Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung S10 Plus Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S10 Plus uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
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Strongly recommend for Galaxy S10 owner
Great quality product, well packaged and reliable delivery! Pretty easy to install and perfectly work on my galaxy S10 plus. STRONGLY recommend for those who are looking for solutions to the ultra sonic finger print problem. This is the product that is worth to buy.
About DOME glass
The product it's the best what I am see on market, the service speed is amazing and fast. Replacement service is amazing to. This is good Compeny. I am really happy deal with. Many Thanks
Whitestone dome glass
This is perfect once fitted to phone great item
I cannot recommend this glass screen protector enough. It is smooth to the touch with a flawless finish. Easy to install. Worth every penny. I recommend shipping around though as this website may not be the cheapest in your country.
Great screen, superb customer service
I read all the reviews before purchasing due mainly to the cost of the screen. I wanted to be sure I wasn't about to waste my money on something that was only as good as the cheaper versions. I was also sceptical about pouring liquid onto my brand new phone!! I have to say the screen is great - a LOT better than the cheaper versions. My screen has lost none of its touch sensitivity and the fingerprint sensor works perfectly. My screen is flawless and I am thrilled with it. I watched the installation video several times beforehand and also had it playing on a tablet in front of me whilst actually installing the screen on my phone. The customer service namd support is amazing - super impressed all round with the product and the service.
Great product
Great product and easy to install
It's great you dont even know its there
How long itll take to install
Good but fingerprint sensor not seamless
I had the Whitestone dome screen protector for the Note 9 previously so knew what to expect with regards to quality and fitment etc. However, although the inbuilt fingerprint sensor still works with the protector on, it can be quite frustrating at times as it doesn't always recognise my fingerprint and could take several attempts before eventually unlocking. Not a deal breaker but at this price point, I would expect it to work more seamlessly.
Best bang for your buck
This screen protector is awesome. It may seem like an expensive cost at first, but ive tried so many other screen protectors including Samsung's and so in the past I already spent more than this on subpar stickers which ended up being crap. And tbh your phone is worth way more so in the long run this is a great investment. Installation was super easy, just be sure to watch the YouTube video a few times first. This is day 3 of me using it. Fingerprint sensor works great, screen looks brand new, no sign of anything coming undone, and no corners are getting pushed off by my case. Really, if you have any doubts -- get it.
Love it!
Went on well and worked great with my Otterbox Commuter case. Just dropped my phone a few days ago and it cracked the screen protector, but there isn't a mark on my actual screen, so it did it's job well. About to buy another.
It's nice but has flaws
It's a nice screen protector feels and looks nice although it doesn't cover the entire screen which has been advertised. Because of this it doesn't work very well with the gesture navigation bar. Also after few days some minor cracks appeared at the bottom. I wasn't expecting this for this money.
Really great
How many where included
Great protection covers edges completely
I would've like to known how many pics of glass where included
Worthwhile but Flawed
Short version: Overall a great finish if you take your time and follow the instructions. But, the glass doesn't adhere all the way to the edges, leaving a dust trap around the screen. Finger print scanner does still work, but is definitely less responsive.

Long version: The installation is certainly not like any other protector I've used, and is quite involved. With that said, the instructions from Whitestone are clear and easy to follow....but I can see how someone could mess it up easily. One thing to note is that there are slight differences between the Mobilefun and Official Whitestone instructions (I followed Whitestone as that's who the warranty is with).

The installation took no more than 15 mins all in, and went without a hitch first try. There were a few air bubbles which weren't meant to appear if the instructions are to be believed, but these were easily removed by gently pressing them to the edge.

Once installed, the finish is very clear, and makes near to no difference to screen feel / sensitivity. The only "issue" is that the glass doesn't site flush at the very edges. We're talking <1mm around the edge so it's barely noticeable upon first impressions. However, after 24 hours these gaps are a bad dust trap. There are noticeable "bits" stuck between the protector and the screen, but again this is only on the very edge. It makes no difference to the screen "experience" but it is a little annoying given the premium price tag.

