Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector - 2 Pack Reviews

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The Dome Glass screen protector twin pack for Galaxy Note 9 from Whitestone uses a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity retention.
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Great service
Everything went fine with move fun.no issues at all
Outstanding Customer service and great products.
Honestly the product is excellent. Writing this review is not about the product itself. MobileZap team had exceeded my expectation and I don't think I would shop anywhere else for any mobile phone needs like screen protector, case or any other items I can possible need for my phone/tablet. I am not trying to advertise MobileZap but I can't stop my self from saying things that they deserve. They value each customer which I never felt in a long time. Thank you again.
Perfect and worth the money.
Obviously this screen protector is on the expensive side, and I had VERY HIGH expectations from it. So, did it meet those expectations? :

- Installation: Although it seems overwhelming when you unpack the product, is actually seamless and very well explained in Dome Glass' own YouTube instruction video. Just make sure you watch and rehearse the video over and over again until you're confident. Don't rush yourself while installing and make sure you're installing on a flat surface. I messed mine up at some point, as I didn't notice that I didn't fit the bottom part of the protector to the bracket perfectly, but it was very easy to save and it was still a perfect installation.

Feel: To me it feels almost identical to the feeling of the original screen. I often forget that I have a screen protector.

Look: It's virtually invisible. The only giveaway is the cutout at the top, but it has to be there for the camera and sensors anyway.

Durability: I've been using this only for 3 weeks now and I already dropped my phone a few times from pocket height. No sign of any wear. I use it with a case though.

The only downside: The dust that builds up at the edge of the top cutout is bothering me a little at times. I just wipe with screen wipes from time to time.

Overall: I'd recommend this glass screen protector any day compared to other tpu protectors which don't feel as nice to touch and may get tiny scratches; it other tempered glass protectors which may crack easier and may need to be replaced after a few months or may not feel as nice as this one.
Fantastic Note 9 Screen Protector...
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector, is not the easiest t fit, but for a top end phone with a curved edge screen I would advise to invest in the cost of this item, and the time taken to install it.... I fitted the day I got my phone, and dropped my phone the next day and only the cover cracked which proves they do the job... Not a mark on the phone at all... I ordered another straight away, and that is now also on the phone....

There is a YouTube video on how to install, which is really good to watch before you have a go.... They also come off easily if you need to replace....

All in all a really quality product, that works, and protects your screen. With more and more tope end phones having curved edge screens, and Whitestone protectors formed to the shape of these, it is reassuring to know your phone is protected at the edges aswell.
best screen protector for curved phones
best screen protector for curved phones
So glad I paid a bit more for a quality screen protector for my Samsung Note 9. The installation process was straightforward and the result is amazing. No air bubbles or unstuck edges and no screen lag.
Awesome screen protector, but expensive!!!
If you're after a premium screen protector and you don't mind paying a premium price for one then look no further.
Be warned it's a bit tricky to install .
Nice look, medium difficulty
Took two attempts to get it perfect. Both times ended up with an air bubble in the centre of the screen, after waiting the set amount of time the air bubble was still there, I tipped the holder up to 45 degrees and let the air come out the top. This worked and I ended up with no air bubbles.
The Best
The screen protector is simply the best I've ever owned. It gets 5 stars, as does the customer support team from Mobile Fun.

The installation video provided by Whitestone did not provide great guidance, in my opinion, on the placement of the masking tape over the speaker. This can create an imperfect install. (FYI, a high placement that barely covers the speaker would be my suggestion). I would highly recommend purchasing the two pack, as it is only slightly more expensive but provides immense peace of mind.

