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Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy S8 Plus Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S8 Plus uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.

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 4.4 stars from 136 customers

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Produce is very good
This is the second of this same screen protector that I've purchased. They were actually fairly easy to apply. Great protector that I thought had cracked. I removed it only to find the screen on my phone was in prefect condition only the protector was cracked. The new screen protector is oily and I have not been able to remove it.
Fantastic service
Great screen protector. Definitely worth them money to protect your phone
Forget inferior glass screen protectors
By far the most superior glass screen protector.
I have tried countless others.
Yes it is expensive.
Yes it is fiddly to apply.
Expense is nothing when you have a damaged phone.
Try this product once and you won't use anything else.
Quality is excellent!
I was searching for a full adhesive screen protector unlike the cheaper ones that fall off and only have adhesive around the edges! This is a great product. Have their protectors on multiple devices. Customer service is excellent as well! Very helpful. Will continue to support this company!
Best Glass Protector
This is one of the best Glass protector out there. It is seamless and it is very easy to install yourself. Will always buy this product for my phones.
Quality product
Best screen protector I've ever used
Let me just say right of the bat, I've gone through so many brands of screen protectors for the S8+ that I almost lost hope of finding a really decent one. And then I saw this one. I was hesitant at first specially considering the huge price. But I bit the bullet cause I was desperate... and then I used it... and boy was I convinced!!! Just so you know beforehand, it's quite tricky to put it on because it is a full on adhesive screen protector that uses a liquid glue that you let drip on the screen. Make sure to find a youtube application video before applying. But if you get it right, you'll see that it's the best tempered glass screen protector for the S8+ out there.
Fantastic Screen Protector
A little complicated at first but worked perfectly. Good to know your phone screen is protected.
Disappointed after my second purchase...
I bought this screen protector once already and had it on for a good few months and everything was perfect and then I unfortunately cracked so I thought I will get another one since its such a good product, my second protector came and I ve put it on the same way as I did with my first one everything seemed alright at first however right side of the protector just on the edge had a little line not properly stuck however the glue already cured so there was nothing to do at this point so I left it because it wasnt that noticeable at first, however now after few weeks of having the protector on dirt and dust started getting in the little gap and started expanding it to now nearly about 3x what it was at the start!!! Really disappointed since this isnt a £5 product that I can just take off and get another one and especially the whole installation processes was done properly...
Not going to risk another £42 to see if I get a faulty one or something else again!
Fantastic case
It is exactly what we wanted and makes the phone easier to hold
Very good case
This case makes the phone easy to hold
Best of the tempered glass but still not enough
I've been a massive Whitestone Dome fan but just this weekend my phone hit the part that wasn't covered by the tempered glass. I thought I just had a minor crack there and the crack through the screen was just on the glass. Sadly not, I found the crack basically followed where the glass was right down to a straight crack on the side.
Excellent product
I've been through multiple screen protectors for my husband's phone and none worked. My husband is a mechanic and works outside so it's critical that he has a good screen protector. This was the only one that went on as promised and has worked like a dream. I will only buy these protectors from now on.
S8+ Whitestone Dome Glass and a Spigen Neo Hybrid case
First thing I noticed upon examining the contents was that there was a 'bridge' in which you screw in the small bottle of LOCA adhesive and not a small bushing as most of the videos on YouTube will show you. The latest Whitestone Dome's are using a revised installation method so be aware of this. The 'bridge' spans the whole width of the installation tray and the glass is inserted into this tray not on its sides but at the bottom.

Which leads me to my main issue - the installation jig, in which your phone rests in. The jig needs revising because there is no foolproof way of aligning the glass perfectly into this jig. If you align and place the glass into it, there is an easy chance of it being pushed in too deep, which results in the glass falling onto the display & glue and causing air bubbles in the process - this happened to me first time round. The jig needs to be adjusted so that the glass can be located perfectly with no adjustment by the user required. Use small foam inserts to keep costs down maybe?

I had to clean up the LOCA adhesive off the glass and phone and retry the process. I ended up having use masking tape around the top speaker grill because the small adhesive tabs that Whitestone give you (2x) come off far too easily. On my second screen application I still wasn't sure as to weather the glass was positioned correctly but it was resting correctly on the plastic pull tab so I tilted the jig downwards to allow the adhesive to flow to the centre before removing the pull tab. Long story short, I had 99% adhesive coverage - the bottom right corner of the glass has some adhesive missing but is very hard to see unless you look very close.

The glass itself is excellent, as is the LOCA adhesive - clear and clarity wise looks no different to the stock gorilla glass. As I write this I have left the device sitting in my room overnight and there has been some glue emanating from the sides of the glass since, so I'll have to wipe that away later with a mild alcohol wipe. No case is attached just yet and I am expecting a Spigen Neo Hybrid to arrive soon, and then the nerve wracking application of that case will begin. Despite it being listed as compatible with the Dome Glass there is a good chance that it can still be lifted as I apply the case to phone. [Edit 21/04/18 - Case arrived and fits perfectly as per photos]

So far I am quite impressed despite my installation issues so well done to Whitestone.

