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Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy S9 Plus Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S9 Plus uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
Price: £34.99

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The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S9 Plus uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
 4.5 stars from 144 customers

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I had this product on my previous phone and it was fantastic. Unfortunately my phone broke down so I replaced it with the same model, the s9 plus, and decided to stick with the same protector. However this time, it was absolutely impossible to install it properly despite spending a very long time on it and despite being extremely careful following every step and recommendations. The installation failed twice. Now I don't have the liquid anymore (only good for two tries) and my screen doesn't look good as it kept leaving gaps and air bubbles all over the screen. I measured very carefully the angle of the installation surface and it was not tilted at all. I remember that this had happened on my very first try on my old phone as well, but luckily it tad suceeded on the second attempt. I feel bad as I purchased the same product for my wife for her s9 and we haven't installed it as yet as i am really nervous at the prospect of having thrown 60 pounds in the bin.
BEST screen protector
This is an excellent screen protector. Although it's expensive but it's worth the money. I've tried other brands and this is by far the BEST! I would suggest that you watch a YouTube video (on its entirety) before you begin the installation process.
Great product
I used this item before for my wife's Samsung Galaxy S10+. I was very happy with the results, so I decided to give it a go for my own S9+, and the results are great.
Put this on but didn’t stick properly so I have ordered another one so fingers crossed
just what doctor ordered
has things go so far best screen protector have used
Great product. Fits nicely and looks good.
Nothing. The description was spot on.
White storm dome glass
Excellent product an easy to fit an fit in case no problem ????????????????????
Amazing product
I have installed many screen protector before. But this was looked very hi tech. I had to youtube it so that I could get it right. Let me say that the end product is just awesome. The phone response is just as good compared to no protector before.
I highly recommend this. Will be getting same product for my Note 10 plus
Excellent Customer Service
The screen protector works great, but I'm even more impressed by the customer service. After receiving the product, I realized I accidentally ordered a screen protector for the wrong phone. I contacted their customer service and explained that I messed up, asking if I could send it back and get the correct one. They said not to worry about sending it back and that they'd send the new one for free. A few days later, I received the correct screen protector and it's worked excellently. Very cool of them to correct MY mistake free of charge!
best screen protector for phones with curved screens
it would be useful to know what phone cases can work with this screen protector
Best Scren Protector
This is the best screen protector I've ever used. Followed the instructions and it went on perfectly and works exactly as you'd expect for a premium product. Very pleased.
Samsung S9+
Perfect product
Love it but yet to drop it!
Finally got up the courage to put the screen on after watching numerous videos. Went on as described with no issues!
Screen protector
Specially for Samsung Galaxy can't be any better screen protector. Tried so many not even one was worth it.
Great Case
Very pleased with this purchase, the case fits perfectly and it doesn't make the phone feel bulky.
brillliant protector