Otherwise, it's an amazing piece of equipment. Thanks Mobile Fun!
Nice Service
I have ordered the Whitestone Dome Glass on 19 Feb but have not received after 20 business days. The customer service help to follow my compliant and reshipped again by Express and tracked delivery service without any charges. I got the package within a week. Really thank you for your help.
Believe the Hype!
This is definitely worth the cost over the cheap screen protectors. My Note 9 now feels much nicer to use. No dead spots around the edges and corners. The S Pen has good friction against the glass and doesn't leave any marks. The installation process isn't as daunting as it seems. I've got one tiny speck in the far corner where dust must have got in but it's otherwise perfect.
UV light button broken causing adhesive to fail after 10 days on curve
After 10 days I noticed the right curve of my screen turned blurry and after close inspection 50% of the right curve has air bubble lines where the adhesive has failed to cure due to a faulty on switch on the UV light and not being aware the night automatically turns off after 30 seconds. I also learned after installing the second one on a different phone that pressing lightly enough to cause the adhesive to form a taper prevents distinct white (glass edge) lines from being so visible. Now I am stuck with an expensive screen protector that has a permanent blur on 50% of the right edge and I am not happy but the feel of the glass is excellent.
Fantastic Product
This product is awesome. I was a little worried about using this product because nervous of applying it myself but it all worked out. Not complicated. It is worth the price and it's worth getting it. You don't notice the glass protector. So far MobileFun has the cheapest price.
Quality Screen Protector
Follow the instructions carefully and you won't have an issue. Works nicely along with the Samsung Rugged Case.
Excellent protection and premium finish
The procedure to attach the glass screen protector was nicely shown on video and it worked as a charm...just ensure that you remove any liquid glue from all sided after attaching else some dust can gather on the sides which can be cleaned though
Great product
I purchased this screen protector because I wanted a really good protective screen since I didn't purchase insurance for my phone. I saw so many great reviews on this product. My only hesitation was the application process. I went ahead with my order and watched several videos on how to apply. When my order came, I pulled up the video that seemed most helpful to me and it was really quite simple and took me only about 20 minutes in total. Probably most of that time was spent in making sure my screen was clean. I had no mishaps and no glue over the edges or anything. If you're going to purchase this screen protector, I recommend just watching several videos online first (Some are better than others!) to learn how to apply. And then it is pretty simple! I figured an hour of my time watching some videos and then applying the screen protector was a good investment for a good quality long lasting screen protector.
I bought (and returned) at least three other types of screen protectors during the first two weeks of having my new Note 9. They either didn't look like or have the feel, of tempered glass.
One of them was all clear so the thin glue strips showed through at the top and bottom, another one had black borders at the top and bottom to hide the glue strips, but both those styles just had micro dots on the whole rest of the protector instead of being adhered to the "entire" screen which makes plastic "popping" sounds on various parts of the screen when touched. The other type I ordered was a flexible film that was to be glued on, but it turned out to be a dull matte looking film.
Luckily, I was watching YouTube videos (in reference to tips and tricks and other Note 9 tutorials) when one tech guy recommended the Whitestone Dome screen protector.
It not only looks fabulous, it's very smooth and responsive.
I watched several YouTube videos on how to install it, read the instructions, watched the Whitestone video, said a prayer, held my breath, then did it.
With the special tray there's no way it will end up being crooked.
I was a little nervous when the adhesive slowed almost to a stop before making it down to the last inch near the bottom. So...I used the grey plastic guard that you pull out from the top (over the speaker) as a squeegee. It took a few passes, but it finally spread. A little bit dripped out the sides, but after curing it with the UV light, it wiped off with a microfiber cloth.
Speaking of curing, the light has a built in timer. Just turn it on, leave it on one section until it shuts off on its own, then slide it to the next section, push the button, leave it until it shuts off on its own, etc.
Also, as one YouTube tech guy suggested, do one top to bottom cure BEFORE removing your phone from the tray...then do a second top to bottom cure AFTER you take it out of the tray.
I think the people who complain they had a corner come up, or are getting a streaky haze between the screen and the protector probably didn't do a double cure. Or, they're not letting the UV light run on its own timer.
Quality screenprotector....highly recommended
Good quality highly recommended
Top protection brand
Trust no other product, except whitestone dome
So far so good
Application was slightly challenging with the directions given. Went on youtube to watch tutorials on how to apply step by step. Overall happy but now starting to see spider like veins coming from bottom corners of phone. Maybe I just didn't put the light on long enough. Hasn't started to peel yet so keeping fingers crossed.
Good Screen protector - Poor support
I wouldn't recommend buying this product as you'll be paying a premium for their support and service that doers't apply here. For example, I had an issue applying my screen protector for the Galaxy s8 version of this product. Whitestone were happy to help me with more glue to re apply but not for Australia - MobileZap can't do anything obviously. Best jumping on eBay and getting liquid glass or something plastic.
perfect protection

