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Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - Silver & White Reviews

Ergonomically elegant with a premium modern finish, this highly portable UK QWERTY Bluetooth wireless keyboard fits into any environment for fast and efficient typing on your iOS, Android or Windows smartphone / tablet / PC.
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 4.6 stars from 112 customers

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A good basic keyboard
Bought for the Amazon Fire 7 android tablet. Pairs via Bluetooth very easily and minimal input lag from it. Haven't been able to test out battery life yet but has lasted long enough. A very light keyboard too.
neat & cheap
Works well, neat and very good price. A very good substitute for the Apple version which costs 15 times as much.
Fantastic value. really useful
See above
Extended the life of a small laptop
The keyboard on my wife's laptop began to fail originally I hooked up a USB keyboard but this is much more elegant. The HP Software would not connect it but doing it manually worked fine and it is still working after 10 days on the same batteries without being switched off. All in all I am impressed as previous wireless keyboards I used in my work ate batteries and where unreliable.
A fun gadget,generally works well, but interferes with some games
nothing to add
For the price the keyboard was a decent replacement for my damaged original wireless keyboard
My keyboard was damaged and due to the replacement cost of a new original Wireless keyboard, I thought this would be a short term replacement.
Although not as good as the original keyboard, slower reaction time and it lacks one or two functions (nothing of real importance as yet) it is a cost effective replacement and looks good.
It has proved good enough that I may not get a replacement original keyboard, but will make this decision as I use this one, things like battery life, functions and reliability will be the guide in my decision.
If you ask for a review in a few months I may have a better idea of whether it is a quality replacement or not.
Excellent quality for the price
the key strokes are very comparable with the more expensive keyboard but (as this one is plastic) it does flex a bit in the middle but that just reminds me of the Dell Keyboard I used to have at work
Its OK for the discounted price
Its a fairly sturdy piece of kit, it doesn't quite look as appealing as the picture suggests, it's at a good angle. The keyboard is OK but a little clunky. I only paid a fraction of the RRP. Its worth the discounted value but not the RRP.
A good bit of kit
Item arrived well within delivery eta. Only used it a couple of times and so far have found it useful,easy set up and easy to use.
Very satisfied with keyboard. Ordered one before for my daughter for highschool and just had to buy another for me. Just love the fact can use Android PC and Apple too. Very happy customer. Locally would have cost me over $100.
Brilliant little keyboard
I am very pleased with this keyboard, having bought one previously that was larger but far less user friendly. It was a breeze to set up, connected immediately with both my smartphone and iPad, and reconnects automatically on subsequent occasions. Comfortable for me to type on but might prove fiddly for someone with larger fingers. Equipped with autocorrect and predictive text, it's a little marvel. I am using this keyboard to copy and paste text into the ridiculously small input boxes which are prevalent on so many websites nowadays. The keyboard is sturdily made and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend it.
Good Item????
Useful Product. Now I can keep my back straight and type long emails without hurting my back.
Exactly as advertised
As always products from Mobile Fun are of the highest quality and at a very affordable and competitive price.
Well done MF you have done it agin
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Another bargain
Due to a malfunction with my laptop keyboard, I decided to 'invest' in an bluetooth keyboard. 'Mobilefun' had this article available at what seemed to be a bargain price - so much so that I was a little skeptical. Oh ye of little faith - perfect in all ways. Sturdy, smart and a good positive keystroke.

Thanks again 'Mobilefun' for a great product at an excellent price.
I can honestly say that this item has revolutionized the ease and speed of my text input. Simple to set up and use,this is well made and comes at an excellant price.I would thoroughly recommend.
Good Buy!
Best price by far! Bluetooth works even in remote settings. Keyboard is lightweight and easily transportable. No problem pairing with Ipad Air. Have not figured out how to mute keyboard or even if that is possible.
blue Tooth Key Board
The Bluetooth keyboard is better than I expected.
It is just the right size, plenty of keys and has a very good connection to my Windows 10 & Andriod so simple to connect.
As for the price you can not go wrong with this keyboard I will buy again and recommend to people. Thanksfor a good deal.
Neat and convenient
A useful addition to the iPhone and iPad. When there's a lot of typing to do the on screen it becomes tiresome. This neat gadget makes it quick and easy. Pairing took a few tries but once done it's automatic.
An excellent little keyboard
I am very pleased with this excellent little keyboard this is ideal to use with my iPad or a desktop