Easy to install, offers maximum protection to my new phone, Will definitely be buying for my new one when i get it,
Great product.
The installation is a little bit difficult, but with attention, everything was alright.
Works great
Easy to install works as advertised
Excellent device
The Chromecast Audio has made it possible to stream Spotify on an old stereo system. It is fantastic. I don't know why Google no longer is making this product. Glad I was able to get one from Mobil Fun. They were great to deal notch!
fiddly but fabulous
I was after a screen protector with full coverage and full adhesion. I have wasted countless hours and pounds finding the right protector for my HTC U11. When you start getting bendy glass (curved edges) this is even harder to find as all tempered glass protectors seem to adhere only round the edge and end up giving you a 'suspended' screen which reduces screen sensitivity and colour depth (I like my blacks). On my Samsung Galaxy S9+ work phone when it was running Android 8, I could up the screen sensitivity (which improved screen performance but drained my battery fast) but now I've upgraded to Android 9, the option seems to have disappeared completely so I really needed a full sticky screen. This does it. With aplomb. It's fiddly and the first one I fired went wrong (it half covered the front facing camera resulting in blurred selfies) but the warranty is damn fine (delivery next day) if expensive (£12.99 shipping!) and my second attempt worked a treat. Give it a try. Follow the advice. Make sure it doesn't ride up the screen and over the FF camera when you pull out the tab and you will NOT be disappointed.
Fantastic screen protector-Best I've used.
I was a bit dubious purchasing this tempered glass screen protector due to price and previous protectors were under £15 and you didn't have to glue them to your screen.
Application is fairly easy as theres lots of videos etc. The clarity of this protector is flawless. There is no issue with sensitivity as its just like using the phone without, and I have made no adjustments to sensitivity. Theres a limited life time warranty with the protector. All in all a great buy-highly recommended.
Whitestone Dome Glass
I purchased 2 Whitestone Dome Glass screen protectors for my wife's and my phones and couldn't be happier with my purchases. The Whitestone Dome Glass is without a doubt the best screen protector on the market. The instructions were intimidating on my first install but the videos showing the installation really helped and I wrote each step down to refer to during each install. The results were perfect. I highly recommend this product and MobileFun. MobileFun had the best prices and excellent communications.
Great product
Great product best on the market
More than expected
I had my phone applied this screen protector in the shop and it costed me about AUD80. Now I can apply it at home, and it just costs AUD50. Moreover, if it is broken, I can re-apply it again by ordering the AUD30 screen protector only. I recommend this product. Thanks so much.
Whitestone don't provide warranty for Australia
I so badly wanted to love this considering it cost me $90 including installation and the place I had it done kept my uv light. And then I found out that Whitestone doesn't provide the lifetime guarantee to Australia, big bummer number 1, then less than 2 weeks later the protector started lifting and a full month of having it on, it broke. Totally disappointed considering the product reaches edge to edge better than any other screen protector, but I won't be paying for another go of it.
happy with this so far
Actually when I opened the package, I was saying "What the heck is this?!" I didn't expected to see complicated looking package like this for screen protector ever before.

Anyway, I paid for quite a bit of money why don't I give it a try! So, I searched the demo video and tried. Done! It wasn't that hard at all!

I needed to bought 2 tempered glass screen protectors for my phone for first 1 month ( I know I have butter finger as well as careless too.) neither of them made me satisfied. Especially touch sensitivity. It was really bad and I was actually about to just took them off for anger ( I am really patient person but it was that bad).

However, after I fallowed all the instructions, I was trying to use my phone for test and it was the best one ever from tempered glass protector! Awesome!!

I am really happy that I found this product. One thing why I took one star out was I wasn't sure how long it will last.

I will make sure write a review again when it's broke. Hope it's not too soon and if it last more than few months, I will defiantly buy it again.

I am really happy now :)
Great screen protector
Ultra clear, and relatively easy to install. I broke my previous screen protector, and this one is a perfect replacement. It also doesn't affect touch pressure on the screen. I use Swype and this screen is very slippery, so swiping is easy too.
Best I've ever used....
Easy enough to long as you read tbe instructions first!
Works well even sith a phone case fitted.
No loss of screen sensitivity or clarity.
Going to buy one for my daughters S9 as I like mine so much.
Best screen protector out there
Great product, fun to install. Super clear screen, just like I've got nothing on there at all. Fits with tech21 wallet case
Good product
The product came quickly

The glass shield is very good
Not exactly edge to edge, fingerprint magnet
Bought the Samsung S9+ protector, 2 pack
Not sure what edge to edge means to the manufacturer, but to me, I expected the protector to actually reach the edges of the screen. As it is, the protector sits a good 1-2mm from the edge compared to the phone screen. This means that dust is accumulating all along the edge of the protector. While it doesn't exactly affect typical phone usage, it is somewhat unsightly as it
is visible even with a case on. The scent of the glue still lingers, particularly when the phone gets hot/warm, even after almost a week's use, but admittedly I have an extremely sensitive nose.

The protector also does not clean easily of fingerprint marks, compared to the original screen; instead, trying to clean it even with a quality clean microfibre cloth can often cause smearing rather than cleaning. This might not matter to some, but it's a bit annoying.

I watched the installation video and it was a clear and straightforward enough process. My UV curing device times out after 40 seconds, which I assume is a safety feature. This was not specified anywhere in the instructions or video and would have been helpful to know given that the secondary curing is for 60 seconds.