This is the third order

The good thing in this protection .. it is cover the edges without ant space

Very clear

Only watch the video and you can make it easily
Great product! First screen to work for me on my Note 9
I purchased a screen protector with the phone but had issues with it staying on and with using the touch screen. This screen worked perfectly. Following the directions, I had no trouble attaching it.
It's really good
It will be a messy process to get it on for first timers .. mine turned in to a disaster because I had bubbles first time and had to do a second time and i did not have tissues and stuff ready to clean with me. Second time it went perfectly. It's definitely worth the mess. I'm loving it. I got note 9 with UAG monarch n this screen protector. Looks sick! Haven't dropped it yet so can't comment on that.
Good but...
The assembly is quite long. I needed to read the instruction couple of times to be sure I would not mess it up. It is not difficult though, just follow step by step. The initial result is amazing. It is so nice and clear. Touch response is great, also with s pen. The problem is, next day the glue starts cracking under the glass and creates thin spiderwebs that are fine when using the phone but not very good looking when screen is off. I don't know what the problem might be. It happened at first and then at re-application.
pleasant surprise
never thought I needed a screen protector until my note9 slipped from my pocket and landed face down on the driveway, and left an nasty gouge. Too late for the protector, but the dome glass absolutely fixed the gouge and now is looking like new. No idea on longevity yet. Highly recommended
Best Tempered Screen
I have always bought Nuglass 9h tempered glass screen protectors for our families mobile phones but the last lot I purchased were not up to the standard with the curved edges of Samsung Note 9.
I then researched other screen protectors and found the Whitestone Tempered Screen Protectors. I will never go back to My class or any other Tempered Screen Procter again.

The Whitestone cost a bit more but you won't regret buying them. Great out in the sun and glare and they have a fantastic feel when using the stylus.
Without a doubt this is the best option to protect your screen
Ok so before I purchased this protection solution for my Note 9 I did a little research online and found some conflicting reviews. The main issues were with how difficult it is to fit the protector to your device and the cost, ignore these and watch the installation video on YouTube before you purchase but in all honesty if you prep as described you won't be dissapointed with the results. The next gripe was the cost...... admittingly it's not cheap (MobileFun are the cheapest suppliers) but a replacement screen is a hell of a lot more.
Best glass screen protector for the Galaxy note 9
I had the Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector on my Galaxy Note 8 and it was incredible so I decided to go ahead and get this pack for my new Galaxy Note 9.
All the reviews are correct that it's a bit of a process to install but if you watch a few install videos and read the instructions carefully it's not very hard at all.
It looks amazing, the sensitivity isn't affected whatsoever and it doesn't just peel off like those other protectors that only have the adhesive around the outside.
Buy this product, you won't be disappointed and if you buy the twin pack if you stuff up the first install you have a back up!