Great little keyboard
This keyboard is well made and very easy to use and is good value for money. It connected to my iPad very easily and worked very well. I would recommend this keyboard
Keyboards on The Move.
I thought for the money this keyboard was well worth trying out. The syncing of my iPad and the keyboard was so simple and worked first time, the same with my iPhone. The action of the keyboard was great, positive, and for me far easier to use than either virtual keyboards.

Well worth the money !!!!
A quality product.
Was delighted with its ergonomics. On programming to Android was amazed how simple it was connecting to Bluetooth instantly. Now it connects seamlessly & works a treat.
Not bad. Looks good. Shame it's not a UK format.
Also seem to be getting with repeating characters, like my finger is on a key.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Peter

Make sure you check your language settings on the device you are connecting the keyboard to, as this can affect the key symbols layout. Hope this helps.
Sadly not impressed
Try as we might we failed to get this keyboard to pair with any devices. Perhaps we were just unlucky :(
MobileFun Reply

Sounds like your keyboard may have had a fault. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Great asset to me.
Great asset to me using. It on my lap from my wheel chair.
As another reviewer says. A Chinese Apple copy, but cheaper.
Works great on Galaxy7 edge. iPad. and Samsung TV.
I am now a real "COUCH POTATO" :-)
Handy for fat fingers.
Handy to keep indoors for use with my smartphone. Easier to type with my fat fingers on longer emails!
I found pairing up the Bluetooth was a little fiddly.
Great bit of kit
Should have purchased ages ago really

I don't do either positive or negative recommends as it's not worth the grief if that person's perception is different to mine
Very practical, great value for money
This Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a great piece of kit. Lightweight but we'll made, with responsive keys, it was quick & easy to connect to both my Android tablet and Windows phone. It's especially useful if, like me, you have large fingers which often hit the wrong digit on a phone! I bought this at a special offer price, but even at the normal price I would say it's really good value for money.
Excellent value
It works, it does what it says on the proverbial tin, it was good value and I couldn't find anything wrong with it. And it arrived quickly. A good purchase from a good supplier. Recommend.
Cheap but effective.
Was not up to the build quality of a manufacturers keyboard but for the money it was useable and effective so happy.
Bluetooth Qwerty keyboard easy to connect to my mobile phone
It was an easy to use QWERTY KEYBOARD. It is Blutooth connectible. The keys operate on a light touch.
The 'Fairy Cycle' of keyboards///OK for children
A lovely little keyboard -with emphasis on the little keyboard which although including blue tooth etc, was much too small for my use, but my little 6 years old granddaughter seized on it with delight as her Mummy is teaching her typing skills. Ideal for youngsters' use but impractical for adults - too tiny.
Not compatible window PC
Bought this for a Windows PC but disappointed that multimedia keys are not compatible. This was not specified on the website which is disappointing so money wasted for a product that is not fully compatible with Windows PC.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Hari