Another area which may be an issue for some (though not for me) is that its not what you might think from the "edge to edge" description. It covers 100% of the screen, but it doesn't cover 100% of the front glass. There is about a 1.5mm gap between the edge of the protector and the metal frame of the phone.

Lastly, the fingerprint scanner. Contrary to what I've see other users stating, mine works just fine. You do need to make sure you cure the area as per the Whitestone instructions (where they state you need to apply pressure to the sensor area between UV applications) so that may be one area where people are having issues. The other thing to note is that your original fingerprints wont work post installation, you need to remove the old ones stored in the phone and re-scan your fingers again post installation (so make sure you have another locking method such as a pin applied...or you aren't going to be getting back into the phone). While I said mine works, I do need to point out its less responsive / sensitive than before.

Overall its a good product, that I'm happy with, but its not without its flaws. My only concern is its longevity with the gaps previously mentioned. I have visions of them getting snagged on the lip of a pocket and lifting up, but we'll have to wait and see.
Hands down best ever screen protector
Having installed many, many screen protectors, I can say with no doubt this is the best, easiest, hassle free screen protector I've ever installed. Yes the instructions look a bit daunting, but once you start you'll realise how easy it is. There's no hassle wiping air bubbles to the side, or having to peel it off and realign it cos it's slightly off centre. I can't comment on the problems mentioned in other reviews, as I never encountered one. And the quality of it once installed is amazing. A bit pricy but definitely worth it
One of the best on the market.
Loved how easy and effiecient this product was to apply to my phone...how ever I was under the impression that I would be recieving 2x glass covers in my pack, paying nearly $80 AU Only to find after I had applied the glass cover on my s10 plus my finger print scanner could not be used. I would love to have been sent a extra screen cover as I had to remove it due to this issue.
Best screen protector for galaxy s10 plus
Watched the installation video a few times then got the installation right first time. Fingerprint scanner works as it should.
Great Screen Protection
I purchased the Whitestone Dome for my Samsung S10+. Compared to other glass protectors this was somewhat more expensive and I was initially apprehensive about fitting the product by myself but after watching the instruction video I decided to give it a go. Despite the number of steps it was a simple operation. The box came with everything needed and the fit and finish of the protector was first class. It also works well with my Shieldon case. I would purchase this product again.
Easy peasy!
Really straightforward to install - the instructions could be made a lot simpler though.
Nice fit and no real change in sensitivity. So far so good!
Perfect screen protector
Perfect screen protection. A bit fidely to instal but is worth it. Is best screen protection I have seen untill now.
Great standalone product with some issues
The case compatibility section on the product page does not actually list any compatible cases. I decided to try my luck and bought a slimline case but this still resulted in some peeling of the screen protector. The installation is a breeze and the protector itself provides one of the best finishes I've seen, but the case issue is significant in my opinion.

