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Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Galaxy S10 Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S10 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
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The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S10 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
 4.5 stars from 119 customers

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Bought one off these before and couldn't get it to fit properly, tried again after trying various other types. This time total success and probably the best one purchased yet, just make sure you listen to the instructions more than once
Great thing! Most likely just saved my phone!
This is easily the most beautiful (and most expensive) screen protector I've ever bought. The application, while needing to be very precise, looked beautiful once it was on.
Much to my despair (but then, relief!) I dropped my phone only a week later, and right on the edge of the screen, chipped and cracked the protector. This is understandable, given that I dropped it from chest height onto a hardwood floor! Where the protector is chipped, and where the impact was, is right on the edge of the screen, on the curve. I purchased this screen protector because it was the only one I could find which covered that curved edge -- and thank goodness I did. Just wish the replacement was cheaper!
Honestly one of the best companies I've ever dealt with, and a great product fits my S10 perfect and very easy to install.
Great screen protector
Awesome product, fits perfectly and looks seamless.
The application process might seem daunting, but if you follow it step by step it is quite straightforward and easy.
This screen protector is the only one I have ever found to truly work with the fingerprint sensor. The application is a bit complicated, granted, but definitely worth the faff and the price. It is completely seemless and hard to tell you even have a protector on. I have used this screen protector for almost 2 years, have dropped my phone many times on different surfaces and it hasn't cracked. I finally managed to destroy the almost indestructible glass a few weeks ago so had to replace it. Tried going for a cheaper alternative and it was rubbish so ordered Whitestone again promptly.
Quality piece of protection ????
It's quite technical compared to others but the quality and finish is the best I've used to date.
Make sure you take your time and have a couple of views of some YT tutorials to familiarise yourself on the process.
I didn't use the instructions and just went straight onto it after watching this a couple of times:

Expensive but it's a quality above the rest ????
Great quality
Complex to install to your phone but watch the instructional video before and as you do it!
A bit tedious to put on, but the best quality. - Already dropped my phone and it completely protected it!
First off - my original shipment got lost in the mail. Mobile fun sent me out another for no cost - I just had to pay for tracked shipping.

One it arrived - the install process is a bit complex but do-able. I would suggest doing it on a COMPLETELY flat surface. I thought my desk was flat but it's got a slight angle, which made pouring the liquid and putting the screen on a bit tough and had to start over with the second bottle of adhesive.

After two weeks of having this on, I dropped my phone face down on concrete. The screen protector was completely broken, and I really thought my screen was as well, but peeled off the protector and the screen was untouched!

I'm going to buy another it's this good.
Watch the video and take your time. Makesure you are properly set up and make sure the UV light work's.

I installed this for my father and he is very impressed. I am also

Great glass protector for S10 5G
Shipping: 5 Star
Packing: 5 Star
Product Quality: 5 Star
Installation: 4 Star (its a but tricky to get it write in first time, I had to do it twice)
Fingerprint sensor works fine after installation with few hiccups occasionally
Perfect & Easy!
So easy to install i was amazed and its almost invisible when done.
I thought it looked over complicated but its not, follow the video and your done in under 3 minutes.
And best of all the ultrasonic fingerprint reader works perfectly!
Screen protector
The dome is very good and while you only get one glass you get 2 tubes of glue which means you have a second attempt go get It right /redoo... the finger print sensor works perfectly.. and it fits the cases I have persect(OtterBox, 1+7 carbon case , the silicon one you get with the phone) the glass itself sits about 2mil over what would be the boundary on your screen without the protector on it.. if you get it right it's flawless and there in YouTube videos on how to do it.. there is also the option to buy just the glass and glue so you can redoo periodically.. it's expensive but it is the best I've tried and the price in the long run is worth it... I'd say I'd have 5/6 screen protectors a year on my phone so initial expense is costly but the value will show in the future wen I get the top up kit..
Quality Product & Great Customer Service
I purchased the Whitestone Dome Glass for my Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 2 weeks ago. I found it the best glass screen protector in the market. It is durable & beautiful. It is worth every penny I spent on it.
Hard to install and hard to use
Good protection, but does reduce the sensitivity of the screen even with the settings adjusted.

