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Whoosh! DUO 100ml Desk Bottle and 8ml Pocket Bottle with Cloth Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
WHOOSH! Screen Shine is a superior, powerful, non-toxic cleaner specifically designed to clean ALL screens including smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops and more. The DUO is the screen cleaning kit for all your needs.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44920
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 4.9 stars from 14 customers

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Whoosh —no tears, no fuss—spotless screens!

MobileFun is a trustworthy business, well run, and organized. They endeavor to provide goods and services when you want where you want, on time at a competitive price. Highly recommended. Thank you, Team MobileFun—is a “will do” outfit.

I go for "Whoosh" a cleaning product you can count on to care and protect for all the special places that love you in return and won't bring anyone to tears or cost the earth. Thank you.

West Midlands
I highly recommend it.
This cleaning product is brilliant. I bought a cheap cleaner from a popular auction website and thats what I got - a cheap useless cleaner. One spray with this stuff, then one wipe with the supplied cloths, bought my S7 edge up like the day I bought it. The best spray Ive used.
Very good product
I have used a few cleaning products on my devices but this is the best bhy far and since using this i have noticed my screens stay cleaner for longer
Great quality
Great quality cleaner and microfibre cloth. Leaves screen absolutely sparkling clean with no streak marks. Bottle will last long time as usually one squirt is sufficient per clean.
It's cleaning up
Really like this product. I think the Desk Bottle/Pocket Bottle idea is a clever one. The supplied cleaning cloths are high quality in an eyecatching orange colour. I use it regularly on the glass tempered screen protector's for the family's phones and on the wife's Ipad Pro screen. Does a great job.
Whoosh Cleaner
Happy with this cleaner,does not leave smudges.and quick delivery.
Good product
I saw the advertisement about this product,so I decided to buy one on line.I found whoosh very handy.It removes all spots and hand prints on the iPhone and iPad.I will strongly recommend whoosh to anyone who is keen to keep the iPhone ,iPad and computer screens spotlessly clean.
Keep those screens pristine
I have a plethora of screens. Almost unavoidable this day and age. Whoosh and they are all revitalised. Especially good for smartphones as it does give some future protection from fingerprints. Cleaning cloths provided are first rate and not much of the product is required for each application. So those screens will be gleaming for months to come.
wow whoosh
wow whoosh looks amazing great packaging love the vibrant orange cloths, good size bottles, very easy to apply looks and feels like new screen after every clean, will be recommending this product to everyone.
My go to cleaner
This is my go to tech cleaner i love this stuff it's easy to use and works a treat just one spray and i can clean my whole phone and tablet screen and the included cloth is brilliant for that streak free shine would recommend to anyone
A welcome purchase
This is my first phone cleaner, having put up with screens caked in finger prints on previous phones. The packaging is compact and conveniently resealable. The spray bottle is easy to use, the cap stays on securely and the cleaning cloth is a good size. The cloth has 2 sides, with the softer side being more suited to the job. It cleans my screen with just a squirt and a few swipes with the cloth and helps to protect the screen from greasy fingers. I am very glad I invested in it, I think its great value for money and would highly recommend.
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