Dome Glass
I was looking for an easy screen protector that looks great. I found Glass Dome, I followed the instructions exactly. I ended up with a beautiful screen protector. If you didn't know you had this screen protector you wouldn't know you even had one on your phone.
Just make sure you follow instructions 100% even if that is reading or off a reliable person off YouTube.
Whitestone Dome Glass is the best screen saver by far that I have ever used!!!!
Between my wife, are 5 kids and myself we have gone through so many different phones and screen savers. We have all tried the screensavers that you would buy in T-Mobile or Verizon that cost about $50 each. Then it was getting too expensive because they would break all the time so we found this company called zizo. They had screensavers for $8 and cases with screensavers for $16. The cases are great but the screensavers would allow dust to get behind them and they would either pop off or break within 60 days. So I was on the hunt to search for a screensaver that would last and not allow dust to get underneath and be clear without any air bubbles. I did some research and I found Whitestone Dome glass. I bought one for my Galaxy Note 9 to test it out. The Whitestone Dome glass only cost me about $35 for the whole kit and to my surprise it has lasted and gone through a rigorous challenge at my job. I dropped my phone down a 50-foot chimney when I heard it bounce off the sides about 10 times before finally hitting the bottom with a big thud I thought to myself oh my God my phone is destroyed. When I opened up the ash pit at the bottom to my surprise my phone did not have one scratch on it and my screensaver was still in perfect condition. The case had a few scuffs on it which was not a big deal but the Whitestone Dome glass was still in perfect condition and not one speck of dust underneath. Now six months after that my Whitestone Dome glass is still in perfect condition just like the first day I installed it. Now my wife and my five kids all have the Whitestone Dome glass and they love it. This is finally one screensaver that I will use on every phone I buy for me my wife and my family. I would strongly recommend Whitestone Dome glass to anyone who is looking for a fairly cheap quality screensaver to protect their phone which is in most cases someone's most prized possession. Protecting the very thing that has your entire life on it. I would recommend Whitestone Dome glass 2 everyone. Just watch the installation on YouTube before trying to install it. The installation is very easy Once you watch the video I would recommend watching the video two times so you don't skip a step. If you do this it is virtually impossible to install the screensaver wrong or put it in the wrong spot. The way they have this setup the installation is actually one of the most simplest installations I have ever seen. For durability, clarity and longevity I would rate this 10 Stars if they had it. Buy Whitestone Dome glass and you will not be disappointed. I would personally guarantee that after you try it once you will use it on every phone you buy. Sincerely, a lifelong customer of Whitestone Dome glass. Thank you for this amazing product!!
The almost best screen cover you can buy
The screen protector is undoubtedly the best method of protecting your screen. But...
I had applied my screen protector as instructed. And was perfect for a few days then I noticed that the screen protector is slowly separating from my phone screen from one corner.
It's getting worse everyday.

I would always recommend this protector over other types. It's just a shame I got one that is pealing already considering how much it was.
Best screen protector
Used one for note 8, thought the price was too steep, then tried another brand similar protector at 2/3 the price and it was a mistake. in comparison the Whitestone protector was much easier to install, a higher quality so did not hesitate to buy again for note 9 especially now comes with a 2 pack version.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
By far the best screen protector you can buy. Before you purchase the screen protector go on YOUTUBE and follow the installation process for the Note 9 or any other device you have. It looks intimidating at first but the screen protector comes with 2 full adhesive tubes so if you get it wrong the first time remove the screen protector WITHOUT CURING IT eash it in warm water dy it with the cloth provided and repeat after you have also cleaned the phones screen. Believe with I say it is the TOP of the line protector you can buy.
Amazing screen protector
I would always tell the buyer to take time to read the instructions, and have a good idea in their mind what they are going to do step by step and be careful and relaxed,dont panic if you feel unsure or flustered then just sit down and calmly go through each step in their memory.the installation can seem complicated but if you prepare yourself before you do the installation, you will realise it was easy.
Works great
Followed directions to a tee ,great fit ,make sure table is level
Note 9 Protected
Awesome product!
Easy to attach, feels just like original screen and works perfectly. Highly recommend.
Best product ever
Items is well packed. As i chose cheap delivery service, so it takes quite long to be received. But worth to wait. Thank you
Amazing outcome
Sure this screen protector takes some time to put on but it's well worth it. The result is a flawless protector with no bubbles whatsoever. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great product that's long lasting.
A good fit, but...!
Watched the installation videos and read the manual several times before fitting and got it on first time with no dust under the glass at all. However, despite the fact that the phone fits tightly into the frame, as does the glass when you place it on top, the glass ended up about 3mm's too low, leaving the bottom edge of the glass exactly in line with the bottom of the screen. Not really a problem in itself, until I fitted the Samsung Protective Stand Cover. The case fits perfectly but its pressure on the bottom edge has caused the screen protector to lift slightly resulting in a small crazed patch in one corner. I could accept that if I had payed a few pounds for the protector but expected more from a 35 pound one.
Product had all air bubbles when fitted
need better jig
The jig that came with it didn't deliver the best fit, so when the station is on flat position from the tilt the screen moved upward and blocked the phone speaker and the adhesive went inside too. I wish I'd picked something else as it's left permanent damage to the phone.
Had trouble installing
Had trouble installing without an air bubble so I dont have it on my phone wish I could have though really good product if it was a little easier to install
excellent so far
read few tutorials on youtube before starting. quite useful as there are informations /tricks missing in the recommended video. It is about 2 weeks now since I have it. Works well, sticks well, did not have to change any mobile's settings. Will see in few month if it is still working
Great fitting screen protector
Follow the instructions carefully and it is straightforward to fit.
Looks great on Note 9.
Absolutely worth it...
I heard and read about this product online and decided to take a try. I would say the installation is little tricky but I am glad I ordered 2 pack set and it is absolutely worth it.
Just love this one because the touch sensitivity is still the same after applying the product.