Installation was very difficult, followed all steps correctly and still went wrong. Funnkly enough in the install video it goes wrong in the same way and then cut jumps to a fixed one! I had to use the backup UV resin tube and got a hair stuck below it with all the messing about.
Easy a very well though out design
The option to buy a protector separately and not have to buy another full package could have saved me some cash money
Great screen protector
Its expensive but at the same time it's the best screen protector I've ever had. Very smooth. Doesn't scratch. Very responsive. The application is a bit fiddly but I enjoyed the process.
Excellent screen protector-take care to fit it correctly
Watched the instructional videos on how to apply the screen protector.
Be sure to follow the instructions exactly.
I was a little dubious about putting glue on my screen.
Following the instructions exactly, it went on flawlessly first time.
After having a screen protector that was only glued around the edges, I am very impressed with the results.
You can hardly tell it's there and it looks like the original screen, due to no air gap.
Great screen protector
Very easy to apply after watching the videos.
Dropped my phone and although it cracked it saved my phone screen.
Feels and looks like there is no screen protector on, fingerprint works fine.
Fits well
Perfect fit, fitting process was a breeze, plenty videos on YouTube ,I would recommend watching a few time , my only gripe would be that the finger print sensor is prone to not picking up my print ,I have re registered them a few times i would still recommend this product even though the iffy sensor reading.
Very Disappointed for the Cost
I had very high hopes for this product especially because of the price. The instructions weren't 100% easy to follow but the YouTube videos gave me a step by step which helped loads. However, no matter how exact I followed these instructions the product itself would stick fully to the phone screen. The glue did not spread out all over the screen which left gaps. I removed it all and started again as there are two lots of the glue and it did the EXACT same thing again. I now have all the components and I'm -£45 and still with no phone screen. Very Disappointed.
really good
Take your time when fitting this cover and check whether your phone cover fits over this glass.
Great product
Easy to put on the directions are super convenient works well with my phone thank you so much
Amazing Product, Even Better Customer Service!
This product can be tricky to install, and when things didn't go quite right... MobileFun had a quick response and their customer service team we're excellent! Will 100% be buying through them again
Nice finish but some problems
I really love the finish once it is applied - it feels identical to the phone screen itself, very smooth and difficult to tell there is even a screen protector on there. Apart from on the bottom where the adhesive hasn't fully reached the edge but we're talking like 0.1-0.2mm or so.

However, like a lot of people have mentioned, the fingerprint sensor - it only works 50% of the time, even after following the newest application guide which asks you to press hard on the sensor after an initial curing, as well as checking countless youtube videos. Lucky for me, I don't use it often - but it is a bit frustrating for some apps e.g. banking authentication.

The other thing was the application... Really, I'm pretty good at this sort of thing, so I followed the instructions to the letter but after removing the catch to release the screen protector onto the screen, on one long side of the phone the adhesive moved like a pincer so that it met that particular edge of the phone in two places. Then from those two points the adhesive moved along the edges and joined together, basically wrapping around and leaving an air pocket between the middle and edge of the phone. I left it for about an hour, but the air pocket hadn't changed one bit. I hope I've described that well enough. It could have been debris but I religiously wiped the screen clean first using alcohol pads and what they provided/instructed. I also even boiled a pot of water in the room for 20 minutes or so to reduce the amount of dust in the air.

Luckily they provide a second vial of adhesive, otherwise that would have been $$$ down the drain. Still, the cleanup job after the botched attempt was messy, making it harder to ensure the inside of the CURVED screen protector was completely clean and dust free.

This all being said I'm giving 4 stars because I do think the finish is top quality and my phone screen feels protected.

By the way, this Galaxy S10 screen protector is compatible with the UAG Pathfinder series (I have the camo version). Just wanted to mention this because no one else has (I checked for days)!
Good Job
Does provide a good covering and the phone looks as per if no cover, which is attractive, and resists finger prints and other grime marks. However fingerpring reader is not consistent.
Very strong!
I work in construction and put my phone through some abuse. Other than a lengthy installation this screen protector is flawless. No lifting, scratches, or cracks since I've installed it. Perfect clear quality glass and touchscreen works as good as if it weren't there. Definitely the best screen protector I've ever had. Only advice is to take your time on the install and do it right.
Must have!
Purchased one of these two years ago when I got my first samsung. Quick delivery, fantastic product and does exactly what it says. I dropped my S8 and thank god I had this on; the screen itself was fine and only a slight crack in the white dome protector.