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this product when used with a Windows computer. There may be third party software that will add this functionality to a Windows setup.
Great value and classy design.
Bought this as a special offer which made the value outstanding. Lightweight and compact but also feels robust. Easy connection and convenient to use. Been looking for a keyboard like this for a while but most have been too costly. This one does everything I need and more!
Great purchase
Bought 2 wirelessl keyboards 1 for my iPad the other for my phone. Unfortunately 1 didn't work but replaced with no problems from mobilefun. Am really delighted with my purchases and wouldn't hesitate to trade again or recommend to family & friends. Thank you mobilefun...
Bluetooth keyboard
I've been looking for a Bluetooth keyboard for some time now to use with my iPad but the price and compatibility made me think twice. Found this one on mobilefun website at a good price and good reviews and thought it's worth a gamble as I've ordered before on this website and had no problems. Keyboard arrived well packed and early, on opening the box was quite surprised how well it looked but very light in weight great for travel. Set up with iPad in seconds and works perfectly you have to use your iPad touch screen to access apps but this is not an issue. Would recommend product and service.
Very good Keyboard
This keyboard is very responsive, easy to connect first time and once you have that done it just connects automatically when turned on, so for the amount it cost it's brilliant.
Quality keyboard
This is an excellent keyboard that paired with my iPhone 7+ in an instant.
I was expecting a plastic but useable keyboard but have received an item with a metal front plate with very responsive keys. It matches the quality of an apple product but at a budget price.
Easy to use
I am an older lady so was a bit concerned about setting up the keyboard to connect with the iPad. I needn't have worried as the instructions were very easy to follow and it was up and running in no time.
Such a great value bit of technology. Thank you.
Good Value Keyboard
The two keyboards - how could I deny my wife one! - arrived promptly, well packaged. The insgtructions were clear, although I just followed the usual procedure of switching on, pressing search button, and within about 20 seconds was connected with my Samsung S5. Did a trial e-mail and was pleased with performance.
Brilliant, ordered for friends
Brilliant, ordered for friends, and repeat orders kept everyone happy.
Exactly as ordered
I order a refurbished 5S in fair cond.

Actually received a good cond 5s and it works fine.
Great keyboard
Great keyboard witch works with both my Samsung S7 edge @ my iPad
Liked it
I liked the fact that the keyboard is white with grey characters and not black with white characters.
I had no trouble connecting it to my Tablet. Just followed the instructions and it worked.
Easy and cheap
A cover and keyboard back light.
Merciful release from the touchiness of the on screen keyboard
My fingers are too big to operate the keyboard on a Galaxy 5 and the suggestion box does not know what I want to say so I have to edit continuously. This keyboard allows me to answer Emails and with sensible answers with it taking a month of Sundays. So good, convenient and easy to use I bought one for my son and his wife and two friends.
Satisfied with Product
Haven't used it much,so I can't say too much about the product.I know it works because I tested it when I set it up !
Remarkable value for money
Looks like and feels like the much more expensive Apple bluetooth keyboard
Minor issue, otherwise great.
Bought this keyboard for use with my Windows 10 tablet and it works fine.
One minor issue - instead of using the ‘fn’ + ‘Windows’ (E) keys to set the keyboard for use with Windows, I need to press the ‘fn’ + iOS (Q) keys instead. If I don’t, @ (Shift + 2) and " (Shift + ’) are swapped.
Otherwise, it is excellent value for money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Chris

Make sure you check the keyboard layout settings in Windows 10 also, as these will affect the keyboard layout too. Hope this helps.
Pity the @ key doesn't work
The "2" key works ok but when using "shift 2" to get the "@" it types another character!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

