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Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Note 9 Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy Note 9 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
Price: £44.99
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy Note 9 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
 4.5 stars from 280 customers

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Absolutely the best screen protector
This must be the best screen protector I have had for my numerous mobile phones, I was apprehensive at first about the claims made for this protector, however I can say it truly fits the screen properly, there is no trapped air between the two surfaces and I get no finger marks at all. I wish I had put this on my other phones.
Screen protector
Its the best screen protector I have ever used
Great if you get it right
There are two chances to get it right (two pots of glue), which I am thankful for because my first try had huge bubbles. Second try only two little bubbles.
I didn't give 5* because the glass could have covered more of the edges, for using a to-the-edge phone I don't like the feeling of dragging my finger across the cover ridge. But, it is a lot better that paying 180 to get the screen replaced! Plus, it protects it from further damage which a screen replacement won't do.
Excellent A+++++
I was a little daunted at first after opening the pack with all the bits and pieces etc. But after reading the instructions carefully and watching a couple of YouTube videos I felt confident I could install it successfully, which I did. Once installed the screen is barely noticeable and aligned spot on. There are no problems with touch recognition and it feels amazing under finger. Highly recommended.
Whitestone dome glass screen Protector
Does great job. Relatively easy to install. Watch a you tube for instructions.
Works really well with Otterbox Case and surprisingly simple to install.
Great product
That there's no way to track it.
Whether or not It's going to be as unreliable as the last one i bought
air inside the liquid that came with the package
The liquid contained in the package had air bubbles in it. Found out only after applied, this happened with both liquid containers. Didn't managed to get a replacement liquid container and there's my experience with the product. Now I'm looking for a glass and liquid container since. Haven't found any, since. Any ideas?
Do not recommend this product at all!
I followed the instructions as per video.. As soon as i removed the grey lever to drop the screen.. Two Massive bubbles were evident ..
Whilst the solution was filling up the rest of the screen i had a decision to make.. Let it set itself and pray the bubbles disappear..
OR push the bubbles out...

Well i had to push the bubbles out which has resulted in that solution ozzing out from all the sizes and turning all nasty ..
I actually would LOVE a refund if possible ..
Easy to install. Don't even notice it's there. I have bought several different cases and they all fit. Very satisfied.
Got a note 9 ? BUY THIS NOW !
This is by far the best protection on the market for the note 9 hope they do one for what ever I eventually upgrade to. Swift delivery and no nonsense service as always.
Great product
I am very familiar with it as I've been buying it for a few years now, started my note 8. It's not that difficult to apply even tho it's not as easy as the videos suggest. I had problems with the air bubbles when installing it and has happened with several other applications. The price is a bit too high for the product, however it's much better than the other screen protectors out there.
Perfect cover for my phone fits great easy enough to get the hang of how to put it on once you watch youtube and is definitely better than just the stick on screens they usually crack straght away and feels like no Protector is on at all to be honest very reactive screen now compared to other covers
Worth the money
I was hesitant to spend this much on a screen protector but I really like this phone and want it to last. The installation was easy enough (used a YouTube video for instruction). So far ai have had no issues with the domeglass about the only thing I have noticed is dust around the edges of the screen protector but a wipe sorts that out and hasn't gotten underneath the screen protector.

Time will be the biggest tell how well this protector lasts.
Notoriously difficult product to fit
Maybe just me, but have had a few if these and they are great when fitted, but that's the caviat, fitting them without issue, made to feel like begger when I told mobile fun I had an issue. They wanted photographs a week later of the issue fitting the glass. Be serious, as if I'm going to run around with sticky residue all over the face of my phone
After failing to correctly fit the screen, the glue was cleaned of and the bits and pieces dumped into the bin.
Other than this I have always found mobile fun to be one of rhe best phone accessories companies to deal with.
If you purchase on of these, make sure you watch the fitting videos on places like utube (mobilefun have a good video as well) if in doubt get someone to fit it for you.
Product 10 but get it fitted for you
Mobile fun always a 10 for customer service.
On this one felt let down, but my fault.
Good but fradgile.
This is a wonderfull screen protector, however this is the second I 've bought as a replacement.