Upgraded- first thing I did was order another one of these before I even turned the phone on.

Best screen protection I've ever had and worth every penny!
Good quality but a bit overpriced
Bought this to replace the standard film that came on the screen from manufacturer. A bit fiddly to apply it but if done correctly you cannot tell that you have a screen protector on once in a protective case. This was my second one i bought as the 1st one I applied it wrong and managed to break it when I was trying to clean it and re-apply it. From my experience there is no difference with the fingerprint scanner at all. Also I have used both UV lights (from first kit and second) when I was curring the glue and left them on longer than it says in the videos. UV light turns itself off after just over a minute anyway but I started at the ends (1 cycle), moved towards the middle (2 cycles) and then again the ends. It's been over two weeks of in and out the pocket and no sign of peeling off at the edges like iv'e read on other reviews. The only downside is that in the UK I can't find to buy just the screen protector like you can in the USA and not the whole kit.

Definitely recommended
Quality screen protector but a bit pricey
Bought this to replace the standard film that came on the screen from manufacturer. A bit fiddly to apply it but if done correctly you cannot tell that you have a screen protector on once in a protective case. This was my second one i bought as the 1st one I applied it wrong and managed to break it when I was trying to clean it and re-apply it. From my experience there is no difference with the fingerprint scanner at all. Also I have used both UV lights (from first kit and second) when I was curring the glue and left them on longer than it says in the videos. UV light turns itself off after just over a minute anyway but I started at the ends (1 cycle), moved towards the middle (2 cycles) and then again the ends. It's been over two weeks of in and out the pocket and no sign of peeling off at the edges like iv'e read on other reviews. The only downside is that in the UK I can't find to buy just the screen protector like you can in the USA and not the whole kit.

Definitely recommended
Ok but not worth the ££
I bought this after much thought and looking at reviews. Followed online video installation other than instructions given. I would've given it 5 stars if I didn't have very small bubbles on my screen. Followed an watched videos over & over yet this happened. Not worth the £ I'd say and would not buy another.
Great with the life time warranty
I bought it, it was pretty tricky to install, but u can do it. My screen broke a month after and they replaced it. Just do not throw away the blue light.
Good protection but no fingerprint
I got this screen protector because it was getting good reviews - far from the cheapest! It does seem to offer good protection and even hid some minor scratches I had before using it but it doesn't work with the fingerprint reader. According to online the company do not offer refunds so I've just taken to using it as an expensive protector that does make the screen look good.
Smashing, shame the fingerprint recognition does not work 100% of the time
The screen was easy to fit looks good once fitted to the phone and I'm sure it will protect the phone screen. Like every other review I would watch the installation videos before trying to install the protector. the only downside is the finger print recognition does not work 100% of the time. Which is not a big deal for me but isn't what the product advertises. I even followed the instructions to press over the fingerprint recogonition senser for 1 minute prior to the second curing phase, still didn't make it work for me. the plus for me with this screen protector is I can barely tell it is there. I imagine there is plenty of cheaper ones out there that also have that feature.
Almost flawless
My primary reason for buying this rather expensive protector, was that the fingerprint scanner on my S10 was not working with other screen protectors and I really wanted a protector that would solve that problem. Post installation, the fingerprint scanner does now work......about 75%.... Okay for my purposes, but not perfect.

I am a techie by trade, but even I was a little intimidated by the proposed installation process. I read the instructions.... something I don't normally do..... and watched the videos etc. During the installation, as the fluid was dispersing across the screen, I noticed that a very small air pocket had been trapped near the ear piece. The instruction said not to touch the protector and if there were air pockets, then the screen could be removed, cleaned and the kit included a 2nd vile of fluid to use for a 2nd attempt if needed. I also noticed that the hole for the camera was not exactly lined up correctly. Since I had nothing to lose, rather than going straight to taking the screen off, I just tried to gently squiggy the bubble to the edge with my fingernail while also moving the protector the 1mm or so to correctly line up the camera hole. The protector was very easy to move as it was essentially floating on liquid, and so I was very easily able to align the camera hole correctly. The air bubble got smaller, but I couldn't get it right to the edge without perhaps more pressure than I was willing to apply....however, it was very small now, so far to the top of the screen as to be higher than the camera and not at all in the normal field of view, that I decided it was acceptable and not worth the risk of removing, re-cleaning perfectly and retrying for the sake of it.... so I proceeded to the curing process.

