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Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Galaxy S9 Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S9 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
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The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S9 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
 4.5 stars from 74 customers

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Dome glass
Great product .
The rolling adhesive tube test, for how level your surface is, is not foolproof! I wasted one tube finding that my table wasn't level but the kitchen worktop was fine and my screen saver went on superbly!
The Bee's Knee's
This has to be the best screen protector out there. Easy to fit, no bubbles on the screen and no way for dust to get underneath. Once it's fitted it's on there but easily removed with no sticky mess left behind on screen. Brilliant.
Good product. Great customer service
Screen protector application is like performing surgery on your smartphone. I messed up and bubbles formed. Emailed customer service and they sent a new screen protector package with everything sans UV light. For a product this expensive I was hoping for another free unit in case I incorrectly applied on my first try. Very understanding support service.
Brilliant Protector A+++
This is by far the best quality protector I've had for the phone, I got sick of the crappy ones I kept buying that stuck only to the sides. The clarity on this one is fantastic, like the original screen! I would HIGHLY recommend.
Screen protector like no other
I didn't realize this would be such an involved process. You really have to know whay u are doing. When the guy at cell phone was putting screen on, people were stopping to look, they had never seen anything like it before. It came out perfect this time!!
I was having difficulty with the first one, it got cloudy because it wasn't applied correctly. I sent company a photo of the problem, they sent me out a whole new kit, received it a week later!!
Excellent quality, slight air pocket in middle of phone, otherwise absolutely great product
Great product but like many have said, make sure to watch the demo video before you do anything plus have a practice without using the glue. Simple when you know how and it works a treat.
Awesome system
This is next level screen protector. Expensive but worth every penny. I am pretty OCD and would suit you if you want the best.
The best screen protector ever
I'm just curious why it's so expensive?
Love this product
Excellent customer service by Jon, to send out a replacement cover. The overall product is of good quality materials. This is my second one of these phone covers. They have thoroughly protected my phone from damage upon dropping it.
the best screen protector for edge screens ever!!!
Customer Service
The product itself is really excellent and provides protection for phone screens with no ugly bubbles or hard edges.
More impressive is the customer service from Mobile Fun. Unfortunately I damaged my glass during the application process and Mobile Fun replaced it for me without having to buy the full kit again.
Very good customer experience.
Thank you
Good product
Good product but it is not easy to fix screen on without causing a small bubble on the edge as glue doesn't spread evenly
Good Product
Easy enough to install and looks great.
Great product
Excellent product and system. Easy IF you make sure that work area is level. Absolutely necessary - work only on a level surface and the process is incredibly easy.
Best screen protector ever!
I wish I would have kept the jig, light, and extra glue, because the glass replacements are free (didnt know it had lifetime warranty) I've dropped my phone a few times and it finally cracked in a few areas, but because of the liquid you can hardly tell! So impressed! It has stayed totally attached, I will buy it all over again once I have the money for the whole kit. Save your parts!!
Highly Recommend
I would highly recommend buying off Mobile Fun to all my friends and family. Product arrived promptly and packaged neatly too. Happy with the service received.
Great screen protector
A little bit of bubbles formed during installation but those were easily removed
Looks great and works well with s9
Reviews on YouTube said it was the best and I have to agree
Great screen protector
I watched a lot of videos on how to apply the screen protector and although it seems difficult to do, the quality is worth the price.
White Dome is always the best
What else can I say except White Dome is the best screen protector on the market. Fits perfectly with every case. And the touch sensitivity is amazing. I have already bought 4. Only downside is all the plastic that comes with the product (UV light, cable, plastic frame, etc) which I end up throwing away as I have no use for it, wish they could sell just the screen protector and glue. Also if you take too long to set the glue, it will become clumpy on the sides. Overall this is the only product if you want to protect your expensive phone.
Best screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S9
Installation process takes some time but is easy and worth the patience. The provided alignment tray ensures a perfect fitment, other screen protectors don't come close to the quality of the Whitestone dome glass. Screen responsiveness and clarity is not affected by the protector, and works great with most phone cases, would definitely purchase again if needed.
Not bad
Quality is very good, installation is a little harder than I originally thought. Be sure to watch installation video multiple times to get it done right.
I have to order another one
I was really excited about this screen protector because I'd heard so much about it, but when I finally started applying it, I messed up and had to trash the whole thing! I need to order another one :(
First time buyer
This is the absolute best screen saver. You need to make sure you install on a level surface and delivery may take 2 weeks but this is the cheapest price I found. The product was exactly what I ordered and I'm completely satisfied!!!????
Great product, more advanced than competition.
This screen protector is the one to get if you have an s9 due to how well it conforms to the phone's curved display. Installation is much easier if you watch the the installation video on YouTube, but it's not difficult buy any means, just tedious. The protector also works perfect with my Otterbox symmetry case. The greatest thing about this product is that I don't even notice it's there.
Not a great protector, but good service from mobilefun
Purchased the protector for my S9. It came and during the install the UV light failed and prevented me from curing the adhesive. Mobilefun sent me a new kit after i contacted them. Second Kit arrived and after the first install attempt there was a very small bubble in the center of the screen with no debris underneath. Removed the protector and cleaned it with alcohol. Second attempt came out fine but after 30minutes bubbles started to appear on the left edge of the protector and moved vertically up the edge. I followed the instructions in the box and used the mobilefun youtube video for reference. The rest of the protector fits perfectly on the screen and looks good.
Easy to use
Easy to apply, and fits screen perfect
Brilliant screen protector
Installation worked perfectly, no bubbles or dust under the glass. I followed the instuctions to the letter after watching the video several times first. Protector fits the screen seamlessly including the curved edge and doesn't interfere with an official Samsung back case. Well worth the extra cost compare to other protectors, you hardly notice it's on the phone.
Very disappointed
Payed for a premium product to get the perfect finish but ended up with several bubbles at the top of screen despite following instructions exactly as they were laid out
Unsatisfied results
You get 2 tries to fit temper glass cover, every time I got an air bubble in the middle, that i couldn't get rid of.
probably requires professional fitting.
Followed instructions precisely but the adhesive failed to disperse over the whole screen seems there was not enough. Thus left with a poor quality finish and bubbles in screen. Would not expect that for the cost. Did everything perfect completely flat surface release adhesive in dead centre of screen etc but left with a poor quality outcome
MobileFun Reply
Hi Keiran

