Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung S10e Screen Protector - 2 Pack Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S10e uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity
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Great but installation requires precision
It took me 3 attempts to get it right but now it's perfect.
Best Screen Protector Ever !
An amazing product which is more expensive than most screen protectors - but so worth it !
Easy , bubble free application , and a great bond woth the glue and clever UV light.
Highly recommended.
You need to be very careful applying the glass
Honest review
I was at first skeptical of the product because of the price. I think everyone is when there's a marked down product. I only had one little problem and that was the pull sticker for the film on the glass. The sticker ripped off and I thought I had a used glass screen. I just had to pick at the film a bit to get it off (couldn't see the film/not a used product btw). That was the only hiccup I had (it probably did this because it's hot outside).

Tl;dr this is a great product. Does what it is intended to do at a price that it should be. I'd recommend this site to anyone.
Fantastic Screen Protector
Best screen protector you can get - The factory fitted S10e protector is only vinyl and is easily damaged (and removed) - The Whitestone one is bulletproof, no bubbles, no misfitting, excellent touchscreen response - You really don't know it's there.
Fitting is a little fiddly but the instructions and videos help a lot in that respect.
If you are cack handed then get someone capable to fit it for you.
Buy this - You will not be disappointed!
Excellent product
Just to confirm, I am one of the most fussy people you could probably meet. Initially before I purchased the Whitestone Screen protector I watched YouTube films of how to install it. Whilst I was impressed by the look of the product. I was nervous about getting the install wrong (especially the idea of dust being under the protector). Any way, I ordered the product from MobileFun. The product arrived quickly and well packaged, undamaged. The install went pretty much trouble free and I used the cleaner and the dust stickers included to make sure the phone was in perfect shape before install. Once the screen protector was on, there were no bubbles and it was a perfect fit.Having used the UV light to bond the adhesive. The end result is a super screen protector that looks sharp as you like and I am extremely happy with the final results. It costs a bit more compared to other screen protectors I have had in the past. Bu this really is a top product and is a cut above the rest. Yes it may only be a screen protector but it is awesome. This is certainly a case of 'you get what you pay for'.
I love it
The directions and video are really helpful. I heard it was the best screen saver and I'm not at all disappointed. I also got the best price from MobileFun. It was fun to set up and watch the blob of liquid flow to the corners of my phone. Be patient and don't touch it until it's complete.
Must have
Great screen protector in every way, fairly straightforward to install and feels great
Best price online
New product, fast delivery, best price online...amazing
This is the no.1 Screen Protector
If you are thinking about getting a new screen protector, this is the one. At first I was concerned about how hard it would be to do. But, I just watched along with a YouTube video and I personally found it very easy and didn't make any mistakes. I doubt you will either. This is the no.1!

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