protection and looking fabulous while doing so.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57345
$33.18 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 19 customers

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A great bumper case
It's great bumper case and good quality. It's a bit pricey as it's only bumper but I like the quality of the case. Thanks!
Great bumper ~ you hardly know it's there!
This is a really high quality item that fits snugly round my phone, protecting the edges from knocks. It is so well designed that it integrates fully with the phone- you would hardly know it was there. I am really pleased with it.
The case looks good and is a great colour. However, it is a slightly loose fit at the sides of my iPhone SE, making it difficult to switch the phone to mute
I am very pleased with this bumper.
It matches the rose gold exactly and is hardly visible once in place. I didn't know what it would be like as I have never bought one before. On the advice of my niece who has the same phone, I have purchased a glass screen and this fits perfectly under the bumper. All in all I am very impressed with my purchase.
Great product
Great product, mkaes the phone look great
Very nice
Bumper case (rose gold) have beautiful design, looks fantastic no my new iPhone SE
Better than the rest
I've tried different case's for my phone but this is by far the best. Simple to fit and well made. You get what you pay for.
Very good so far
Fits to the phone snugly and mimics Apple's design well. A bit restrictive around the ports, but that's to be expected for a bumper that adds barely any extra bulk. Slim 3.5mm and Apple-sized Lightning connectors just fit with very little margin. So far after a month of use, very good.
Protects without spoiling the look of the iPhone
This is a great protective device for the iPhone SE. So many protectors spoil the elegant look of iPhones, but this bumper manages to protect in all the important ways unobtrusively
Stylish, sleek and slim!
The frosted aluminium case is the same colour and material as the back of the iPhone SE, making the case look park of the phone. Design is great, sometimes tricky to flick silent mode switch on left but this case is well worth spending the money on as it looks stylish. Ultra slim and same height as the iPhone itself. Will need a protector film on the back but that's worth it to ensure the look is slim and sleek.
This phone protector is excellent
This phone protector is excellent. It provides protection to your phone because it has a rubber liner, whilst looking great because it is beautifully crafted in Aluminium. It fits snugly, but can be easily removed or re-fitted.
Like it's part of the phone
This stylish well-made colour coded case not only looks the part but feels like it too.

As per typical bumper cases, you know you'll not scratch it when leaving it on any surfaces. It feels solid too, but admit I'm not going to drop my wife's new SE to test it! The buttons are unobtrusive and you almost forget the case is on there.

If you've just got an SE, get this case.

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