In use on a Note 9 in an Otter box case. The screen protector is in contact with the edge of the case so when you drop the phone the glue at the courners is brused.

Secondly if you trap something small between the phone and the case when you clip the phone in th case it will crack this screen protector.

Hence the buying of a replacement.

Its doing it's job and protecting the screen with no loss of "feel" to the display, but it is been damadged in the process.
Excellent product
I have used a few other toughened glass screen protectors which, as the name suggests, were very good at protecting the screen but, unfortunately, they were all prone to cracking shortly after being fitted. These Whitestone Dome Glass covers, although more expensive up front, are proving to be much better value!! This is because I have not had to replace them because of cracking; they are still in perfect condition!
I think the problem with the other brands I used was that they were secured around the edges which left a very small void between the screen protector and the actual screen; even the smallest impact would lead to the protector being cracked although the phone screen was actually undamaged. After a short while I found the cracks annoying and bought a replacement. The Whitestone Dome screen uses a gel between the screen and the phone which fills the void and has completely eliminated the problems I had previously with cracking. Another BIG improvement over the other models is with the screen response which is now as good as without the protector fitted. Indeed, with the other brands, I had to increase the screen sensitivity (as recommended) while it was fitted - with the Whitestone protector I have been able to switch the enhanced sensitivity off!
The gel/glue used to secure the protector has to be cured using UV light but the process was very easy if you follow the online video.
recommended to protect your screen
the product looks the same as presented on the website. Please make sure you have watched video how to do it at least twice, more it is better. To make sure you understand the process and follow it step by step.
Excellent value
This product works as advertised, protecting your phone screen from scratches from everyday use. One thing to be sure of when preparing to install the screen protector is to have a power adapter handy. The UV light and power cable are provided, but NOT the adapter. It's not the end of the world, just something to be aware of. Crystal clear visibility so i forget it is even there from time to time! Not necessary, but I do recommend increasing your screen sensitivity, just as a precaution. Highly recommend to anyone looking for great value and quality!
Spiderweb cracks in the glue
I installed the screen protector according to instructions both written and video. Two weeks later I have spiderweb cracks in the glue on one side. Right now it's not bad and barely noticeable, however, if the cracking continue to spread I will need a replacement.
The product does exactly what it says on the tin - really clear and great install.
Easy to install and once on you wouldn't know it was there.
Easy to install and excellent end result you wouldn't know it was there.
Excellent fit
Watch the youtube clip a couple of times before fitting and you'll have no problems. I've not noticed any difference in touch response.
Very disappointed - £39.99 wasted
Having purchased my new Samsung Note, I wanted a high quality screen protector to protect it's screen. Paid what I consider to be a high price for what I hoped would be a quality product.
The fitting instructions looked quite complex so we read and re-read them and also watched internet videos on how to fit the protector.
It seemed to be going well until we placed the screen protector onto the phone whereby the glue spreads across the screen and instantly we could see bubbles. We left the phone overnight, in the hope that the bubbles would disappear, but they didn't.
Having advised Mobile Fun of the issue they provided us with a replacement; and I was hopeful that this time it would work. It didn't, the same issue, three small bubbles.
The screen protector is unusable, too annoying with bubbles; so I have to purchase another product.
Incredibly disappointed as I thought I was paying a premium price for a premium product and now I have to purchase an alternative product on top of the premium price already paid.
Well its holding up to daily punishment very well indeed
keeping the customer happy
all I have to say is that Mobile fun has gone out of there way to make sure I will be getting my screen protector on, they have sent me a new bottle of liquid to apply my whitestone dome because I was unable to stick the screen on with out having all the particles off which left air bubbles and was SOL but they are replacing the bottle.. Five stars for me guys
best on the market
I have been using them for my mobile and family 's. Never let down.
Well, Im glad it came with 2 things of glue!
Well, first off, rhis screen protector has saved my phone a couple of times since I am prone to dropping it. It was a little tricky to install but they do send two tubes of glue in case you screw up the first time. The written instructions were a little hard to follow by themselves but if you watch an installation video, its pretty easy....

