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Whoosh Screen Shine GO XL Universal Screen Wash Spray - 100ml Reviews

Screen Shine GO is the next-generation screen cleaner that wipes away dust, dirt and grime and leaves your device shining like new. The WHOOSH GO is non-toxic, odorless and safe for the environment. Screen Shine Go XL is a perfect home office companion.
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 4.9 stars from 6 customers

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Handy temperature checker
A short leaflet inside the box advising what normal body temperature should be would be handy & what elevated temperatures could be if a person has been affected by a virus
Re-assuring to have in this Covid-19 climate
Useful wipes as they clean all screens. Easy and quick to use.
Superb cleaning
This spray is excellent. I didn't think my phone screen was that dirty but was astonished at the difference after using it. My screen gleamed after use and fingerprints were less noticeable for days after. And the fact that it's non toxic is crucial. I got the 100ml size which is good value and I'm sure will last for months. I will be buying this again and definitely recommend it.
Works well and good value
Self explanatory
I think it is a damm good product
At this point of time it appears to be a good screen cleaner. I have cleaned my laptop, android pad,TV,and my ????. It has cleaned all these items with out any problems.
The only little point I make is that the cleaning cloth could be larger because when you clean larger items it gets dirty quite quickly.
Screen wipes
Great product.

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