This sounds like you need to alter the settings on your device to change the keyboard layout. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Very happy with it.
As others have said this is a good bit of kit for the money.
I find it a boon for emailing on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
However as there is NO Alt/Gr key and I'm still trying to work out how to select the keys that rely on this feature such as € and # etc.
Just what I needed
Great little keyboard..... very light and easy to move about.... easily fits in yer laptop bag. Works really well with all my device's..... phone, slate etc. Would recommend. Great price and service from Mobilefun..... as usual!
AnExcellent Product
Neat, high quality product. Easy to pair with phone and works perfectly. Great value for money,
Will not pair with my iPhone or iPad
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems pairing this keyboard with your iOS devices... Very strange, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further. You may have a faulty product.
Great service & after sales
An excellent Blue Tooth keyboard that speaks to my phone for texting, my laptop for convenience and my tablet for efficiency. My keyboard arrived missing a key cap. One message to the support resulted in replacement keyboard being despatched by return, i couldn't ask for better.
Great product
Excellent purchase for the price arrived very quickly and works well
It's a keyboard ..
... it does what keyboards do
just what I was looking for - for ages!!
Very good quality item
Quality item, looks very high spec and looks great especially with Apple product. Bought for a friend and am going to buy myself one now.
Good useful products
All fine no problems with getting end using keyboard
Great value keyboard
This works perfectly with my iPad, it was very easy to connect and makes typing so much easier. You can use the control and c to copy text easily. Nice size, not too big and so small that you can't type properly.
Easy to pair with tablet and smartphone
Easy and quick pairing with Android tablet and smartphone. All keys are directly accessible e.g. £, @, " symbols as per English UK layout. Keys are responsive, positive scissor-type. Ideal for composing emails, messages or entering keywords in search engines or forms on websites.
Very satisfied purchase
This keyboard I purchased is one of my best buy, delivered within a few days not only that it was well packed with well protections. Well made easy to setup and user friendly, just loving it!
Well impressed with the look of this. Neat & slim but the keys are well sized for typing.
Looks really smart on desk taking up minimal space & would easily fit into a drawer if cecessary.
Superb value
Does everything I wanted it to do at an excellent price
Easy to set up and use
This is a great looking well finished product. It is amazing value and really easy to set up and use.
Great Service
Bluetooth keyboard arrived today very happy with the product and a great service thank you
Very Good.
Used with Lenovo Tablet being used in lorry, keyboard very nice size and responsive, Battery life ok so far.
Feels small and light
The keyboard is very light, even with the battery in. Although it seems small it has full size keys which have a very positive action. No number pad, so the width is the same as my laptop keyboard (without the numberpad). Paired easily with the laptop, not tried on other devices yet.
Great piece of kit!
What can I say? Brilliant keyboard - Looks like a premium Apple product, comes at the price of a Chinese clone, yet performs more like something fresh from Cupertino than Shenzhen. Nice clicky keys with excellent travel... And works like a dream on Windows and Android devices too! Highly recommended :)
Good piece of kit
I've used this keyboard with two devices and it works perfectly. I often need to send lengthy emails with my phone. Having 'sausage' fingers means that I am continually correcting errors or occasionally sending emails before I have completed them. This keyboard eliminates all that. It is compact and weighs only a few ounces. It lives in my rucksack in the box it came in.
Initial setup nice and easy, worked flawlessly for a few hours and then unable to get any response from the keyboard.

rebooted laptop but to no avail, decided it just seemed too much like hard work to re-setup.

Back in the box sitting in the "take down to the dump" corner.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
A good bluetooth keyboard
Made to look very Apple-like, perhaps not with the absolute production perfection, but very good.
Some features for iPhone and iPad operation ( to main screen, access code entry, close down) but apps have to be opened from the screen. Pairs easily. No problems
Superb product.
When I am away now I feel as though my laptop is with me.
So simple to carry with the iPad, also so simple to use.
Brilliant Devuce
I needed a keypad for my phone for typing as I am all fingers and thumbs. Inexpensive but it is of the highest quality, on a parr with the real Apple Keyboard. I am delighted.
Compact and stylish.
This is a great little keyboard that is lightweight, stylish and super simple to set up. Makes writing emails, sms or messages as easy as using a laptop or computer.

Easy to carry and carries a slight 'what's that he's using'? quality.

Highly recommended.
Great, small versatile keyboard!
Great, small versatile keyboard! I have tried some over the years, but this one hits the sweet spot! Very easy to connect and use, small enough to carry around, and a joy to type on. There are probably better keyboards out there, but none as easy to use and in this price range.
Second Keyboard worked fine
First Keyboard would not link up with any of my devices. After a short conversation with the Mobile Fun technical support team I was advised to return it. The replacement keyboard worked fine straight out of the box.
Good looking, good value, excellent service
I ordered one a few weeks ago, and was so impressed, that I ordered another two for friends. Looks far more expensive than it costs! Very fast service....need I say more?
Found that the keyboard very useful for my i phone and tablet
Received item quickly, found that the keyboard very useful for my i phone and tablet
Excellent value
Wow - excellent product. Works so well with my iPad Pro and so much cheaper than the official version. This company always delivers on quality and value.
The item was as described
The item was as described and the service received was exemplary. I would certainly recommend your company.
The Fat-fingered Typist's Friend
I've lately had to type more and longer things on both my Android phone and iPad. The onscreen keyboards are OK for short things, but become hard work on anything long.