All in all i think this is a great product, however it is starting to peel up from the sides. Just a little bit. But, since i have dropped the phone several times, it could be from that too.

I would definately go with purchasing it if you are on the fence. Yes, its a lot of money, but a screen repair is a lot more- trust me, ive already done that....twice. i wish i wouldve gone with dome glass in the first place.
Wish I had bought this first and not wasted about the same money on 4 cheap ones off ebay
Perfect fit don't be put off it's not rocket science to fit ,watch the installation video on you tube a couple of times you get what you pay for .
Awesome product from an awesome business
This is a awesome screen protector I have never installed one before and was able to do this with ease feels very natural and I would buy it again works well with any case I have used with it.
Excellent, Easy to Install
Was a bit worried about the install process, but turned out to be easy. Just watched the video. Product so far is working perfectly.
Good item
Good item however it took forever to be shipped
Great product. Great service
I have been using this screen protector for over 2 months now. And boyyy, it is still as new. The embedded glass quality is super. Mobile Zap's service in delivering this product was also top tier. Not to also mention that I got it cheaper by 18 AUD dollar on their site.
So definitely give it a go if u are willing to try this website and their products. 💯
the only super glue secure protector
here's the issue with curved edge displays. the cheap screen protectors use a cheap adhesive glue. one hard drop and they pop right off a curved display and your $350 display cracks on the second bounce. and they look terrible or reduce the touch sensitivity. Well with the Dome glass protector here it uses the "manicure salon" glue that requires a blue light lamp to cure the glue. this takes only 5 minutes. Once the glue cures the screen protector will not come off unless you pull it off with enough prying back and forth that it breaks the screen protector like when a windscreen on a car cracks, it doesn't come off in pieces but its shattered. The Dome glass is not anymore crack resistant than the cheap versions. You are paying for clarity and glue strength. It comes with the special blue light lamp and two bottles of the adhesive glue in case you screw up. I installed mine from Mobilefun last night in the bathroom with the hot shower running which cuts down on dust particles in the air. I would suggest watching EBP Man's instructional video on how to install this. he points out all the mistakes people often make when installing this. It took me about 15 minutes to install this.
Fantastic, a must buy
Forget wasting your money on all the other screen protectors for curved screens. The Whitestone dome glass screen protector is amazing, looks better than the phones actual screen and fits like a dream. Easier to install than I expected, just watch the video a few times and you won't have a problem.
Great price easy to install like it alot dont know how it is on protection yet
Great product, bad installation
No doubt it is THE best screen protector IF you manage to install it. It took me two labourious tries to have it done; I had to repeat the process.

The instruction video was very good but the actual process just didn't work that way -- when I emptied the first case of glue, the glue bubble kept sliding and spreading!! I had to wipe it all off and start over and even then, I had to apply the screen TWICE.