So while the protector is usable and serves its purpose, the design could still be improved given its price and purported reputation.
Whitestone dome glass 👌
I have had this screen protector on for over 2 weeks, and it's the best one by far.
The best screen protector for high end phones.
Pleased as punch, silky feel and look, excellent.
I tried a few other screen protectors before I bought this one. It is THE REAL THING! I totally recommend it!
Best screen protector.
This screen protector fits perfectly.The clarity of the screen is the same as if my phone had nothing on it.If I would need to buy another screen protector i would buy this one.
Best place to buy , best screen protector ever
Best screen protector ever, fast shipping, I recommend (mobile fun best place to buy
Quality protection
Well impressed with the glass quality when fitted to phone, touch sensitivity excellent and no bubbles or edge lifting.
Watch the videos and ensure you have a level surface when applying the glue.
Check box contents as my first kit was missing some stickers, (when paying a lot you want everything) mobile fun sorted everything out and I received a new kit with all the components needed to complete the install.
Mostly easy to apply
I ordered from romania, the package arrived fine, the corners of the box were a little bent but nothing broken inside.
It was my first time doing this, the loca kinda runned to the side of my phone and didnt fully spread to the edges and now i have some mirroring effect on the edges( idk if this is my fault or thats how it should supposed to be) and another reason this happened because i lifted the second tray before curing 15 sec with the uv and my hand was kinda shaking and i moved it a little bit to the right aswell. After 30 minutes i managed to apply it and another 10 min to clean my table and my phone of some loca on the back on it. (I forgot to mention that i could not place the little sponge on the right side of the phone because it would press against the power button and power up my phone, and that is the place where the loca entered on the back of my phone). So if you are reading this, make sure your phone is dead so it cant turn on and cure the glue 15 sec before removing the top tray. I found this kit a little different from some tutorials on youtube because it has some extra easy features. I reccomend it.
Amazing item
How to instal. Perfect fits, easy installation.
Expensive but works well
This is the first screen protector which hasn't adversely affected the screen sensitivity.
It was supposed to be compatible with the Ziko case but only works with mine after shaving a bit off the cases edges.
The novel adhesive application is fiddly but appears to work.
Great product
I didn't know that it would take 3 weeks to arrive. I probably didn't read the small print
It's easy and it works
I was sceptical about the screen sensitivity but once I installed the screen protector and had a play around its fantastic. There is no difference from using it with or without.
Best Samsung screen protector
You can't tell ive got a screen cover on my Samsung S9+ as its so good and easy to apply.
A bit expensive but well worth it, highly recommended this cover.
Quick delivery from mobile fun. Definitely will use again.
Great screen protector however
It's a fantastic screen protector and easy to install. Once installed there is no visible glue round the edges which other protectors show. It's compatible with my Spigen case. HOWEVER it's not compatible with the Samsung Gear VR and the bottom of the glass protector has lifted away from the screen leaving a nasty chip like appearance so if you use the Gear VR this product isn't for you.
Not worth the money
Saw the install video when I had purchased this and watched twice. Was quite scared to try doing myself but had found it was very easy. However once adhesive and screen protector was in place and dried, I took my phone out of the cradle and noticed my phone was covered in adhesive it had come out the sides and was all over the back. I have bought cheaper screen protectors in the past and thought this may be better, but honestly it is not worth the money. Very disappointed. That’s 40 quid that is in the bin.
Not great
The screen protector looked great and from the youtube video looked like it was the one. However when applying all 3 attempts the liquid glue did not stay in the centre. It ran off the edges and covered the sides and back of my phone is liquid. I tried on 3 flat surfaces of floor and table. This then caused problems of covering the entire screen or letting the glue travel down. Tried this on my phone and my sisters. There are 3 glues, wipes, cloths so why are there not 3 speaker covers and only 2? Would not recommend for the price better of going for a cheaper one at amazon.
Just like in the YouTube film, it worked perfect.
NICE GLASS~TOP protection
One of the only glass protestors that realy fits
This was the second glass and the third in all screen protector that I bought for my galaxy S9+. The first glass didn't fit to mi case (Spigen Neo Hybrid). The second protector was just a film (not good - you don't sleep well :) ). The I tried a last one - the dome - and it really fits perfectly. It is compatible with the case 100% and it it relay protects the screen. And the touch response is just like without tle protector.
Better than other screen protectors I've tried
So far this is a great screen protector. Have the installation video up while you are installing it. Trust their instructions. I was afraid the speaker wasn't covered enough by the tape so I put the tape down further than they specify. It didn't ruin the installation, but there is a spot right below the speaker that didn't cure, because I had to pull the tape out from under the protector. Not their fault though, it was mine for not trusting the directions. Other than that it is great!
Whitestone dome glass
I am very happy about the produkt som a good smile
That it would protect and make it easy to use
Time will tell
A product with a "how-to" video caught my attention. Watched it a couple of times then bought the product. Screen protector not quite wrap around, glass edge makes for more pronounced pressure on the edges of the screen even with screen sensitivity turned on. Time will tell on it's effectiveness
great product
was super easy to apply and liked that bit was a
full screen protector !!! Great Buy!!
Perfect fit & sensitivity screen protector
Was concerned about Galaxy S9+ screen protector as I bought one for $35 new with phone and it just felt like I had thick gloves on the whole time. Pulled it off, felt happier but broke screen! Bought the Whitestone one and it's fantastic. Easy to fit perfectly if you read, watch and follow the instructions. Really happy with decision to buy it.
Despite thoroughly following the instructions on both Youtube and the paper manual; the process turned out to be very stressful and messy. I had no clue that my phone was literally marinated in glue inside the tray which only became evident when I started to lift my phone off. It then got worse as the screen protector started to slide off causing the glue to cascade down into the speaker grill/ headphone/ charging port. Not happy, thats 40+ quid straight in the bin...
Perfect touch sensitivity but tricky installation
This screen protector is hard to install, I got one very small air bubble following instructions and installing it on perfectly leveled surface. Other than that the touch sensitivity is impeccable which was the main reason I got this particular screen protector.
best screen
one of the best full fitting glass screen protectors I have ever used on a mobile phone
The best screen protector I have ever used
Whitestone's dome glass screen protector is absolutely amazing. Their dome glass fits my phone perfectly...just install it as instructed. There is no sticky adhesive or particles caught between the glass and the phone's screen.
I will never use the old adhesive screen protectors again. I am a Whitestone dome glass customer for life.
Great But...
The edges don't fully adhere to the phone.

