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Whitestone Dome Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Screen Protector - Glass Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy Note 10 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
Price: £34.99

RRP £44.99 | 22% OFF

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy Note 10 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
 4.8 stars from 22 customers

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Great screen protector
Very good screen protector. Quality feel very good and most importantly the fingerprint sensor works, unlike the others I tried for this phone.
Good protector
I've always liked a tempered glass protector as a means to covering phone screens. This one is the first of its kind where a UV is used to bind the protector to the screen. Never seen anything like it.
Yeah its £34... May as well bite the bullet anyway.
So I bought this for an insured, bought out-right, Note 10, after the pre-applied screen protector became too damaged for my liking. Straight away after hearing about it I was thinking that it'd be like brain surgery, all these pieces and components could make the application perfect. Fortunately for me, the planets alligned and the application was perfect. The LOCA adhesive has worked wonderfully with no air bubbles, and the glass itself is free from all blemishes. Something I will recommend though, is applying for the offered warrenty, and absolutely memorizing the application video.
Oh, and for anyone wondering, the S-pen and in-screen fingerprint sensor still work perfectly.
Great customer service
I bought this for my phone after reading the reviews, i put it all good and i realized it had something stuck so i took it off and broke it when removing the dirt, csr offered me a replacement directly, and I've been using it for a couple of weeks, i think it's a good product, make sure not to ppay with the screen after you install it, it's possible to take it off and put it back on but be aware when doing that, especially if you started the blue light process, you will not end up doing a good job. Just follow the video and you'd be good to go
Excellent screen protector just make sure you follow the instructions
This product seems quite pricey compared to other options and there are varying reviews online. Installation also looked tricky and there are installation failed videos on Youtube. If this is what you are thinking then fear not. I did try a much cheaper option, which did not work and was a waste of money so I bit the bullet. The installation went fine and I am pleased with the result. Preferably watch the manufacturer's installation video on Youtube, the mobile fun one is also good. Some additional tips I picked up from other Youtube videos are to install the absorption pads on the top frame before putting it on the bottom frame. Use a power brick to power the UV lamp (Just make sure its output is more than 2 amps). Make sure you remove the Samsung screen protector first and pay careful attention to thoroughly cleaning the screen (Careful as the side absorption pads can shed small bits that will ruin the installation). Wait to ensure all the glue comes out. Most importantly, be patient and follow the instructions/video to the letter. If you do the installation is bubble free, you can hardly tell the screen protector is there and it works perfectly. It looks thick enough to give good protection though I am not intending to test this. I would expect it to keep the screen in perfect condition. Highly recommended.
Completely wrong order
I completely ordered the wrong product, but they agreed to take the return and send the right product.
Clear view and fingerprint works
This screen protector does not affect the display of the phone and also allows the use of the in-screen fingerprint reader. Installation requires some patience, flat surface and following the procedure carefully.
This screen protector is a perfect fit. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY! There are a number of youtube videos that are very helpful. Good luck!
Really good customer service
I brought the dome screen protector but unfortunately after about 4 days the side chipped way to easy so I contacted Mobilefun and they responded fast and sent me another dome screen protector the next few days. Very happy and will definitely buy from these guys again.
Love this product!
It is really easy to install, if, you take your time. Don't hurry
just follow the instructions on the website.
I would like to know how to get extra glasses and glue.
Don't misunderstand, as the ones I have now are excellent. I'm older and just like to have extras. Just in case.
Great product but....
Really happy with the install process and the quality of the screen protector. However:
1. Fingerprint recognition isn't perfect, now only correctly identifies energy third or so press and
2. The edge of the dome protector is very fragile. When sliding my quality protective case back on, it broke the dome protector.
Great product, fun to install
My bf is hard on phones, this glass has saved his phone from shattering multiple time. I work for verizon, and when ever someone asks about glass this is the first website, the first glass I mention every time because I am in love ❤
Definitely worth it
The process is slightly long and a very little but complex. But it definitely makes sure you dont get any bubbles like stick-on products. Its a nice fit too.

Took away one star:

As i found some white splotchy marks on the inside of the cover after a few weeks. I know i put it on right so have no idea what happened. Had to order a replacement kit.

Also the fingerprint area is not all that responsive now. It works but often after a couple of attempts. Even after turning the higher screen sensitivity on.
Excellent fitting screen protector
Although it's quite a multi stage process, taking your time and watching the installation videos is essential. Once fitted correctly, this is a superb screen protector well worth it.
Does as it says
Works a treat. I haven't had to re teach my fingerprint and the scanner still works as reliably as before. Managed to get it when it was reduced so very happy.
Very good product
Screen protector that FITS PERFECTLY
This MobileFun screen protector fits the whole screen. Unlike previous cheeapy I had ordered from ebay.
MobileFun have the provided me with the perfect size and design to fit the whole screen with no gaps. My whole experience with MF has been ultra positive from quick delivery to the fit and function of the screen protector I endorse this product and company 100%.
It is great
Great protector
The screen cover works great on my Note10.

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