Whitestone, your product is great but you need to assume the first application will go wrong for your customer.

1. Modify the jig/holder so that the glass can be placed securely without being pushed too deep, which results in the glass falling onto the screen. This can be offset with some foam strips on the jig for testing purposes.
2. Supply more than 2x masking tabs (for the speaker). They come off too easily.
3. If possible look at better distribution of replacement kits. I would gladly buy a kit if it consisted of 1x glass, 1x loca tube for example at a decent price since we already have the jig and the UV lamp, which adds to the initial price.

To potential users:
1. I'd advise installing this in a bathroom with good light. Preferably with a lot of steam, so after a shower would be ideal. There will be less dust in the air and despite this being the norm for tempered glass installs it is even more of an importance here - you don't want dust falling onto that blob of glue on your screen during the install process!

2. Have some absorbent tissue nearby - in-case things do go wrong, and you need to mop up that glue on your screen.

3. Watch and re-watch the install videos on youtube. Goes without saying but get it burned into your brain, especially the 'reinstallation' video should things go wrong.

4. You can use a small USB battery pack to power the UV lamp instead of hooking it to a mains usb plug.

5. Keep your fingertips clean, don't get any finger oils onto that display when you peel off its backing. Use latex gloves if possible.

6. Do not throw away the glass protector sticky backing. If things go wrong, you will need to reapply this to the glass as it will pick up small particles of debris and pull them off the glass before you re-apply to phone.

7. Do a dry run of the install. Place the bridge over the phone, obviously do not use any glue and leave the backing on the glass. Familiarise yourself with placeing the glass correctly in the jig and it resting on the pull tab. It is easy to get this wrong so practice helps.

Update: 19/06/2018 - Well the glass has held up tremendously well since my initial application back in April 2018. I am still using my S8+ in conjunction with a Spigen Neo Hybrid (it is a poor case) as I've not had time to research a better one. The glass's surface Oleophobic coating has worn off since though and as such it does accumulate fingerprints fairly quickly. The glass is as silky smooth as it was on day 1. No scratches, no cracking or issues with the glue at all.
Best protector ever!
Backstory: I actually broke my screen within a week of owning this phone and it was $600 and a week or two wait to get it fixed. It fell out of my pocket with an ebay glass screen protector on it and shattered.

I done a lot of research and decided to try this protector, amd I am now on my 4th one in under a year - I always use covers and cases (including tough and lifeproof ones) also... I'm not gentle on my phones.

These protectors also adhere to the whole screen not just the edges, which means you can't tell there is a protector on it when using. They can be tricky to apply I guess, but I just followed the instructions and didn't have any issues.

I definitely believe these protectors have saved my actual screen and therefore my money in not having to replace the screen professionally again. I wouldn't use any other protector now.
Great until...
I was so happy with my screen protector once I had applied it, it looked so good and I was certain it would be durable given the price. Nope. After about a month or so of having the protector on, a small little hairline split appeared in the middle of my screen. Over the past few weeks the split has tripled in size and is now all the way across my screen. I have never dropped the phone and it has always been in an Incipio case since the day I got it. Also, it isn't the case putting pressure on the screen because 1: the case is about 1.5mm away from the edge of the screen protector, and 2: my partner has the exact same phone with the whitestone dome protector and his hasn't cracked at all.
Cracked within the first 2 weeks
I wanted a screen protector that lasted, and this seemed like a good option. Unfortunately, the screen protector cracked within the first two weeks. The screen protector was not damaged in any way.
Not worth the price. Wouldn't advise to buy. Read full review.
Quite disappointed in the product. After two weeks of use I see some tint air bubbles popping up. Watched video and read how to apply screened protector, followed the steps still see tint air bubbles. I think it's better to use regular screen protectors. Not worth to buy this screen protector.
The shell does not help align the protector to the phone
I ended up putting the glass on wrong, the shell does not align the screen protector to the phone, i made this mistake and broke the protector quite easily.
Best Screen Protector i ever used!
Best screen protector
This is the best screen protector I had used for a curve display phone, also it was fit perfectly for my Spigen ultra hybrid case.
Best screen protector
This is the best screen protector I had used for a curve display phone, also it was fit perfectly for my Spigen ultra hybrid case.
Best on the market
By far the best one for the curved screen I have found. I have dropped my phone several times while hiking and it has always been fine. I can't stand the non-adhesive protectors on the market, not only do they put a bad glare on the screen, have awful touch performance, but they also get dirt and pocket lint behind them acting as an abrasive to the screen. Thank you Mobile Fun.
The dome glass is the best screen protector for the s8+.
Easy to mess up the install if you don't watch the 'seesaw' install video.
Just check the whitestone website for the videos.
Check youtube for videos describing the cases that will fit with the dome glass.
Good luck with the install!
Good product but
Good product but a bit hard to install if you missed a step.
Superb clarity, it is like having nothing over the screen of the phone as it blends perfectly.