After installation and curing, the protector starts lifting up from the curved edged of the screen creating a "rainbow" effect when the screen is on and air bubbles when off. I am pretty disappointed considering that I followed mobile funs own video to install it.

Otherwise, the display is crystal clear and very responsive. I'm just not sure if my glass is defective (curve manufactured wrong) but I don't think I can reccomend this to anyone knowing about this issue.
It's great product and fast shipping.
Doesn't fit well at the bottom
How can you remove it?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Demetris

The Whitestone Dome Full Cover Glass Screen Protector is very simple to remove should the occasion arise to change it in the future. By carefully using your fingernail or a business card, you can remove the edges of the screen protector away from your display. Give the screen a little wipe and it will be as good as new.
Not happy
Why the protector cracked after two days of use, without the phone being dropped at all. I will be contacting customer service about this
Great product but time consuming to install correctly
The product itself is great quality. The installation process while not difficult requires taking your time to make sure there's no dust on the screen beforehand. The removal process is difficult if you make a mistake so getting it right the first time is crucial.
Does not
Worked well for a couple of days. Looked terrific. Then the liquid adhesive started to change color and become opaque.
The best there is
Received my order extremely fast.
Product could have been packed better, a bit of bubble wrap could go a long way, box was slightly smashed but the kit was unharmed.

The galaxy S9+ screen's Gorilla Glass 5 is NOT resilient to fine scratches, it is imperative to protect your expensive device. After some research, The Whitestone Dome is the only product which ticks all the boxes.
Make sure you have a level work table and follow the instructions & videos, you will have a perfect install.

After installation, it is as though you are touching the phone itself, with much more peace of mind.