I would recommend this product as a stand alone option but given my experience with it I can't recommend it if you want to use a case as well. I expected more from this price point.
Good protector. However...
Very nice screen protector. Only issue i had was it does not work well with the otter box defender. The defender wants to peel the protector up at the corners.
By far the best screen protector in the market
To adjust my phones screen settings before applying the screen.But overall, instructions explain detail installation instructions and should be read carefully...for a successful application....very happy with this screen protector.
Great purchase.
It was a great purchase and great value for money, i will definitely buy from you again.
Thank you.
Dean mayes.
Absolutely a must.!
I have the ceramic white Samsung S10 plus with a Gear4 Piccadilly case and wanted a strong case friendly screen protector that actually protects your screen after viewing the drop tests on YouTube I was really impressed with the results and ssid that's the screen protector for me. I followed the install video https://youtu.be/_2Os2h19ItQ and everything perfect no issues with fingerprint sensor. It's a must buy as I was told it's about £200.00 to replace broken screen. I highly recommend this product.
Love this screen protector
I have use the dome glass protector on my note8 .I love that is stay on no matter what..! so when I upgraded my phone to the 10 plus I was happy to see they did have so I got it even tho it's pricey it's well worth it
Whitestone dome glass
Screen protector whitestone dome glass I using at the moment for my galaxy s10 plus is perfect and very solid i manage to smash one protector but my samsung s10 plus screen survived drop from first floor and hit in the pavement now I bought another one and I know i don't have to worry anymore about my phone screen, delivery from mobilefun are fast without any problems next day
Does as designed
Easy to apply. Instructions inside were terrible, but I followed a YouTube video guide for installation. Can't even tell there is a cover on there.
Awesome. +++++
There have been some negative reviews about this product which did make me a little concerned but I don't think they are a good depiction or completely warranted. Yes I will agree that the fingerprint sensor is a little less responsive with the protector but I simply reset my prints several times over a week and now they work 80% of the time without issue. But that is a very minor issue considering that you can use multiple ways to access your phone other than fingerprint (biometrics for example). The other negative reviews about the application and end result are completely unwarranted. If you follow the video instructions the finished product is amazing and flawless. I have fitted this to my own phone and two of my friends phones and all 3 have turned out perfect. There are two supporting instructional videos and one actually says to cure the protector for longer periods. It is worth uv curing with 1 minute at each end so I suggest looking at both videos and choose the one with the guy and not the girl as hers only suggests 15 seconds of uv. Great product.
Expensive but Amazing and worth the money
Well I have never paid this much EVER for a piece of glass, but I have to hand it to them it is fantastic. after watching the installation video lots of times (and I do mean a lot lol) it went on perfectly with no bubbles and it went on straight first time due to the cage you put your phone into. They have thought of everything to install in properly first time well done Whitestone and thanks A+
not bad but breaks easy
its not bad but breaks easy and the warranty doesnt apply if you buy from a 3ed party web site
Fab item...the best screen cover
Does it actually work...n yes it does
Hands down the best screen protector I've used. Had saved my phone several times already.
Item was strait forward. Problem installation.
Great and fast service
Great service and awesome product. The product came very fast to the USA. And this is cheapest place to find this product. Do not believe any negative reviews you see on the net. The dome glass looks awesome on my s10 plus. I have zero issues with it at all. Very easy put on. With my spigen
neo hybrid fits and look great
Great product. The surface is silky smooth. The application may seem daunting but its simple - just be sure to watch all the videos.
Finger print scanner works but I find I have to be more precise with my finger placement now.
Great but ehh
Its a nice tempered glass, it looks good. Finger sensor work 70% of the time either I have to press on the screen harder or try again.
However phone screen cracked a week after installing without damaging tempered glass. How? I dont know. I have a wallet case either that broke the screen or phone was defective .
Wont 100% save you from cracking your screen
Better than what's available, but not flawless
The application was relatively easy (I'd advise to watch the YouTube tutorials) and then screen gives great protection.

The fingerprint sensor is compromised by the screen, I find having to try my prints 3-4 times (and I've re-registered them). Beforehand I'd pretty much hit it first time around.

Also the screen in both of the bottom corners started to come away and chip off in the first couple of days.
Excellent product, best screen protector for the S10+
Fit perfectly the 2nd try (first one I pushed too much adhesive out of one of the sides during curing and it started lifting) - but now I installed it right it's perfect. Almost looks like it doesn't have a screen protector at all! Fingerprint scanner works perfectly (make sure you don't skip the step to hold your finger down on the screen where the sensor is between the two curing stages). Highly recommended.
Quality products
it had all required details but postage being used is not reliable
it too way too long and austport let the parcel at a unsecure location. you need to change your courier
Excellent screen protector
I wish I had this protector on my phone before I dropped it costing me a lot of money, the service from mobile fun was excellent and I would offer from you again.

