Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Galaxy S10 Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S10 uses a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Also featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity retention.
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Perfect screen protector
Distinct advantages over its competitors this screen protector justify the higher price tag. Easy to apply (following a video instruction) and very durable.
Amazing Product S10 DOme Glass Protector
I was skeptical at the beginning with the price of this screen protector, but it truly is an amazing product, you don'e even notice it on the screen.
Absolutely blinking brilliant
Customer service was amazing at exchanging my product when I ordered for the S10+ instead of the S10. After that, I found the instructional video on MobileFun's YouTube incredibly helpful in installing the screen protector - so much easier than I'd anticipated! I'm really pleased with the quality of the device too. The screen quality is truly unencumbered by the screen protector. I didn't even realise how poor the previous one was until I applied this one. I'm still having a little trouble with the fingerprint sensor but I currently don't believe that to be the fault of the screen protector. Otherwise, I'm completely sold and would recommend to all.
Good product
Prompt delivery. I fortunately the first one broke quickly but it was replaced for free.
Easy as a plastic protector to fit with better results
All information is available on YouTube so no worries.
Works great.
Just as described and works a charm if you follow the instructions carefully. Looks great and works well with the fingerprint scanner. It took a few hours for fingerprints to scan easily, probably due to the adhesive having to settle.
Great high quality product
It's a very high quality. Please follow the instructions and watch the good company installation video. Take your time.
Fantastic product. So easy to use
It literally is the easiest screen protector I have ever used. Watch the video first. Then you're good to go.
No bed but not excellent
The installation isn't easy. During the installation you have to have absolutely clean space around you like in the surgical room. After the installation of the Dome glass the fingerprint sometime doesn't respond correctly.
Does job as intended
With YouTube being a big factor, I simply watched enough videos on reviews/installs before I made my purchase decision. I'm happy with the product and will purchase white stone dome products in the future. I would recommend this product to anyone that owns a smartphone.
White dome screen for S10
I got a replacement kit , due to the finger sensor not working with the first screen kit , and found online that alot of people found this a problem . Mobile fun added additional information in a updated installation video , which solved this problem.
Mobile fun where very professional in resolving my situation with a replacement kit and updating the installation video
Easy to apply and great product
The instructions are good but watching the installation video a few times before and during installation is essential and makes for a easy and accurate installation.
Hi i want to ask a question about this
hi does this item stay on? i seen reviews people saying after couple weeks the screen protector starts peeling? is that true? i just want to get some reviews.
Great product, fits perfectly.
Great product. Take your time installing.
Very good screen protector Nearly not noticeable
It's a very good screen protector You cannot Notice it on your screen.The the only minus is the Finger print scanner don't work every time Even after re registering my finger twice .
Amazing screen protector just make sure its compatible with your case.
I got this item for my s10 watched a few YouTube videos about it. Soon as it arrived i got it out the box and fitted it. Fitting was very easy and took me about 20min most of the time spent making sure i the screen was clean. Once on i didn't even need to re register my fingers print it worked very well. My only issue was it was not compatible with my case i had on at the time. I'm now using the uag pathfinder and its perfect very happy. Yes a little more money then most but no lines and no dirt around screen like other protectors. 100% worth the time and money
The best product
This whitestone dome glass does exactly what it says! The instructions are easy to follow and it helps you put on the screen protector so easily. I would highly recommned this product for the s10 and s10plus. Specially with the new fingerpitrnt scanner, it works very well.
Tricky but worth it.
Had to Google these before purchasing but all the reviews were good. Very fiddly to get fitted but worth it. Have noticed you need to re scan your finger prints after fitting. Do recomend this item though.
Works like a charm!
Another perfect screen protector from Whitestone.
Even the new ultra sonic fingerprint scanner is working fine.

PS.: Watch the video few times before install and take your time.
Keeps making Spiderweb patters
I have followed the installation video and tried attaching the screen protector twice now. Both times I have no bubbles initially then if I leave the phone for a few hours. I get almost spiderweb patterns forming underneath the screen protector. As I said I have followed the instructions exactly and keep having the same problem.
Really good
A bit expensive i must say but compared with how much will cost to change the lcd i prefer this option ;-) Easy to install, perfect fit.

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