Buy it at your own risk, it's a massive pain to install it but the product is quality.
Expensive but worth it
As long as you follow the instructions, it is a lot easier to apply than you worry about! The kit you get to put it on is excellent. Puts the protector in the perfect position, no fiddling about squaring it up before the glue sets! When in place it's hardly noticeable and doesn't affect the screen or pen functions. Phone still fits perfectly into the case
Note 9 Screent protector (Dome)
Great screen protector. Notes are a tricky phone due to their curved screen. Need to get something high quality that doesn't take away from the experience of the screen. This screen protector does it.
Excellent product
This really is worth the money. If applied correctly the screen looks flawless. The process is slightly complicated but if you take your time to get it right the work pays off. There is no sensitivity loss, no fidelity loss, and no ugly edges like you sometimes get with screen protectors. There are plenty of Youtube videos showing the process if the manual isn't your thing. I would look to Whitestone for my next screen protector for sure.
Highly Recommended
Need to watch the tutorial, then it's a walk in the park.. Results are fantastic, I had some light scratches and some blemishes on the screen, but they have all disappeared.. screen and phone looks new... unbelievable..????
*Note 9*
ITS GREATT...until you try to remove it
Its A1 after the 20 min install process
Note 9 Dome Glass Protection
I had seen several You Tube videos on screen protectors. Whitestone was always the preferred choice. I needed a true screen protector. I also knew that it couldn't be cheap. The installation steps were a few more that normal but well worth it. Very happy with my choice.
Note 9 Dome Glass Protection
I had seen several You Tube videos on screen protectors. Whitestone was always the preferred choice. I needed a true screen protector. I also knew that it couldn't be cheap. The installation steps were a few more that normal but well worth it. Very happy with my choice.
So far So good
I found I needed to watch a "How to install it" video twice. After that it was pretty easy to install and has been great so far. The screen is just as sensitive and clear.
Very good product, easy to install, when installed you would not know there was a glass protector on phone
If you sold the glass protector only
Hands down only screen protector to buy.
Been using this product for years. Only screen protector to ever purchase for best protection.
The best screen protector
Literally the best screen protector for the note 9 edge. It does lift at at and lasts the whole life of your phone.
Screen protector worth it
The screen protector is very well suited for the curved screen of the note 9. The glue covers the entire screen protector which is needed because they will pop off when you drop your phone which does not happen with this protector.
First class product
Very pleased with this product.can't tell there is a protector on the phone,in fact I think it's actually better than the screen.pricey but well worth it
UV light didn't work, but great protection
Good thing I bought two, because the UV light in this package did not work, I had to use the one in the S8 protector I bought. But after following the Youtube video, it's on and is a great protector!
Very good product
Took a while to fix on and it was important to read the instructions and watch an installation video a couple of times but it worked perfectly
Great product easy application
Great item best out there and great service from mobile fun
Stop Looking....Best Screen Protector Ever.
Finally....I have found the best screen protector ever...went through so many of them because either they lift up and pop off or cracked easily. Whitestone Dome Glass for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a perfect fit with no lifting or popping off. Makes my phone look like it doesn't even have a screen protector on. Definitely a must have.
Whitestone screen protector
Without a doubt the best screen protector I have ever purchased
Amazing service
Incredible service and great product. Having cracked the screen projector on package opening, I advised the supplier of this and they sent a replacement without delay. I can highly recommend!
It's the best
It's the best well worth the price works great
not that good
wish i knew that you have to use glue to stick it to the phone, i had to buy a second one because the first one broke when putting it on,.. i should of sent it back
Great price
Once I decided I wanted one of these whitedome covers, I did a lot of looking around and Mobile Zap were the cheapest and one of the few with the full kit ie the UV light included. This product seems great and looks like it will do the job for a while to come. Responsiveness is as good as ever in my note 9. The install kit is well thought out. Follow the process and watch a few youtube vids to get it right.
Best screen protector
Yes it's expensive but why put up with cheaper replacements that only last a while.This protector does not decrease sensitivity. You simply do not realise that there is a cover on and works with a case.Great product.
Pretty good
Needs significant care installing - despite perfect installation developed a few hairline bubbles out of screen view day after.
2nd one
This is a replacement for the one that saved my note 9 screen. It cracked but Note 9 is still in pristine condition.
Great screen cover
Ive tried other covers and this is by far the best one it feels great and its alot clearly on the screen gives it a better look and it covers the whole screen. Thank you
Initially deemed like a good product. Installation went well, screen remained perfectly responsive and felt nice to the touch. Not rubbery like other screen protectors I've tried.

