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Reviews for Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung S10 Plus Full Cover Screen Protector

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S10 Plus uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S10 Plus uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
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Marketing hype
No problems installing the screen protector, came out beautifully, looked like a whole new screen but finger print scanner wouldn't detect any finger prints, kept asking me to press a little harder, did until thumb went blue, even re-registered them and switched the sensitivity to high. Approx 10-14 days later I noticed what look like a scratch, thought that it was a bit odd as these protectors are meant to be virtually scratch proof. Usually have my phone left on kitchen counter in a wallet style case. Then I saw more and more scratches originating from first scratch, it turned out to be cracks forming under the surface of the screen protector, between the adhesive and the actual glass which in turn started to crack the glass protector in different areas. It took me 1 hour and 37mins to take the screen protector off using a hair dryer and if anyone wants proof I'll be glad to send photo's.
I'm my opinion these protectors are a load of hyped up marketing crap. I tried contacting Whitestone dome glass company but they said fill out a registration form and warranty form, but even if you bought it from eBay new, they don't want to know about it.
finger print does not work
my fingerprint did not work, the screen was well fitted , did everything but still won't record my new fingerprint. I have reported and they've sent a new one, I am waiting to see if the new one will work, however, I fought. if it works i will come back and leave a positive comment
Not worth the money
The protector itself is just like any other glass screen protector nothing very special her.. the key thing is the glue system which allows you use the finger print scanner still. It's easy to apply and works problem is after a week is peeling off. Get a normal glass protector, use facial recognition or PIN and save a future.
Good product
Not much, the product provide all the information customers need before buying. This is the second time I bought whitestone dome. My old one lasted for a year. I hoped my old screen would last longer, but overall the product is great to buy, and would not histatate to buy another one when I purchase a new phone.
Glass screen protector review
This is a great product and easy to use. A little pricey but woth it. This is my go to glass screen protector. Second phone is a S10plus, first phone s9plus. Both phones have this screen protector. Keep in mind you only need patience to make this work. At first it seems like a lot to put together. It takes maybe 10 minutes. You will be pleased with the end result. Pull the trigger and buy this screen protector.
Brilliant but fiddley..
Performed a couple of rehearsals before the final application.
I didn't believe the reviews...
After looking through various reviews websites and reading the reviews of this product I went for it thinking the issues with the finger print sensor were people getting things wrong.

It seems I'm wrong, and I apologise to those I misjudged! I followed the instructions after installation to re-register my finger print, and regret it so very much! It worked ok, some of the trine, with my thumb print, but not always, so I deleted my prints and tried to do them again. It wasn't happening! I can't get my thumb print to read at all, and registering fingers did work, but it took some doing and various attempts.

Now when I unlock with fingerprint it invariably fails repeatedly, and using it to log in to banking has similar issues, making life very frustrating.

Installation is in theory really easy, and actually when everything's spot on it is. My first pack though the usb socket on the UV lamp broke. They're not very strong so be careful! Mobile Fun did send a replacement immediately. The instructions say you need a flat surface, and they mean exactly that! Any slight deviation from truly level will mean the liquid moving off to the side, which you don't want, and believe me, you can't get away with tipping it to recenter, it just doesn't work!

One other issue I had that meant I had to replace the screen was my Spigen case caught in the top right corner, making it almost impossible to use the power button, and peeled the corner of the screen off!

