Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung S10 Plus Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S10 Plus uses a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Also featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity retention.
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Great Screen Protector and Customer Service

This is by far the best screen protector I've used for curved screens. There are a few steps involved but it's not complicated and the instructions are very clear. Unlike other screen protectors (like the $50 one that Verizon sold and installed for me) these do not pop off and do not reduce touch sensitivity.

As a side note customer service at Mobilefun was very helpful when the USPS lost the first package. I contacted them and they sent out another which was delivered in a couple of days at no cost.
Great product
Great screen protector bit pricey but works perfectly
Top service
Fast service and very professional. Even though this brand is known to be compatible with the finger print access, it will be a 6/10 chance it will recognise it.
Excellent Screen Protector
Having had Dome Glass on my previous S8+, I went straight for this on my S10+ and it didn't disappoint! Easy install and no bubbles. Finger print scanner still works at a decent rate, I have registered my prints a number of times to reduce the fails. Still very happy with the product!
Looks great, but has some disadvantages
Once it's on, it looks great. It covers the entire screen, curving over the sides. Getting it on is kind of scary. There's at least 10 steps and I was worried about the liquid adhesive. It's not suppose to interfere with the fingerprint sensor, but I found that the phone is constantly asking me to press harder although I turned up the sensitivity.
Best screen protector for the samsung s10 plus. Easy to install.
No air bubbles at all
Does a great job covering the edge display, fingerprint sensor works great

Lifetime warranty is also worth it..so if I break it I can get a new one for really cheap (would be better if it was free cause I am paying £40 but that's not mobilefun fault)
Better than expected
Ok, there are lots to choose from from the cheap to the "I might as well just buy a new phone when I scratch it" but after much searching I decided on the Whitestone Dome Glass.
As most people say - watch the videos a few times. That said, even for someone as hamfisted as me, it was a straight forward process and went smoothly. Even reregistering my fingerprint went well and it worked even better after adjusting the setting to increase sensitivity for screen protectors.
I suppose time will tell if this is good as it gets but I am a very happy buyer at the moment.
Love this screen protector. Searched how to properly apply via YouTube and it showed exactly how to do it, step by step. Followed this afterwards and the screen protector applied so easily and perfect first time. Alignment was perfect using the provided case and the screen is crystal clear with no marks/bubbles etc and touch screen works as if there was nothing there. Registered fingerprint again and it works first time everytime. Amazing job, would highly recommend.
Top Stuff
THE ONLY glass screen protector to use for the S10+. Follow YouTube videos for installation. Some issue with the fingerprint sensor even though setting set to extra sensitivity hence 4 stars.
Good product
Very good quality
Amazing service
Whitestone dome Galaxy s10 plus
Purchased the whitestone dome screen protector for my Galaxy s10 plus not knowing if it was any good with the finger print scanner. But I can assure you it does what it says on the tin it works perfectly well and I'm very pleased to say it's the best screen protector iv ever purchased. Thank you mobile fun its been a pleasure to deal with you
best out there
a much better screen protector, one that has been widely approved as the only glass protector to function with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner..yes, they'll be that occasional fingerprint smear but it is easily wiped away..protection at a minor cost
Screen protector
The screen protector is very good, covers the all screen of the phone, but even I did scan the fingers print again , the scanner is not working as before I applyd the screen protector. So best is to use the face recognition instead.
So far so good.
I bought the Whitestone cove case after watching a review of it on Youtube. So far, the case has lived up to expectations. It is easy to install and looks amazing. It hasn't scratched/scuffed at all whereas the original screen has! Absolutely stunning case. Game changer!
Good but not perfect
Installation is straightforward if instructions are followed. The fingerprint scanner's sensitivity is not as without the screen protector but at least it provides impact protection and fits perfectly, not bothered by silicone cases.
Awesome screen protector!
The best screenprotector for Galaxy S10, still able to use the ultrasonic fingerprint reader with the protector installed.

Much better than other screenprotectors I've tried. Can highly recommend this product.
Genuinely amazing
Followed the instructions for a near flawless installation. A little bit more finicky than a traditional screen protector, but it's so thin and flush with the device that it looks a step above offerings from the likes of Spigen, Mime Glass USA and others I have used it the past. Almost impossible to tell there's a screen protector installed unless you're specifically looking for it.

My handset display had a rather deep scratch already on the left hand side (not visible when screen was on, but looked like an unsightly gouge in the screen when light was reflected off of the unlit screen), so I was initially worried whether it would adhere properly - not only did it adhere to the screen perfectly, the scratch is now impossible to see, even when shining a bright light on the device.

The only slight downside (and admittedly this may just be my own fault rather than a flaw in the product) was that when removing the sticker obscuring the speaker grille, the glass underneath hadn't properly adhered to the screen so now there's a little air bubble (about 2mm wide horizontal line) at the top of the display.

Not a biggie and was much more worried about the scratch. If this screen protector ever needs replaced, I'll use the second in the pack and hopefully get a fully flawless installation next time!

Touch sensitivity does not seem to be impacted. I reregistered my fingerprints after installing the protector as per their advice, and have had no issues with the ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

Considering the price Samsung is charging for replacement screens and scratch repairs, an investment like this is a no brainer for me.
You get what you pay for.. It's expensive for a reason
A good quality product with clear instructions on application
don't do what i did and ignore the advice to watch the video a couple of times before you start.
Luckily the company sends enough resources for a second go.
Amazing clean screen protector
I can say in confidence that it is easy to install. It looks clean. One thing I do wish is that I can order the Screen protector as a standalone without the UV as backup.
Totally worth it...
Best screen protector
Most advanced screen protector to have.
Easy installation and feels the same as original screen .
It's only one protector who works for curved screen.
Worth every penny.
Good but check your case!
Really good but if you put a case on that touches anywhere of the side of the screen protector it will make it lift!

Tried the olexair and otterbox and they all made the protector lift. Make sure your case is the size on domeglass website. Personally I think more cases dont fit than do so why domeglass dont make two sizes. Had to fit a really basic case that doesnt give me the protection i want but really like the glued on protector rather than the sticky side glued ones

I have now fitted three of these, all perfectly fitted and have given up with a decent case as trashed the other two installs. The Samsung genuine cases are smaller and dont touch the glass
Whitestone Dome Glass
Product is really good. I am happy with product . It comes all handy Accessories and easy to install. Just one thing when my parcel was delivered it was opened . Packaging of product was already opened but everything was in there so no complaints
Good screen however not great for the fingerprint scanner
This is my go to product for screen protectors. The quality is as expected, however since I have installed the screen protector the fingerprint scanner is no longer picking up my fingerprints properly. I have retried adding my fingerprints many time but to no avail. Also putting my finger in the right place is more difficult as well. I had no issue with other screen protectors while I waited for this product.
The best on market
I've purchased this second time for s10plus... only because I have it first time on my S9 plus.. Simply the best.... The feel of glass is amazing . Yes it is a bit pricey.. But then you have a feeling that your phone screen is clear..... 100% recommended
I was desperate to know if worked with fingerprints on the S10.proection also was paramount. Works flawlessly. B

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