This keyboard, which was very easy to set up and connect via Bluetooth, makes typing anything a pleasure rather than a chore. The design is compact without cramping the layout, the keys are responsive and positive, and it's nicely portable.

All in all, a great add-on at an incredibly reasonable price.
Good product - very reasonable proce
Impossible to find an alternative at the sale price.
The scissor action keys give a longer travel compared to other designs. That's not an issue for most users but it does limit keystroke speed for touch typists.
Initial impression is the keyboard is surprisingly light. However, prolonged use has not highlighted any issues.
Another reviewer has missed the point about its universal support of Android, iOS and Windows. Yes, some of the keys have iOS only usage but some have dual usage if the system type is selected via the fn key + q, w or e. The iOS keys are particularly useful when the keyboard is used in conjunction with an iPad as the onscreen keyboard doesn't have them.
It's too soon to judge battery duration but as "AAA" types are very common it won't be an issue.
The device is great for every day use and its lightness make it perfect for travels.
Terrific little keyboard.
This is a compact, lightweight, easy to set up, keyboard. I suffer from chronic osteoarthritis so typing on my phone, is both slow and painful. With this great little qwerty keyboard, I can easily achieve 25-35 wpm...and hardly a single 'double tap' in sight.

It is easily carried, looks great and I recommend it to anyone who struggles with single-finger inputting on a mobile phone.
A useful piece of kit
Having large fingers I found it difficult to text on my smartphone and tablet.I saw this Bluetooth keyboard advertised at a very low price.Could this be the answer to my problem.lndeed it was,what a great piece of kit.Very smart and well constructed it's a joy to use.Very smooth key action and very professional. Very pleased.
This is a second item purchased from this company recently and both have been excellent buys with the delivery first class. Some online companies can be suspect but I have full confidence that anything I buy from Mobile Fun will be as they say and will meet my requirements
I'm no longer disleix
I thought I was dyslexic untill I purchased the wireless Bluetooth keyboard, but now I can clearly see what I'm writing and can actually order things I really want
Finally a keyboard that works with my device!!!!
Really pleased with he product, love the fact its battery operated! As no wires to loose!!! (A regular occurrence in my house) i have been looking for a nice looking Keyboard for my ipad for a while, but didn't want to spend to much, and this keyboard is perfect! Lightweight, but looks like an expensive apple product! Does exactly what it says on the box, really pleased, and again, pleased with quick service from mobile fun!!!
Great product for the price
I have been loooking for a small Bluetooth keyboard to support the use of my iPad. This product is perfect for the job. It took just seconds to get up and running. It supports all the auto correct facilities with typing that the iPad does. The price is excellent. The keys are responsive and easy to navigate. Would definitely recommend.
Badly built product
Keyboard is very flimsy. Keyboard moving with every keypress. Keyboard layout is for IOS/Apple only (CTRL + FN keys in wrong place) and not changeable
Great value for money
Great value for money
Lovely Product
This is a very handy Item,I use it with my Mobile phone..Much quicker than powering up my Laptop
The keyboard is easy to set up. It is much easier to type on that my phone (I have large hands so no 2 keys hit at the same time). It syncs every time you switch it on once you have done the initial sync. Well worth the money.
A very good product and worth every penny
A very good product and worth every penny. Works for me, is very light and compact so can be transported easily anywhere..Have used it with my phone and iPad and no problems.
Aside from needing the two triple AAA batteries which thankfully I already had this was good to go, and was a stylish accessory to my iPad swinging into operation seamlessly.
Just Had To Buy Another!!
See my review from 22nd May 2017 :-)
Good product
Wasn't to sure about the quality considering the low price, but was pleasantly surprised, it's a well made product, easy to set up & works very well with my Samsung Galaxy tablet.
Works a treat
This was a great but, it works a treat. Enclosed were two leaflet's on how to blue tooth to the device you are using. I am using mine on an android phone. It is light weight but well made and small enough to be carried in a rucksack or shoulder bag. Best buy I have had for awhile.
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