Thanks for the service
Fabulous, but watch for humidity
Screen is absolutely fabulous, well worth the money. Watch for humidity though - mine started to lift after wearing in the back pocket of my cycling jersey. Customer service was wonderful, and sent out a replacement for me. Would definitely purchase again!
S10+ Screen protector
A great product, it looks complicated but follow the instructions and watch the video and you'll be fine, the only thing is the video shows the S10 and not the S10+ so the reference to the speaker is incorrect, but i'd buy another if anything happens to this one, great value from mobilefun compared to other vendor's.
Great product
When I first saw this screen protector I was intimidated to say the least. The installation looked as complex as rocket science. But soon did I find out how simple it really was. Within 10 minutes my instillation was complete and flawless. It feels great and the glass is super smooth. I would recommend this product to anybody looking to protect their new phone.
I would like to have known how important it was to stick to the application procedures, and Mobilefun went over and above regular customer service. I would highly recommend this company
Not worth the money
Not a great product.... It is a very good screen protector and the application method is novel but the fingerprint reader is now useless. My brother in law also purchased one and is experiencing the same issue. For the price you would expect it to work flawlessly.
Excellent product
I'll admit I was sceptical. I read some reviews before buying it but I was really worried I'd mess up the installation and waste almost £40. This is certainly the most I've ever paid for a screen protector however my s8 experience was ruined by rubbish screen protectors so I thought I needed to spend more to protect the most expensive phone I've ever owned as trying to find one that fits a curved screen properly is really difficult and I really enjoy the ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

I needn't have worried. After watching the YouTube installation video (admittedly about 20 times) I found it really easy to fit the protector with no problems. No air bubbles, no slight missplacements, everything all okay. Looks tremendous on the phone (a damn site better than the pre fitted plastic film Samsung had installed anyway). No issues with using it with my case and no problems whatsoever with the fingerprint reader.

This was certainly the best £40 (including p&p) I've spent for my phone. Let's see how it lasts. I have no reason not to think it won't last and I'm very, very pleased with my purchase.

Great product x
I was a little intimidated about the install but it was very easy! The dome glass is amazing! I would definitely only use this as a screen protector from now on.
This is easy to fit and you don't notice it when fitted.
Great Product, Didn't Receive Spares Usually Given
The screen protector itself is great, and does as advertised. Costly, but worth it for peace of mind. However, my order through MobileZap came with the box already open, only one of the two glass screen protectors it should have come with, and only two of the three adhesive tubes it should have come with. Thankfully got installation right on the first try, but would hate to think what would have happened if a mistake was made and I didn't have the spares I should have had.
Outstanding item which is end with end and with working fingerprint
Excellent stuff. Had problem with the first one but mobilefun sorted it out with it excellent service. Second one was fantastic in fitting and at work. Best product. Little expensive but worth it. Highly recommended
Best screen protector
Follow the instructional video(s) precisely and should work as it should first time of trying to fit it, also on a side note the fingerprint scanner works even with a Lifeproof Frè case, even if you register your prints once case is on phone, would work better if I had the fingerprint stickers still.
Seems pricey but you pay for what you get
I've been looking for a decent glass cover since I got the new phone but everybody pushes some form of plastic stuff and I've never liked the feel on your phone. Saw this and thought hmmm pricey but the first of the glass ones I've seen and the process looked good. I now have a lovely feeling cover that lets me keep the design of the phone slim and not have to use a bulky cover. Follow the video instructions and it's simple to put on with a great finish. I love it
This product is awesome. It’s easy to fit although at first glance it looks a bit harrowing, watch the video on YouTube on how to fit the screen protector and you will find it as easy as I did .
Don't waste your time and money
Product ruined my phone. Far too much glue included and it spills out all over. When I went to remove my phone from the installation frame to wipe away excess glue, it was literally sitting in a puddle of glue. This stuff gets into the buttons (pad barriers do nothing to stop it) into the camera bezel on the back and despite extra care with the speaker sticker, you'll eventually need to wipe this area without the sticker which will inevitably push semi-diluted glue into he speaker grille.

Possibly the most awful concept ever.


Packaging contained so many particles of plastic and dust it was almost impossible to prepare the phone without getting fragments of cheap plastic everywhere.

Protector has a huge overhabg around the edge that does not fill with glue and so will inevitably collect dust etc.

The protector glue layer combined with the glass results in a significantly thicker layer of protection than most protectors.