It looks great, the cradle makes it easy to fit, but the drawbacks of the case and the fingerprint sensor make me wish I'd taken more note of the cautionary reviews. I feel I've wasted £45 on this product now, and will look to change it out for something that actually works effectively with the sensor.
Good Product
It is not an easy product to install and I made a mess the first time and had to have a second go even though I had watched several videos on how to install the glass. The biometric system worked after installing and still seems to be working a week or so later, although for some reason the sound quality on voice calls doesn't seem as clear.
Good but not good enough
instructions are great and the video how to install . Unfortunately there are too many negatives for me .
You cannot have a case on your screen as it lifts the screen on the corners no matter how many times you try and cure the screen to the phone . Also I've only put the phone in my cradle in my car and it already smashed the two edges as its so fragile . Will I buy this product again . No defiantly not . Its OK if you just want a screen on and and you are very gentle with the screen and don't put it in any cradle . I've pulled mine off and have wasted money on this product and looking for something nit as fragile
great product great quality worth every penny
found it quite easy to install (watched a few install videos first)
goes on really well fingerprint scanner works perfect(remember to put your fingerprint on the screen before the 2nd curing process)
the first one didn't take around the camera and there were some little pin prick holes on the glass but contacted mobile fun and they sent a replacement that one is all good and when on perfect as well. the screen looks and feels like there's no protector on it
a heads up to those wanting to know about cases
i have had it on the mouse limitless 2.0, the rhino sheild solid suit the ringke fusion and the otterbox symmetry they all fit perfectly
this is well worth the money just take your time follow the instructions watch a few videos
Great screen protector
Does exactly as it promises
Outstanding service
Once again, MobileFun have proved they are an efficient retailer with outstanding customer service.
Worth every penny!!!!
Just finished installing, following the instructions provided and the video on the Whitestone Dome website and the process was super easy. I was initially hesitant before trying but it's worked a treat and bonus even works 100% with fingerprint sensor. Can't speak to the longevity or how protective it is as yet but so far so good.....would recommend spending the extra bit of money on this excellent screen protector!
Better than expected
Easy to instal and now im sure that my phone screeen is protected.
The best
Best screen protector i ever had in my life
Nice produc
easy to use and nice cuality
Best screen protector!
This is the one and only screen protector brand that I trust to protect my phone, Samsung phones have been difficult to keep safe since the edge was released and this has 100% fixed all of the previous issues that I used to have with other screen protector brands. It can be tricky to apply, but once it's applied it is wonderful!
This product fit perfectly but it was a bit time consuming and a lot of patience ,it arrived in perfect condition with everything intact but my only complaint would be that if you are ordering outside the uk for example from the usa it will take at least 2 weeks to arrive,but other than that it was a pleasant experience
works well
All good.
Solid screen
Great screen and easy to fit with a bit of patience
Only decent cover for s10+
Cover is good I've had 1 for several phones. The fingerprint sensor does work just about, nowhere near as well as without the cover on. In fact I have turned it off, I have face recognition and pattern as security it's really annoying, keeps saying press harder and it still doesnt work. This should be fingerprint sensor works sometimes !!!
Worth the money
I was a bit sceptical about this product when I read the reviews but am so glad I took the plunge to purchase it. I had bought the phone outright and after weighing up the pros and cons regarding insurance or the cost of the cover to protect the screen I decided give it a go. I have to admit I watched loads of tutorials on fitting the screen protector as my history for cocking these things up made me panic Haha. I followed the video on mobile fun website at each stage with pauses to complete it and found it nowhere near as bad as I thought. Now for the main reason I was put off at first was the reviews on the fingerprint (loads saying its unresponsive) well once I had fitted it and reset my fingerprints I have to say it works fine. Yes sometimes it's a bit temperamental but 98% of the time works perfect. The whole screen is super responsive to the touch and I would definitely recommend this if you want to protect ur screen. Yes it's slightly pricey for a screen protector but its alot cheaper than a replacement screen.
It's great,fits perfectly on my samsung s10plus.
Best scre8 protector
The best screen protector I ever bought
One of the best screen protectors I've tried
Just got mine today install the without a problem, the only thing I would say to be careful about is the bottom of the guide case, the glass can slip under the top alignment case if not careful, used the camera hole as a reference point to get it where it was supposed to be. Other than that small problem everything went smoothly, fingerprint reader works perfectly I find you have to use slightly more pressure than before but it's still great.
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