Awesome for Note 9!
I saw some mixed reviews about this product defore purchase. I have struggled with a lack of quality screen protection for curved screens. I followed the directions exactly and couldn't be happier! This is the best screen protector I've had period, let alone a curved one!
Not the easiest to install but well worth the effort
The installation video is very helpful yet my first installation attempt was a failure. Luckily they provide a second bottle of the liquid glue in the package. With a successful second attempt, the screen protector gets on without any bubble and is very secure. Sensitivity is as good as when there is no screen protector, without changing anything in settings. Mobilefun is very helpful for listing the cases that fit the phone with the screen protector. I use the Spigen case and it was perfect. I haven't dropped the phone so I can't really review the protection it gives, but it looks very good.
Good product
It's a very good product I would definitely recommend
5 star!
Fastt shipping everything good! 5 star
Cristal clear glass but prone to bubbling
I ordered and the website its awesome, fast delivery, amaizing customer service only downside was that this whitestone glass its prone to bubbling as the first one i boght made an air bubble as soon as i laid it down onto the glue even tho i cleaned my screen for 20 min before applying it. Luckly for me i emailed them and then helped me out by sending a new one for no extra cost as o was going to order some more cases for my family. All in all thanks for the products they are much cheaper then anywhere, fast delivery and good customer service. I will defenetly buy again from you.
Its better then any tempered glass I've had 4 curved screens like this phone since it fully adheres 2 my phone unlike others. It looks almost as if i dont even have a tempered glass on i highly recommend it wont pop off like others
Good product
Works as advertised. It's a very high quality screen protector and when applied to the phone you don't know it's on. Before installing it definitely watch a tutorial video or two to get an idea of how the process of applying this screen protector works. Definitely use the absorption pads to help mop up excess adhesive as I had to clean the phone of it leaking out the side of the protector for a day or two. Other than that, great product.
Best screen protection
Easy to install. Good quality and easy introductions
This is by far the best screen protector method i have come across in a long time. Just follow the instructions and there you go !!!! Perfect fit..
Must read the instructions and watch the videos and follow. May seem a bit fiddly at first with all the bits and pieces so persevere So far after a few days use no problems.
Excellent protection for my phone and is now the only tempered glass protector I'll use for my phone's !!
Estimated life span of product.
Great product but did take 2 atempts
Great product but did take 2 attempts. Did follow the youtube video on how to install it. When my liquid came out it spread out way more than in the video as if the liquid in the video was thicker. First attempt there was around 7 we air bubbles that did not go away after leaving it for 5 min or longer. Luckily i bought the twin pack and second time it worked better and i had no problem with it. All cases fit and touch is very good compared to other screen protectors you get.
The best
It's perfect, does require a little bit of know how to understand it, but there is a very in-depth tutorial on YouTube. If you have a Galaxy phone that supports this you definitely get it.
Very good
Just be careful putting the earpiece cover on As I put it on a little bit to low and it was under the glass and left a mark apart from that its fine
Is an excellent screen protector, I love the fact you even can't see is there..is so good and never bother me when I write something or watching multimedia, it's so good!
Great product
Everything I needed to know was upfront and informative. Video attached on how to use was perfect. Wouldn't change a thing. Recommended it to a few friends and would definatly purchase again. Thanks
Great product, everybody that has seen it, says it looks great
Nothing, great product
Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Note 9
This is a nice Product and will buy again for another phone.
The only thing is that I live in the US, it took a time in shipping.
Great product easy application
All the Information needed was orovided
Daunting at first site
When I first opened the huge box my mind was boggled with all the equipment I put it on one side saying "crikey I only wanted a screensaver".
Later I searched YouTube and watched a video on installing it and decided to attempt the open heart surgery. The result is impressive, crystal clear. Touch operation is 100% and it's a very good screen protection system. Very pricy but beats replacing a screen.
It's the best screen protector for note 9 but!!!
This is the best screen protector I have bought for note 9. As other protector I used only stayed on the phone for week or 2 and the problem with others is, they don't have enough adhesive. Whereas dome glass fix this issue with their loco solution.