After full curing and on closer inspection, I do see what I could only describe as 'stress lines' in the adhesive at the very top of protector, obviously due to my squigging attempts earlier, but again barely noticeable and then only if you were looking for issues.

All in all, the protector was flawless and the final picture and feel are near perfect. If I was doing it again, the only thing I would say to look out for, is the camera alignment... perhaps the fixture could be tilted or something to align correctly, rather than touching the screen as I did. I think the air bubble was just unfortunate in my case and I wouldn't expect a repeat if I was to try again.... but as I said, the bubble was so small and out of the way that I was perfectly fine with it.

I mentioned at the beginning, that the Finger Print Scanner worked about 75%.... and this was after I increased the sensitivity and retrained my finger prints. The FPS does work 100% better than it did with pretty much any other (cheaper) protector I've tried, but I do find that I sometimes need to be a little patient with it and have to try 4, 5 or maybe 8 times for it to work (sometimes it'll work first time!).... maybe it's my finger prints?? :)

Anyway, generally very happy. Very happy to recommend and I would happily use again for my current or next phone.... 4.5/5, losing 0.5 for price and non-perfect fit requiring manual adjustment for camera alignment.
Great Product
This is a great product, fits perfectly to my OnePlus 7Pro. Once I watched a tutorial video, I saw how easy it was to apply. Did have a slight issue, but contacted Mobile Fun and they sorted everything out. Great product, and surprisingly great customer service.
Expensive, fiddly, but effective
This product comes nicely presented. However, I did find that the tempered glass screen could slip under the frame stops. I had to manually move the screen back up into position after it was dropped onto the phone screen. Once positioned it all worked smoothly with UV light.
Good fit but easily damaged
Long process to install which is actually pretty fun but 2nd day I had it on the side chipped and another week theres a dent and crack across the top just from being in my pocket so not the strongest. Looks like it will need replacing often so pricey for what it is. The fingerprint scanner does work through the case but temperamental. Not reliable everytime
Superb customer service
Very happy
Easy to follow instructions
Watch the video, made it very easy
Best screen protector ever!
The kit is very well designed to allow and easy and perfect installation from the. Results are great and screen is responsive and looks great (like was nothing on )
Amazing product. Fits so well that you can't even tell it is on your phone screen. Also, great service from Mobilefun. Will definitely recommend
Not so great with the fingerprints...
I bought one of these for my S9+ first as I was sick of crappy tempered glass screens with a fine line of glue round the edge. The cheap ones look grey due to the air gap between the screen and protector and they tend to pop off at a moment's notice... On my S9+ it's been fabulous, and I've definitely saved myself money and retained the waterproofness by not replacing the screen on 2 occasions I've dropped it. I bought one for my partner's S9 and she loved it. It even helped hold her already smashed screen together and made the phone useable.
Sadly, with the sonic fingerprint technology in the S10, it's just not got it. I've never had an issue with a fingerprint reader but the only way I can make the S10 work is with no protector. Since this sells itself as compatible and even approved by Samsung for it, it's disappointing to say the least.
It's a great product, but not so great for the S10.
Incredibible So Far
Bought for the Oneplus7 Pro - fitted myself, just be careful and you will get it done. So far it is absolutely flawless. Best you can buy for any money (had tried 3 others).
Protector installation was easy if you follow the instructions go to YouTube and watch the video
Great product!
This fitted my P30 Pro perfectly! The application is really easy and not that complicated as we think before getting one. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully and every thing will go smoothly. Shipping is also very fast considering I'm residing in New Zealand. I will definitely get another one in the future! Cheers!
Excellent but pricey
There are numerous videos showing how to install this glass cover but it's still a bit nerve-wracking due to the price paid if you break it! If it's done as per the clear instructions though, it works really well. I know, I had to buy a second one when I damaged the first by dropping a screwdriver on it. The Sansung screen remains unmarked.
One possible downside is that it definitely compromises the fingerprint scanner. Mine still works but not as well as without the glass. Not a problem though as the face recognition on my Samsung S10 also kicks in when necessary.
Thank you Mobilefun
Absolutely the best screen glass for galaxy s10. Delivery from England to Estonia very fast, only 1 week!!! I am very satisfied!
The Best Screen Protector
Applying this protector is fool proof and looks perfect!!! It has the same feel as the phone glass itself and the touch sensitivity is great. The thumb print sensitivity is slightly decreased to change the setting to enhance it and press just a bit harder. It works great!