Sorry to hear you had problems with the application of the screen protector. you get two viles of the glue in each pack so as long as you haven't cured the glue with the UV lamp, you can try the application process again. Also please make sure you apply the screen protector on a perfectly flat surface so the glue spreads evenly over the surface of the screen. Hope this helps and don't forget to watch the video too for extra tips and advice.
Does no fit the S9 edge
This does not fit the rounded Edge of the S9 leading to it cracking within two weeks of applying.
Works exactly as promised...
I just bought a new Galaxy S9 and wanted to protect my investment. I searched the various recommendations for "screen protectors" and decided on Dome Glass. Then I narrowed my choice down to vendors, and I decided on Mobile Fun (out of Britain). They had the best price and service, from what I could tell. I got my Dome Glass about a week later, and I applied it per the Youtube video instructions. So far, it's working great.
Massively complex to fit
I was not able to fit it and had to throw it away. I have done several screen protectors before but this one was very complex. Instructions are poor and in 5 point so I needed a magnifying glass to read them. I could not get the glue to cover the whole screen before curing with UV light. Avoid unless you are very good at this!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Stephen

Sorry to hear you had problems. Did you watch the instruction video? We highly recommend this before any application is attempted. Please contact our Customer Services team if you require further assistance.
Best one so far
I seen a lot of screen protectors and they where rubbish and didn't know which one to get as this is my 1st Samsung since Samsung s3
I didn't use the phone until I installed this screen protector and it's perfect
I have dropped the phone and not even a mark
I have now bought a gel case for front and back and it works just great
Great glass
Great quality. Not very difficult installation.
Best price.
does what it says on the side of the tin
well what can i say for the price is it worth it well i would have to say yes ..would be nice to have to glass parts for the price but still yes its worth it ..some people but 800 pounds phones and then stick 10 screen protectors on them so i dont see the point ..u have a s7 and also bought myself tempered glass screen protector for that does it work yes it went on great yes it was way cheaper than this ..but here is the difference it will no doubt pop of soon and i have to press just that little bit harder to type .
now dome glass is not for the faint hearted it is a bit of process to put on but to be honest i found it easy it went on perfect first time no bubbles and fits perfect and feels just like the screen if not better you looses no screen sensitivity so yes it worth the money 10 out of 10 ..i use it with a survivor case looks great there is a slight dust build up but i can live with that ..and this bad boy is not coming of any time soon its stuck down harder than a limpet on a rock ps mine was on the new s9
Pricey but worth it
I would recommend this screen protector to anyone with a S9. It is easy to install by following the video guide and fits the phone perfectly.
Great screen protector!
Feels like original screen. Full cover. Easy installation. No bubbles. Perfection.
This is a little fiddly to apply but it fits perfectly. A worthwhile buy for your Galaxy S9
Great protector if all works our right
This is a excellent protector looks & feels great (just as good as the screen itself if not better really!)
Had a very slight problem when I put the screen protector on the jig at the bottom end first kind of kept it from sitting properly flat & left some very tiny air bubbles at the 2 jig positions at the bottom, contacted mobilefun totally sorted the situation out for me great company & will certainly buy again from them, but don’t be deterred from the product it’s great.
Amazing product
Yes it has a higher price than the other screen protectors on the market but it's worth it!
It is extremely easy to install, it has no glue marks after installation, no dust is gonna stick to is, extremely good fit (S9), you do not need to increase the phone's touch sensitivity and thanks to its oleo-phobic finish you're not gonna see any fingerprints o it and for me the most important thing is that is crystal clear and is compatible with most of the cases on the market
Excellent Product
My first thoughts were that the product was overpriced for a screen protector, then i thought to my self how many cheap protectors I have purchased in the past that haven't fitted properly or peeled off. I have properly spent a small fortune.