I also purchased a Spigen Ultra Hybrid case, it fits very well.
Be careful
Well, I tried to put it on a few weeks ago and had issues. When I finally pulled the pin for the screen to drop onto the liquid and the liquid to spread, it didn't. The liquid had begun to set already. What they don't mention is not to attempt by a window as I think the bonding agent reacts to the sun. Didn't even think of that. Now I'm scared to try again as it will be money down the drain if it fails again.
Excellent product
Excellent product, simple to fit and,once it's applied, it's easy to forget there is anything there. Would highly recommend
Very happy with product easy to use
Very happy with product easy to use
Just looks scary! but easiest screen cover to install ever
Not the cheapest protector and because of this was apprehensive about the installation . What if I mucked it up and wasted my hard earned cash. The supplied tools and Mobile fun's video made it a piece of cake. A beautiful perfect fit 1st time, no bubbles, dust etc. I am really confident that the Dome is the best protection I could have with the screen just as responsive as before. Perfect !
Best so far
Was really impressed with the quality of the screan protection and instalation video was really helpfull. Would really recomend to everyone who wants to protect the phone with high quality. Its really worth to pay some extra
Kind of expensive but the best out there
Great service, product as expected, kind of expensive but the best out there
Dropped once from my nighstand and hit my box spring and SHATTERED
So when you pay FIFTY DOLLARS for a screen protector you expect it to hold up. Well, apparently thats not the case. I guess it technically did its job since it seems my screen is ok... however, I expected such an expensive screen protector to hold up a little better than that. I mean hitting my box spring from my nighstand and landing on carpet caused it to shatter on the edge? A little ridiculous. And they dont offer just replacement screens because I already have the light, extra glue, and S&M contraption it taks to put the thing on... YOU HAVE TO BUY EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Not to mention how tedious and time consuming it is to put the thing on your phone so Im not exactly excited that it seems every time I drop my phone Im gonna have to shell out another 50 bucks and then take 30 mins to put the thing on... I say hold off and try some other screen protectors before going with this one. There are probably stronger ones out there for half the price.
Well worth the money...
If you take your time installing this, it fits perfectly and adheres better than anything else I've tried to date
Very impressed.
I was looking for a good quality tough glass protector for my new S9+. I ended up going through lots of websites and videos for best protectors and this kept popping up. I got in contact with Whitestone about the waterproofness of the bonding agent. Reply was all good once cured. So I purchased one.
Once you get past the daunting idea of putting glue on the glass of the phone, the application process is actually easy. Mobilefun has a how to video on the product page of their website making it a bit easier.
Using the cradle that comes in the pack, the protector goes on perfectly. Just a quick wipe down before the curing & all done.
Nice and clear, no interference with the case I'm using. Also no loss of touch response from anywhere on the protector.
Overall, after a week of using it. I amimpressed & very happy with this protector.
The best
You have to be careful to cover the speaker slot. Too much and you'll end up with a bubble.
It is perfect!
It came very fast. It is perfect!
This would be a really amazing protector besides these points
1. whenever i use my camera now it looks weird just to me though not to others i send them to. really ruins the look of my phone and the edges have a reflection of the screen on them and that gets really annoying
3. It just feels like it's too small
4. it just ruined my phone and I'm hoping to get a refund
Unsurpassed phone protection
No other screen protector comes close to the level of protection offered by this Whitestone Dome Glass. A clean install which you'll barely notice it's there and the oleophobic coating does a great job at repelling fingerprints and oil stains. To buy any other would be to do yourself and your phone a huge disservice.
Quite Amazing
quite tricky to start with having to clean the screen and making sure any hairs are not visible, take your time with this and try not to rush it and please make sure you do this on a very flat surface or the liquid WILL run as i found out so its just as well it came with 2 bottles of liquid but once complete it will give your screen an absolute perfect finish
Superb !!!
Best screen protector for the phone, beautiful touch and smooth sensitivity to use the screen. It does says that it covers the entire screen around the edges also but it doesn't. Edge are not 100% covered due to the way it's assemble on the screen. But apart from that its definitely Worth to buy this screen protector.
This screen protector is like non existent. Is like you don't have anything in your phone. Sensitivity is great, you can't fell or see any difference.
The installation process is a bit scary but in general very simple but time consuming. Just follow the videos over the internet.
Only downside is the price, but you have to protect your investment.
Best Screen Protector
Amazing quality and surprisingly easy and satisfying application. Just follow the detailed video guide.