The seam between the glass and metal also get glue embedded in them, resulting in a horrible look around the edges of the phone. This will also likely pick up extra dust etc over time.
Found a Website to my surprise advertised s10 plus screen protector, which was minimum 50% cheaper than high street prices. Received Pony Express Delivery woww

Excellent Tutorials - Highly Recommend to the extent I'm going buy another for my Son.
Best one yet
Watch video a few times before doing it, it's a process but it's worth it.
Glass for phone
Outstanding product.
Pricey but worth the wait.
Would have helped if it had a tracking number when it was shipped.
 Dome Glass Samsung S10 Plus Full Cover Screen Protector
The cover is the best what I used before. I never see the better fitting and installing. Thanks
Nice and easy
Best screen protector
Best screen protector for the s10 plus
This is the best looking and feeling screen protector you can get. I must say the S10 fingerprint isn't the best in the world (it's good) but not the best and having a glass screen protector makes it just a little more harder. Still works fine and I would recommend this without a doubt. I would say it's a little expensive but if you love your phone you'll get it
Very Good
It has to be the most complicated procedure to apply this screen protector. I needed to watch a YouTube video to work out what to do. Despite this, the protector fits perfectly. The under screen fingerprint sensor also works perfectly after re-adding my print so overall very happy.
Best screen protector
It is a different protector that came with adhesive which was new to me but, after watching some YouTube videos everything worked out. There’s just one air bubble I don’t know how I got...
Good product
Good product fast shipping easy install.
Simply Amazing
I damaged the product that was sent to me and emailed the website's support page in order to see whether i was covered by warranty. I received an email not too long saying that they will provide a complementary replacement.

Simply put, these guys are amazing
Product worked as described
Bought this screen protector for my S10 Plus as it is advertised as the only solution on the market that will work with the ultrasonic under display fingerprint scanner.

Installation was relatively easy, albeit needing a bit of patience, don't rush through the process. Watch the installation video several times to get yourself familiar with the process before starting the installation. Very pleased with the result after the install.
A little tricky to apply but plenty of "how videos" available on You Tube. Once on it looks great, feels great and works great. Well worth paying the extra money.
Good product.
Easy to install. Fingerprint scanner abit hit and miss now but still works. Fast delivery.
It works well.
I installed this not expecting too much given the ultrasonic fingerprint on the phone. I followed the revised instructions online and it works well. It actually seems to work better a week after installation as it had a few misfire reads initially.
Wont work with fingerprint scanner
The glass is perfect fits perfect, BUT it wont work with fingerprint scanner. I have done EVERYTHING it says on the instructions and everybodys tips reviews and nope still didnt not work.
Poor value for money
Paying this amount I was under the impression that the size of the glass would be an incredible fit but there is at least 3-4mm gap around the whole screen. Visually I was not to concern it is the feel when you swipe from the edge of the screen is dreadful. In time I would guess it will keep catching and pull up the screen edge.
On top of this it has effected the fingerprint scanner although they claim it does work. Your just paying extra for all the extra plastic to fit it.
One positive I must say fitting was a dream and produced no bubbles.

Great Screen Protector...but
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector is a great quality. It has a complicated installation process but gives great clear results. However, one note needs to be made. The demonstrated installation process doesn't always result in the Samsung s10 or S10+ fingerprint reader. Look up 3rd party installation on youtube for better fingerprint results.
Nice feel
A bit pricey
not satisfied
Installed it without any problems but the fingerprint scan will not work!
It keeps asking me to press harder. Noted that the installation was perfect, I have no bubbles nor any other issues, also
turn on touch sensitive.Have tried everything...reinstalling glass
screen protector itself looks good but not worth money...

Best screen protection I've had. Easy install
Best screen protector for the Samsung galaxy S10 plus and fits perfectly over the screen.
white stone dome glass for the Samsung Galaxy s10plus
i got the product on time in a good package .no damage what so ever .
the glass is of good quality compared to other tempered glasses . easy to install with the given instructions. the ultrasonic fingerprint works fine but needs a little pressure than without a glass . i am able to put any case without lifting the glass off .
Fine at first
Originally great product, but screen cracked within a week with just regular use. Hadn't been dropped just got a hairline crack somehow.
Good glass for the s10 series with finger in screen
Product is good quality and not to hard to apply at first there where slight issues but after contacting their good service everything was solved.