MobileFun is an excellent vendor. They ship right away and even refunded my purchase of a protector I ordered by mistake.
The best
Over all the best for p30 pro
Easy to install. Yes, the fingerprint sensor does work.

Would definitely recommend!
Really great screen, install harder than it looks.
The screen protector is great, feels much better than the original Samsung one and looks to truly offer great protection. Finger print sensor works as good as before.

Only negative I encountered was after pulling the clip out and the screen falling into the glue, multiple bubbles immediately appeared and I had to spend a good few minute trying to get them out. I followed all the previous instructions and there was no specks on the screen so I'm not sure what exactly caused the bubbles.The ones I couldn't get are right where the glass begins to curve, so I guess it's not that big of a deal.

Next time I'll go to a store to have it installed, simply to avoid any bubbles.
A bit hard to apply it, but after that its just WOW
Not fingerprint friendly.
Done everything exactly, but the onscreen fingerprints failed to register. I bought the screen protector for the screen, still have the face unlock.
Worked as expected..
Had a bit of trouble with the sensor but it worked after a few tries. Screen is doing as it should so far so no complaints as of now. You get what you pay for
Fingerprint sensor doesn't work
Promises that you'll be able to use the fingerprint sensor but doesn't work for me. some people say it does but I can only tell you about my experience. Too expensive for something that really doesn't work properly.
I wish I could say that I am happy but I got a bubble during installation and broke the glass that came with the kit and need a replacement glass.
I would have liked to know if I can get a replacement glass if the install is not perfect.
You get what you pay for
It's a bit pricey and it's not the easiest thing to install but if you take your time and follow the instructions (I would recommend a video tutorial) you can barely tell there is a screen protector at all. Well worth the money.
Easy to install
Easy to install case friendly screen cover. Goes well with my spigen neo hybrid case.
Works great!
Works great! Install was easy (make sure to review videos on how to install) actually stays on phone un like other temper glass protector. Feels and responds great. The only issue I have is when I installed it, it was slightly to far to the right so it pushes my phone case making the power button little harder to press...but it works great and I am confident my screen is protected! Will by more if ever needed!
Not worth the money
Got a crack across the Protector within 2 weeks of applying it.
All instalation instructions were followed and phone received no knocks.

Works great
The finger print scanner is not as detective as it once was but it still works. You have to press really hard and if it doesn't work right away at all wait 24 hrs and it should work.
Very nice feel and the installation was easy but you'd have to watch the tutorial multiple times before installing.
Great product, I'm happy with it.
Does not live up to expectations
The finger print sensor does not work as well as it claims to. The screen protector is well made and as long as you watch the instruction video it's fairly easy to install.
The only issue I have is that my fingerprint only works 50% of the time even after redoing the fjngee print as instructed to do so. Really disappointed with this part of the cover especially as I paid for a premium cover
Best screen protector I've ever had
I ordered the screen protector and never received my package. I didn't pay for tracking and chose the basic shipping which said it could take 10-15 business days. I waited the 20 days and then contacted the company. I got a response the next day amd was toldy package had to of been lost in transit and was given the option of a full refund or free expedited reshippment with tracking and arrival within 2-5 business days. I received my package 3 days later. As I was waiting for my arrival of my package and it never showed up I was starting to get leary of the company but I figured since I'm in the US and it's coming from a he UK that maybe it needed more time. But the company responded quickly and took care of me and I finally got my order.

As far as the product goes it was easy to apply but make sure you pay attention to the instructions AND the video. In the video it tells you to hold your thumb down on the bottom of your screen for a minute before curing the product for the last time for a minute on top and bottom. I did not do this and half the time the Fingerprint scanner won't register like there is a small gap inbetween the screen protector and my phone. Other than that it works flawlessly.
Just OK
Air formed under the screen a few days after the install around the top (not at edge) even though it was installed correctly but mobile fun did replace it. Finger print scanner is no where near as reliable with the protector but is to be expected. Also i have a long scratch on the protector that i doubt would have shown on the phones gorilla glass so i have to live with it or pay for another protector.