The design and fitting for the dome glass is spot on. And the screen is very responsive... Almost as responsive as not having a protector on. BUT

the issue I have experienced is my dome glass protector cracked on its own without any drop. I have the tech 21 evo check case and the case is fully compatible and even when the case is on, it doesn't touch the glass protector and have a bit of space all around.

But for the protector to break on its own has really made the experience not great. I ordered 2 pack and only reason I bought that was for rainy days... But I had to use and install the 2nd protector within 2 weeks of installing the first protector.

Overall the protector is great and the screen clarity is extremely good. And I would definitely recommend this protector to protect your note 9.
Great screen protector
So I bought this screen protector for my note9 ...funny I think that you debate spending 40 or so pounds on a screen protector...don't get me wrong its alot of money but when you have a 1000 pound phone you shouldn't even think about it .

I read the mixed reviews , watched YouTube a few times and took the plunge ..
Well all I can say is I am glad I did ... if you take your time and do it properly , you wont have any issues ...it is hands down the best screen protector I have ever had.
I bought the 2 pack just in case I messed up , fortunately I didn't ..Excellent product
Great product and it fits the phone like a glove.
Thumbs up for Dome Glass, this is a great concept and is worth every cent. The installation video was easy to follow the sensitivity is so good as if there is no screens protector. Highly recommended.
Best glass screen protector
Best glass screen protector I have used will definitely get more for other phones easy to install. I watched YouTube video for installation Process. Item came with two liquid glue just in case you mess up the first time.
Great screen protector
It's very good cover, fit perfectly with my phone and easy to follow video instructions.
Very good product
Very good product to protect screen against scratches.
It really works!
Will this work with most protective cases? Yes it will. Is it easy to install, yes if you follow directions. I love it.
Great look and functionality until the gel fails
Apparently the gel adhesive doesn't cope with heat and my cover is lifting on one side after only 3 months. I haven't exposed it to heat either so quite disappointed with the product. Don't get me wrong, it looks and works beautifully and was delighted until it started to delaminate.
The best screen protector, but....
By far this is the best screen protector you can get, no doubts about it. But if you don't succeed the first time you apply the screen protector, it can be a hassle. Simply because if you get a bubble, even a very tiny one. Getting the screen protector off, you will need a great deal of caution once the glue is nearly dry. The screen protector itself is not as thick as you'd expect. So if you're not careful you can crack it when removing it.

If you need to redo it, take your time and lift all the way along the side. Once it's off, put it under the tap with warm water. Be very careful when rubbing the glue off. As the screen is not thick, putting too much pressure when rubbing the glue off can crack it as well. So be gentle and don't rush. Good thing the pack comes with an extra glue.