Fingerprint works still verry well with the glass after following all the instruction (pressing 1 min on finger print area before last curing procces )
Much better then the foils available.
Best Glass screen protector i've seen in years, works exactly as the online demonstration presents it. A wonderful piece of tech.
Great Screen Protector and Customer Service

This is by far the best screen protector I've used for curved screens. There are a few steps involved but it's not complicated and the instructions are very clear. Unlike other screen protectors (like the $50 one that Verizon sold and installed for me) these do not pop off and do not reduce touch sensitivity.

As a side note customer service at Mobilefun was very helpful when the USPS lost the first package. I contacted them and they sent out another which was delivered in a couple of days at no cost.
Great product
Great screen protector bit pricey but works perfectly
Top service
Fast service and very professional. Even though this brand is known to be compatible with the finger print access, it will be a 6/10 chance it will recognise it.
Excellent Screen Protector
Having had Dome Glass on my previous S8+, I went straight for this on my S10+ and it didn't disappoint! Easy install and no bubbles. Finger print scanner still works at a decent rate, I have registered my prints a number of times to reduce the fails. Still very happy with the product!
Looks great, but has some disadvantages
Once it's on, it looks great. It covers the entire screen, curving over the sides. Getting it on is kind of scary. There's at least 10 steps and I was worried about the liquid adhesive. It's not suppose to interfere with the fingerprint sensor, but I found that the phone is constantly asking me to press harder although I turned up the sensitivity.
Best screen protector for the samsung s10 plus. Easy to install.
No air bubbles at all
Does a great job covering the edge display, fingerprint sensor works great

Lifetime warranty is also worth it..so if I break it I can get a new one for really cheap (would be better if it was free cause I am paying £40 but that's not mobilefun fault)
Better than expected
Ok, there are lots to choose from from the cheap to the "I might as well just buy a new phone when I scratch it" but after much searching I decided on the Whitestone Dome Glass.
As most people say - watch the videos a few times. That said, even for someone as hamfisted as me, it was a straight forward process and went smoothly. Even reregistering my fingerprint went well and it worked even better after adjusting the setting to increase sensitivity for screen protectors.
I suppose time will tell if this is good as it gets but I am a very happy buyer at the moment.
Love this screen protector. Searched how to properly apply via YouTube and it showed exactly how to do it, step by step. Followed this afterwards and the screen protector applied so easily and perfect first time. Alignment was perfect using the provided case and the screen is crystal clear with no marks/bubbles etc and touch screen works as if there was nothing there. Registered fingerprint again and it works first time everytime. Amazing job, would highly recommend.
Top Stuff
THE ONLY glass screen protector to use for the S10+. Follow YouTube videos for installation. Some issue with the fingerprint sensor even though setting set to extra sensitivity hence 4 stars.
Good product
Very good quality
Amazing service
Whitestone dome Galaxy s10 plus
Purchased the whitestone dome screen protector for my Galaxy s10 plus not knowing if it was any good with the finger print scanner. But I can assure you it does what it says on the tin it works perfectly well and I'm very pleased to say it's the best screen protector iv ever purchased. Thank you mobile fun its been a pleasure to deal with you
best out there
a much better screen protector, one that has been widely approved as the only glass protector to function with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner..yes, they'll be that occasional fingerprint smear but it is easily wiped away..protection at a minor cost
Screen protector
The screen protector is very good, covers the all screen of the phone, but even I did scan the fingers print again , the scanner is not working as before I applyd the screen protector. So best is to use the face recognition instead.
So far so good.
I bought the Whitestone cove case after watching a review of it on Youtube. So far, the case has lived up to expectations. It is easy to install and looks amazing. It hasn't scratched/scuffed at all whereas the original screen has! Absolutely stunning case. Game changer!
Good but not perfect
Installation is straightforward if instructions are followed. The fingerprint scanner's sensitivity is not as without the screen protector but at least it provides impact protection and fits perfectly, not bothered by silicone cases.
Awesome screen protector!
The best screenprotector for Galaxy S10, still able to use the ultrasonic fingerprint reader with the protector installed.

Much better than other screenprotectors I've tried. Can highly recommend this product.
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