It's true glass which feels just like the original glass on the phone, and apart from the cut-out at the top, it's unnoticeable.
It is a delicate process to install it, but once you visualize it and internalize it (e.g. you may want to watch some YouTube videos, read the included instructions, lay the components handy and ready to go through each step, and visualize what the next step will be), it is a breeze, and it works just like advertised.
Highly recommended, it's definitely worth the price.
Clear and responsive
- Great clarity
- Perfect touch responsiveness even without increased touch sensitivity
- Has oleophobic coating
- Very easy to clean
- It's very easy to mess up somehow during the installation. I left the glue dripping on the phone for 40 seconds and it was a mistake. I should have left it for a full minute in order to have the whole amount of glue. A tiny portion of a corner has a gap right on the edge, despite trying my best to keep it pressed while hardening the glue with the UV light.
- Expensive. It is good, but considering how hard it is to install perfectly, there should be 2 protectors in the box.
Great Product
This product worked extremely well however I had to do it twice because the first time the glue did not cover the screen entirely. Thank goodness two bottles of glue were included. I studied the utube videos over and over before embarking on the process and that was a great source of information. Be patient is my advice. Overall a great product.
Amazing protector
A lot of effort to actually put the protector on at first but once it is on it looks and feels amazing! Very slim design and fits all of the cases that I have!
Would 100% recommend
Applies very easy, no bubbles or difficulty, and seems to work with most cases!
Overall great choice
After viewing installation videos, I was able to get this on my phone. It looks very clean, no loss in screen responsiveness on the edges. One thing I will say it to make sure you really clean the edges of the liquid adhesive when you are in that step, once it dries out of the glass it becomes white and it peels glue from the inside of the glass with it if you try to remove it. I was able to fix it by using some of the extra liquid they give you. I also had an issue when removing the adhesive tube after applying, I squeezed whatever was still left on top of the glass, even though it had stopped dripping. So just be careful with those two things. Still give it 5 stars because I'm happy with it.
Extremely pleased with my purchase!
After reading sooo many reviews on the Whitestone Dome Protector I decided to take the plunge and purchase it for my S9+. I had the screen protector put on my phone and so far it has been brilliant! The screen sensitivity is not affected at all. Unfortunately i cannot review the application process as my friend applied it for me but the end result was a screen like screen protector.
I would definitely recommend both the website; MobileFun and the Whitestone Dome Protector.
Patience is key
Has to be the best screen protector by a mile. Instructions will appear daunting but watch the video 3-4 times and pause as you complete each step exactly as they do. I should have examined to make sure glue had spread to both top corners before setting with the lamp ! Other than that one spot the fit is flawless.
Amazing product!
Looks great and it is easy to install (thanks for video on YouTube).
Great, clear screen protector
This screen protector give a very clear view of the screen without the edges being hidden behind a protector's mask. You also don't need to change the screen sensitivity or navigation bar sensitivity for it to work well.
It does require the phone screen to be completely clean before installing the screen, but with the provided screen wipes and sticky strips, it is easy to get clean.
The best screen protector ever
Amazing quality and surprisingly easy and satisfying application. Just follow the detailed video guide.
It's true glass which feels just like the original glass on the phone, and apart from the cut-out at the top, it's unnoticeable.
Highly recommended, it's definitely worth the price.
Excellent. Clearly the best
It is just as sensitive as the original. The fitting process in technical but easy to follow
Worked wonders
I bought a couple different screen protectors and this is by far the best screen works great looks great couldn't be happier
Great product!!
Great product, best screen protector out!! Looks so good on the phone at the same time can't tell screen protector is on!!!
Great product!
I have tried many screen protectors for a curved phone screen and have never found one that worked...until this one! It worked exactly as promised and I would recommend it to anyone looking for the best one on the market!
A genius invention!!
The installation is easy and the product is fantastic!! The touch sensitivity is not affected and the clarity is unreal. I would suggest letting your phone sit at least 6-8 hours before attempting to put an Otterbox case on your phone to help with the curing process. My husband and I are very happy customers.
Great product, just keep it level!
Easy to install, just follow the instructions to a T. But keep it level because even the slightest incline the adhesive can roll off the edge of the phone. I keep my phone in my pocket at work and lint sticks to the edge of the glass due to the adhesive, so keep that in mind. It's a great protector though, crystal clear and touch sensitivity is good.
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