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Whitestone Dome Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G Screen Protector Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity
Price: £44.99
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity
 4.6 stars from 19 customers

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Excelent protector.
This protector is probably the best one that I have bought yet. For the initial outlay and the fact that it can be tricky to put in place, if care is taken the results are awesome. The one off payment for the mold and light are off set by the quality that they provide and glass and adhesive are not that expensive after. Thought the whole UV light curing was a gimmick but no. Quality!
Reasonable price for good quality protection
I have bought over 4 of these for previous devices and yes I was extremely skeptical at first especially because of the price but I had bought plenty of cheaper screen protectors and with galaxy phones having curved screens the cheaper ones were naff and never lasted. This feels no different too the official screen on the phone, patience is a must!! Do your homework and please take your time to apply it to your phone, i have ballsed one or two up due to rushing and have always regretted it afterwards for wasting so much money to ruin it.
For me it boils down too a few things:
If im gunna spend £1200 on a phone, what is an extra £45 to protect my investment,
Worth every penny...
expensive, but good protection
easy to apply, good protection, fit well with a cases
Saved my phone
Without this case i would have broken my galaxy note10 plus. Due to the size of the phone and the case i have the phone has a tendency to jump out of my hand. Fortunately with whitestone i just pick it back up and carry on.
Excellent service
After extensive research decided the Whitestone Dome to be the best screen protector....if a little pricey!! But at least the fingerprint would work......
My product came in good time and was relatively easy to fit after following the video guide on Mobile Fun video. Great I thought, couldn't tell a protector was on, fits with my phone cover and phone is now protected. Winner...…...until I tried using the fingerprint. Yep you guessed, didn't work.
Sent a email to Mobile Fun, who asked me various questions about the fitting where we discovered that I hadn't been instructed to press the fingerprint scanner for a minute before using uv light!!
Was sent a replacement straight away and arrived in days. Now fitted and works perfectly. Great product!!
And can not fault the service.....which is first class. Great company to deal with...….would recommend to anyone.
Looks good
Not that tough, dropped my phone 12 inches and the glass screen protector cracked, not what I expected from such a costly item
Excellent screen protector
I have used whitestone dome screen protectors for a number of years now and find them excellent. They are pricey in comparison to other screen protectors but I can see the difference in price is more than worth it.
Does exactly what it says on the packet
First time Received screen protector for Samsung galaxy note 10+ 5g was broken. Sent image to Mobile fun, and before I new it they had sent me a replacement ????????
And the screen protector is doing its job very well protecting me screen
Had a little trouble getting confirmation on what case would fit. And first glass cover broke. MobileFun replaced with no issues. First and second fitting of glass went with no issue ( followed video ) and finger print works with no issue. Very happy after 3 weeks.
Great screen protector
If you want the best screen protector for your phone , this is the one, it's expensive but you get what you pay for.
It's the first time using a whitestone protector so i watched the you tube video about 6 time before attempting the installation, and ended up doing a perfect job,

Very good
I purchased this screen protector, fitted it and found to my disappointment that the fingerprint function no longer worked.
I have complained and am waiting for a promised replacement to be sent. It has been over a week now.
Good screen protector but fingerprint sensor will not work as it should
I have been using whitestone dome and they are the best but for this device note 10 plus the fingerprint sensor will not work instantly when the protector is on, its a major let down as you are paying a premium price and expect to get a premium protector which is not the case.
Smooth !!
First of all, I know the price is heavy for a screen protector! But after having this installed on my device for several weeks now, I can say its worth every penny! There has been minimal fingerprints, no small dust particles getting in from the edges, and the clarity is spot on. No drops yet, but no scratches from being in my Jean's work wear or even face down on tables. Just make sure you apply the protector in a dust free room! Bathroom after shower running for five mins, did me just fine????
Pricey, but you get what you pay for
This is an incredible screen protector. The installation process is quite elaborate, but watch the instruction video a couple of times and take your time and you should get a good result.

Considering the price....

If you have the Note 10+ you have £1100 worth of phone This protector amounts to just 4% of that. Alternatively, if you crack your screen a replacement from Samsung will set you back £275, plus you spend a week without your phone.

Viewed like that, the £45 asking price for this protector didn't feel that outrageous to me.
Quality Control issues with Manufacturer!
This product is undoubtedly the best in its class, albeit very expensive, though you get what you pay for! The quality of the manufacturer's protective packaging is very badly designed. If the package suffers compression during transit the Tempered glass screen protector 'WILL FRACTURE", it's not the fault of the distributor it ruined my consumer confidence to receive an email off mobilefun several hours "after the point of sale" to state boldly once the parcel is received, if it isn't carefully inspected "immediately", then mobilefun will treat the goods as delivered in "good condition, I.e. not damaged". I think this is an unreasonable expectation on the sellers behalf, and in my opinion breaches the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 1. Satisfactory Quality. 2. As Described. 3 Fit for purpose. 4. Last a reasonable length of time.

For the record my delivery arrived in a grey plastic bag which did not give further protection to the sub standard packaging already used by the manufacturer, the Whitestone Dome screen protector box was "slightly" compressed, but fortunately for me my purchase did on this occasion survive transit. If it didn't survive then would have caused me to file a claim and I don't think they would have been reasonable about it.

I have been a loyal customer at mobilefun since the early 2000's. Due to their current retail policies on goods delivered I will unfortunately not be purchasing from which has ended a 15 year business relationship.

Above all I hope my review does at the very least help other shoppers who may encounter problems with purchases.
Simply the best
It might be a bit of a faff to put this protector on bit out it's well worth it. I had no problems but did watch lots of utube videos before I started. The finished product is outstanding.
Great customer service as I ordered the wrong item and they switched it to the right one
Great customer service as I ordered the wrong item and they switched it to the right one. On my screen protector

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