Anyway, within 2 weeks of fitting, I noticed a small crack/scratch on the screen. Phone hadn't been dropped or anything, must've just been in a pocket with some keys or coins or something. Anyway the crack quickly spread across the screen so I had to remove the screen protector. Came off easily and the adhesive cleaned off easily
Amazing wonderful clear' easy touch' not really hard to put on. Just follow instructions definitely worth the money.
Great product
I was not sure on this item because of the cost , now it is fitted this is by far one of the best screen protector i have purchased
1 of the best things ive bought for my cell.
absolutely in love with whitestone dome glass.. my only regret is why didn't i buy it earlier.. i would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a good and awesome protection for your phone.. don't wait get it now!
5* - So far very good
A bit tricky to fit and a dust free environment helps. one month on my work phone, a galaxy note 9 and it works perfectly. Waterproof coating on the glass is good.
There was a crack on the glass
I am dissapointed. There were two small scratches on the glass. I emailed customer services but got reply and got no replacement product sent back. what is going on?????
Excellent Screen Protector
The only glass screen protector that feels just like the actual screen with adhesive that covers the entire surface. Had faults with my screen protector but mobilezap were more than happy to replace it, MAJOR props to Charlene for the excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
Worth every penny
Super perfect..... very much worth every single penny and a big bonus is that its almost 100% finger print resistant & feels so smooth to the touch unlike the horrid cheaper ones that I've wasted money on in the past and that in itself is worth the money
Geeat product
Top draw
Best screen protector bar none for my samsung. It was important for me to know if this 3rd party protector would work with original samsung cases. They said they did in the description, and so it is!
Smooth glass
Somehow feels better than using the actual natural screen as it just glides with no friction, both with s-pen and fingers. Only problem is while the installation is really good vs other screen protectors being basically accurate every time, I had issues with minor bubbles forming.

To avoid cleaning up i slightly pressed the glass to edge it out, this did push more of the glue out and while it said not to do this, I didn't want to go through the cleaning process. As a result of this however, some of the glue managed to seep its way into the s-pen holder and broke the end of the s-pen after it dried up (obviously my own fault), just a warning more than anything.
Perfect and crystal clear screen protector
This is a very good quality product.
It does what it says on the tin:
- good quality
- crystal clear
- compatible with the case as advertised
- straightforward to install

Definitely worths the money! ++++++++++
Finished job is good
Watching the video several times makes each step of the process clear and easy to follow.
Good product
If the screen protector wasn't placed well is the screen protector removable n reinstalled.

I think it should be more than one screen protector inside

I love this screen protector. It's not like the others.
Takes time to put on, but just follow the video.
only screen protector worth buying
might cost a little more than other protectors but the finish is well worth it - crystal clear, responsive, and stays put (unlike the first protector I purchased).

Watch one of the online videos on how to fit, will make the process much easier (especially when the instructions in the box are in a language you don't read or speak, as mine were)
Whitestone Domeglass
This is the absolute best screen protector on the market. Although it may look complicated to apply, it is actually quite simple. Just make sure that you have a level surface to place the phone on when applying. (My surface was not quite 100% level, so I had to tilt the tray slightly, but it then worked beautifully). The actual glass fits seamlessly, and you can barely tell that it's on at all! I would recommend this product , and I will be sure to apply it to my next phone.
Very good
It's a very good product, but it not cover the whole screen.
Finally I met the perfection
As long as you make sure to understand the instruction, it will get your phone perfection
Expensive but worth every penny
Great Quality Product
Worth it for the price, just got to make sure you carefully follow the instructions.
Great screen
Not the easiest to fit but once on a brilliant screen.very touch sensitive . Love it.
Great service
Everything went fine with move issues at all
Outstanding Customer service and great products.
Honestly the product is excellent. Writing this review is not about the product itself. MobileZap team had exceeded my expectation and I don't think I would shop anywhere else for any mobile phone needs like screen protector, case or any other items I can possible need for my phone/tablet. I am not trying to advertise MobileZap but I can't stop my self from saying things that they deserve. They value each customer which I never felt in a long time. Thank you again.
Perfect and worth the money.
Obviously this screen protector is on the expensive side, and I had VERY HIGH expectations from it. So, did it meet those expectations? :

- Installation: Although it seems overwhelming when you unpack the product, is actually seamless and very well explained in Dome Glass' own YouTube instruction video. Just make sure you watch and rehearse the video over and over again until you're confident. Don't rush yourself while installing and make sure you're installing on a flat surface. I messed mine up at some point, as I didn't notice that I didn't fit the bottom part of the protector to the bracket perfectly, but it was very easy to save and it was still a perfect installation.