So after watching a few install videos I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Whitestone Dome for my Galaxy S9. I am absolutely delighted with this product.

When I opened the box and looked at all the components I did panic a little bit, but it is very easy to install and looks perfect. Just make sure that you watch plenty of install videos and also watch the installs that went wrong.

In the future I will always use Whitestone .....
Easy as a plastic protector to fit
It's all on YouTube
Buy if you dare
I bought 2 of these in the end so its not been cheap, and it's still not on in the best possible way.
The guard still let the cover slip a touch so even though it's a couple mm out the case is sitting on it which is making it sweat and it's starting to lift.
Nearly £80 spent so not best pleased.
It looked great for a week
Brillant if it works
After great expectation I followed the demonstation video. On the first attempt a bubble appeared and after cleaning the glass and on my second attempt found the supplied speaker protector was slightly under the glass. When removed left a white line and some small bubbles. The whole operation seems a hit or miss affair. If you are lucky it will go right. Otherwise it is a Colossal waste of money
Straight forward to fir
I was initially quit daunted when presented with the box contents. However, after watching the video and reading the instructions, it was quite straight forward and the screen cover went on successfully on the first go.
Screen cover works great, looks very nice. Liquid is a little tricky, I have put on several screen covers, none quite like this one, this one is great and should last a long time.
Excellent so far
Installation was easy and after using it for a week or just over I would say the protector is by far the best I ever used. Expensive but I think worth the cash. Hope it hold up in a crash test, should it need to ;) The glass performs amazingly well, no sensitivity loss and clarity is incredible.
Excellent screen protector
A little bit tricky to do and takes time, but worth it when done
Thumbs Up
East to use with a professional looking finish to phone
Expensive but worth the price
Amazing protector, easy instalation and best quality. Most important.... you don't loose screen sensitivity.
Great product, but not so easy to apply perfectly
The glass protector is excellent and works perfectly. The application process is quite complex and is easy to not get it right perfectly. I'm left with a top left corner that is not sticking well and 2 small bubbles that are almost imperceptible. After 3 attempts. I took the first one off and brought another one to try perfection and still failed. Removing the glass is easy and very clean. No residue left on the phone.
I cannot recommend this screen protector highly enough
I've always had someone install a tempered glass protector for me as I'm useless at it, and they have always been the protectors that have the adhesive already on the back.

This setup was almost too easy, and has a finish that looks like it has been factory installed. The time you take to install it is worth it. Definitely send your money on this and don't consider anything else.
Best fitted glass in ever purchased
At first I thought this product was a little pricey but being that you pay for what you get I thought I'd give it a go anyway ... honestly never had such a good fit to any of my phone's the instructions are simple and easy to follow resulting in a completely bubble free and perfect fit fully recommend and will be buying again should i ever need too! Money well spent.
Best product
Bought this for my s9. Had this also for my note 8. Didnt go for other glass protectors as it affected touch sensitivity. This product is the best as the glass is glued all over. You just need to watch the video installation a couple of times to be confident.
I messed up the first try but followed instructions on how to re apply and worked out well. Price is high but certainly the best out there.
Works a treat!
Recently purchased for Galaxy S9. A little technical installing it for a screen protector but worth every Penny as I have found out.
Found my dog chewing my phone, apprehensively removed the screen protector (which was shattered) and the phone was completely fine.... Phew! Just bought my Second one...
Great product.
This protector is brilliant.Looks great on the S9.Follow instructions and take your time putting it on.I would recommend it.Its not cheap, but worth it.
Excellent screen protector
This is an excellent screen protector which fits the S9 perfectly and still allows you to fit a Samsung case. I would recommend that you watch the video two or three times so that you can fully grasp the timings of each phase of the installation. It gives you a bubble free protector that still allows full use of the touch screen (the sensitivity of the screen can be adjusted in settings). The only small problem was with the ultra-violet light, which turned itself off after 30 seconds and for the final stage it has to be on for 60 seconds, but it can be quickly turned back on again. Overall an excellent piece of kit.
Excellent product
This product looks great on my new S9 and was relatively easy to fit.

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