I love this product! Definitely worth the money.
Great product
I absolutely love this screen protector it goes on perfect. I would definitely recommend. Shipped fast and packaged well.
It is an amazing product. It is a bit expensive. You do get what you pay for. It protects my note 9 so well. It does not mess with the screen sensitivity/responsiveness of the device like a lot of other curved screen protectors will. It Is more complicated than other screen protectors to put on. If you follow directions it will go perfectly! I watched the screen installation tutorial a bunch before I finally did it. That was super helpful. YouTube reviewers were right when they said this is the best screen protector for the note 9 you can get.
Worth IT
The first thing I should have done before buying this product is buying a 2 pack screen protector as I damaged the first screen. but the 2nd run showed that the screen worked minus a bubble or two.. I also needed extra Liquid Adhesive so as to get it right. It does work and looked amazing So I would buy it again and is worth the price and value.
Great company
The first product I recieved was damaged. I emailed the company. After sending them pictures of the damaged product they shipped a brand new product with expedited shipping. The second product was perfect. I gave it 5 stars for the customer service and the company being so fast and helpful. They didnt make me jump there alot of hoops like sending damaged product back and having to wait for them to get it. I will continue to shop here.
Short changed
Did l really get the glassdome for note 9 or note 8?
Even though the packaging says note 9, its smaller than the phone screen of note 9.
I am not pleased with it
Works really well.
This is a very good screen protector. Quite easy to apply.
After 2 days after applying this protection screen ... appear air bubles between screen and screen protection. Followed the instructions step by step.
After 2-3 months bubbles started appearing near the edges of the screen protector and have been spreading. Not it is very noticeable when the screen is off which is kind of disappointing. I tried using the UV light to cure it more but didn't do anything. Still a good screen protector; just gonna cost a lot to replace it again.
Scary to do, but Easy.
Bought this screen protector and was so scared to install it. when I finally installed it I couldn't believe how easy and simple it was.
Expensive but the end result is flawless.
Installs as advertised!
This screen protector is everything the company said it is. And installation is actually super easy despite the appearances. Two things you need to keep in mind: make sure the screen is SPOTLESS before applying. I managed to leave the tiniest bit of lint at the bottom edge so my screen isn't show-room perfect. But otherwise, you can't tell it's on my phone. I use an OtterBox Symmetry series case and it comes right to the edge, no problems. I love this screen protector.
Best option...
Best protector for Note 9...
Dome Glass
This product is good. Easy to do it.
I do not recommend the product .
I did not like myself personally, I did not know if I was dealing with the treadmill or had some other problem. I tried to install both, but in both attempts, there was little air left between the display and the tread. I'm sorry for the low estimate I'm going to give, I was very hopeful of buying glass.
Lovely lads
Excellent product! Fast shipment and as far as I know their pricing is unmatched. I was pretty rude to them but they have a patient team who is willing to resolve any related issues. Not to mention they are very responsive to emails which I really and I mean really appreciated.

Good lads
Whitestone dome for twin pack
Fast delivery for overseas shipping! The products are in good condition. Great product for the priced I paid.
Excellent Product
This is the best Tempered screen guard for note 9, easy to apply, touch response and clarity is top notch. Highly recommended for curved screens. It’s compatible with Spigen cases including Spigen Tough Armour case for Note 9.
Best screen protector
Great product came with everything needed to install much easier if you watch YouTube videos for installation process would recommend this product
Great cover
The screen protector is the best and if you want quality and a perfect fit then this is the one for you
Whitestone dome glass kit for Samsung note9
Tho the note 9 has only been out for just over a month I have tried two other screen protectors. This one is by far the best a little tricky to apply dust free and I would suggest reading the instructions as well as watching the videos on how to apply the dome glass.
That said it was easy to remove and luckily I purchased the dual screen version so had 3 tubes of loca cleaned off the old loca with isopropynol went through the process again out of direct sunshine and worked a treat. You do have to be gentle removing the plastic dome glass retainer as if your to quick the glass drops onto the screen heavily causing an air bubble which can be a pain to remove. I have notified whitestone to revise their video tutorial to included the sunshine warning as it wasnt in the video but was on the first page of the instruction manual that came in the box.
I thought watching the video was enough but obviously in my case it wasnt.
Had to use my second dome glass yesterday as I dropped a bunch of keys on note 9 in the top left corner it saved my screen from braking even though the dome glass cracked.
Screen touch sensitivity is set to normal no issues not had to turn the sensitivity up in the note9.
Screen brightness and clarity looks no different with it attached.
Though expensive you can get screen replacements under the life time warranty not sure of postage costs yet.
Doesnt hinder the clear case I am using though one of the cheaper makes I tried kept popping off due to adhesive only round the edges and the case pushing against it tho only slight was enough to keep popping the glass off.
All in all worth the effert and I have used a loca applied protector on another phone that had a cracked screen it actually made the crack almost invisible.
Good, but...
Installation is very difficult, particularly for someone with arthritis and or shaky hands...
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