Feel: To me it feels almost identical to the feeling of the original screen. I often forget that I have a screen protector.

Look: It's virtually invisible. The only giveaway is the cutout at the top, but it has to be there for the camera and sensors anyway.

Durability: I've been using this only for 3 weeks now and I already dropped my phone a few times from pocket height. No sign of any wear. I use it with a case though.

The only downside: The dust that builds up at the edge of the top cutout is bothering me a little at times. I just wipe with screen wipes from time to time.

Overall: I'd recommend this glass screen protector any day compared to other tpu protectors which don't feel as nice to touch and may get tiny scratches; it other tempered glass protectors which may crack easier and may need to be replaced after a few months or may not feel as nice as this one.
Fantastic Note 9 Screen Protector...
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector, is not the easiest t fit, but for a top end phone with a curved edge screen I would advise to invest in the cost of this item, and the time taken to install it.... I fitted the day I got my phone, and dropped my phone the next day and only the cover cracked which proves they do the job... Not a mark on the phone at all... I ordered another straight away, and that is now also on the phone....

There is a YouTube video on how to install, which is really good to watch before you have a go.... They also come off easily if you need to replace....

All in all a really quality product, that works, and protects your screen. With more and more tope end phones having curved edge screens, and Whitestone protectors formed to the shape of these, it is reassuring to know your phone is protected at the edges aswell.
best screen protector for curved phones
best screen protector for curved phones
So glad I paid a bit more for a quality screen protector for my Samsung Note 9. The installation process was straightforward and the result is amazing. No air bubbles or unstuck edges and no screen lag.
Awesome screen protector, but expensive!!!
If you're after a premium screen protector and you don't mind paying a premium price for one then look no further.
Be warned it's a bit tricky to install .
Nice look, medium difficulty
Took two attempts to get it perfect. Both times ended up with an air bubble in the centre of the screen, after waiting the set amount of time the air bubble was still there, I tipped the holder up to 45 degrees and let the air come out the top. This worked and I ended up with no air bubbles.
The Best
The screen protector is simply the best I've ever owned. It gets 5 stars, as does the customer support team from Mobile Fun.

The installation video provided by Whitestone did not provide great guidance, in my opinion, on the placement of the masking tape over the speaker. This can create an imperfect install. (FYI, a high placement that barely covers the speaker would be my suggestion). I would highly recommend purchasing the two pack, as it is only slightly more expensive but provides immense peace of mind.

Otherwise, it's an amazing piece of equipment. Thanks Mobile Fun!
Nice Service
I have ordered the Whitestone Dome Glass on 19 Feb but have not received after 20 business days. The customer service help to follow my compliant and reshipped again by Express and tracked delivery service without any charges. I got the package within a week. Really thank you for your help.
Believe the Hype!
This is definitely worth the cost over the cheap screen protectors. My Note 9 now feels much nicer to use. No dead spots around the edges and corners. The S Pen has good friction against the glass and doesn't leave any marks. The installation process isn't as daunting as it seems. I've got one tiny speck in the far corner where dust must have got in but it's otherwise perfect.
UV light button broken causing adhesive to fail after 10 days on curve
After 10 days I noticed the right curve of my screen turned blurry and after close inspection 50% of the right curve has air bubble lines where the adhesive has failed to cure due to a faulty on switch on the UV light and not being aware the night automatically turns off after 30 seconds. I also learned after installing the second one on a different phone that pressing lightly enough to cause the adhesive to form a taper prevents distinct white (glass edge) lines from being so visible. Now I am stuck with an expensive screen protector that has a permanent blur on 50% of the right edge and I am not happy but the feel of the glass is excellent.
Fantastic Product
This product is awesome. I was a little worried about using this product because nervous of applying it myself but it all worked out. Not complicated. It is worth the price and it's worth getting it. You don't notice the glass protector. So far MobileFun has the cheapest price.
Quality Screen Protector
Follow the instructions carefully and you won't have an issue. Works nicely along with the Samsung Rugged Case.
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