Pros -
Protects the screen

Cons -
Air under display near top
Finger print scanner requires more tries
Protector scratches alot easier than the phones actual glass
Perfect screen protector
Distinct advantages over its competitors this screen protector justify the higher price tag. Easy to apply (following a video instruction) and very durable.
Amazing Product S10 DOme Glass Protector
I was skeptical at the beginning with the price of this screen protector, but it truly is an amazing product, you don'e even notice it on the screen.
Absolutely blinking brilliant
Customer service was amazing at exchanging my product when I ordered for the S10+ instead of the S10. After that, I found the instructional video on MobileFun's YouTube incredibly helpful in installing the screen protector - so much easier than I'd anticipated! I'm really pleased with the quality of the device too. The screen quality is truly unencumbered by the screen protector. I didn't even realise how poor the previous one was until I applied this one. I'm still having a little trouble with the fingerprint sensor but I currently don't believe that to be the fault of the screen protector. Otherwise, I'm completely sold and would recommend to all.
Good product
Prompt delivery. I fortunately the first one broke quickly but it was replaced for free.
Easy as a plastic protector to fit with better results
All information is available on YouTube so no worries.
Works great.
Just as described and works a charm if you follow the instructions carefully. Looks great and works well with the fingerprint scanner. It took a few hours for fingerprints to scan easily, probably due to the adhesive having to settle.
Great high quality product
It's a very high quality. Please follow the instructions and watch the good company installation video. Take your time.
Fantastic product. So easy to use
It literally is the easiest screen protector I have ever used. Watch the video first. Then you're good to go.
No bed but not excellent
The installation isn't easy. During the installation you have to have absolutely clean space around you like in the surgical room. After the installation of the Dome glass the fingerprint sometime doesn't respond correctly.
Does job as intended
With YouTube being a big factor, I simply watched enough videos on reviews/installs before I made my purchase decision. I'm happy with the product and will purchase white stone dome products in the future. I would recommend this product to anyone that owns a smartphone.
White dome screen for S10
I got a replacement kit , due to the finger sensor not working with the first screen kit , and found online that alot of people found this a problem . Mobile fun added additional information in a updated installation video , which solved this problem.
Mobile fun where very professional in resolving my situation with a replacement kit and updating the installation video
Easy to apply and great product
The instructions are good but watching the installation video a few times before and during installation is essential and makes for a easy and accurate installation.
Hi i want to ask a question about this
hi does this item stay on? i seen reviews people saying after couple weeks the screen protector starts peeling? is that true? i just want to get some reviews.
Great product, fits perfectly.
Great product. Take your time installing.
Very good screen protector Nearly not noticeable
It's a very good screen protector You cannot Notice it on your screen.The the only minus is the Finger print scanner don't work every time Even after re registering my finger twice .
Amazing screen protector just make sure its compatible with your case.
I got this item for my s10 watched a few YouTube videos about it. Soon as it arrived i got it out the box and fitted it. Fitting was very easy and took me about 20min most of the time spent making sure i the screen was clean. Once on i didn't even need to re register my fingers print it worked very well. My only issue was it was not compatible with my case i had on at the time. I'm now using the uag pathfinder and its perfect very happy. Yes a little more money then most but no lines and no dirt around screen like other protectors. 100% worth the time and money
The best product
This whitestone dome glass does exactly what it says! The instructions are easy to follow and it helps you put on the screen protector so easily. I would highly recommned this product for the s10 and s10plus. Specially with the new fingerpitrnt scanner, it works very well.
Tricky but worth it.
Had to Google these before purchasing but all the reviews were good. Very fiddly to get fitted but worth it. Have noticed you need to re scan your finger prints after fitting. Do recomend this item though.
Works like a charm!
Another perfect screen protector from Whitestone.
Even the new ultra sonic fingerprint scanner is working fine.

PS.: Watch the video few times before install and take your time.
Keeps making Spiderweb patters
I have followed the installation video and tried attaching the screen protector twice now. Both times I have no bubbles initially then if I leave the phone for a few hours. I get almost spiderweb patterns forming underneath the screen protector. As I said I have followed the instructions exactly and keep having the same problem.
Really good
A bit expensive i must say but compared with how much will cost to change the lcd i prefer this option ;-) Easy to install, perfect fit.
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