Very happy with this screen protector.
Best screen protector I have found so far.
From everything I read before I bought this protector, I knew it was a fairly detailed process and was going to take some time to install. I tried a few other protectors and was not satisfied, they felt like plastic on top of the screen and lifted up too easy when putting on and off cases. Dome glass was the first one that feels firmly attached and like the glass screen. If you take your time and follow the directions I think you will be very satisfied with the Dome glass.
Super dope
This screen protector is totally worth the money. Compared to other glass screen protectors I've had, it's just amazing. Ive had it in for about two or three weeks and it's just as great as the first day, not lifting or anything. I was worried for the application, but there are a lot of videos oout there showing exactly what to expect. It fit perfectly with my xdoria case.
My first one
I actually did my research before trying, and it turned out easer than expected. What I really like is the new sensitivity when playing games.
Probably the best screen protector in the market although it is hard to install, but totally worth it.
Really good fit. If you follow the instructions the installation is hard to stuff up. Best tempered glass screen protector I've ever used. It's the only one that I know of that fits perfectly to the curved edges.
Great product
Honestly one of the best screen protectors i have ever used. It took a little time to apply and was totally worth it!
Great product, clear screen, can't even notice the screen protector on the phone
The finished install was great. I did end up with a slight bubble on the left hand side of the phone, which is only noticeable when the photo is off. It maybe because I put the phone case on the phone to soon. But the rest of the screen protector looks great! The screen is very clear and the touch sensitivity is not affected at all.
The installation process is very involved, but I found watching a YouTube video at the same time as installation is much easier.
It does pay to have all the bits you need close at hand. Make sure your installation surface is level / flat, as the adhesive can run off if the working surface is not flat.
After the installation, as mentioned above I would suggest not putting on case until the next day, just so the screen protector has time to settle. I also think that having the right case is going to help. All in all the Whitestone Dome is awesome. There was an extra tube of adhesive, so hopefully I can get another new screen protector and use that second adhesive tube if I wanted to stall a protector next time.
Waste of money
I watched the video and followed then instructions. An bubble developed at the top, so I restarted the process as suggested in the I structions, the adhesive did not come off the screen protector rendering it useless. Chalk it up to a expensive mistake
Inicial opinion was 5/5, yet sudden problems emerged.
I bought this screen protector because it was described the best one. And for the first hours it really seemed so. The installation progress went perfect - I followed every step and it came out perfect. I did the process just before going to bed, so the phone would have time to curate for more than 12 hours. So immadiately after the whole process - I put the phone down and went to sleep. When I woke up - there were airbubbles located on the bottom of the screen protector... Weird thing is, that it was a perfect fit when I went to sleep - and nothing seemed of during and after the installation... Yet now I am stuck with a protector worth 50 euros, which has bubbles all the way in the bottom of the screen. I am really dissapointed as it costed much and I took my time in the peogress ( checked that all levels were on point - curated right amount of time etc. ).
The best screen protector ever!
This is the best screen protector you can get for your Galaxy S8+. I've tried a few before and they all were feeling rather cheap and hid the power of such a great screen these devices have.

However, this screen protector worth every penny and does offer both protection and "absolute transparency" so your screen looks as great as naked.

Takes a while to put it on and can be tricky the first time. I had to take it off and clean all of the glue from the protector which took me a good hour and a half. I wish the instructions would be more detailed with a video or something.
Best glass protector out there
After cracking my s8 plus with in two months of ownership I got it fixed from Samsung and needed a quality glass protector. I had one in the beginning but glue gave up it was tech 21 so don't but where glue is only on the edges. I took away one star because this is hard to install. I messed up first one but second attempt was successful. If you get any bubbles try to press and slide them out or move the phone so excess glue can come out. I did that on my second attempt. Also people in reviews are complaining about excess glue drying up. Just use parfume or a glass cleaner and it will get rid of all the dried glue. I noticed on seocmds day some wet glue slipped into my case I recommend giving UV light treatment on second day as well. It's been 48 hours and I am loving my phone you can't even tell it's on the phone perfect fit it won't work.woth bumper cases so avoid them.
Best screen protect ever!
I recommend this screen protector. Superior quality.
One major design flaw for perfectionists
So you've spent a lot on this fancy phone and want to protect the display? Well if you're picky like me you won't be pleased by one major flaw. The glue dries invisible and clear but if anything catches under the edge of the protector, the glue bunches up and becomes this visible, white colour. You can apply the protector perfectly but even a small thing getting under the side will scrape some glue into a bunch, leaving unsightly marks. In my case I had the phone upside down on my bedsheet and moved the phone a little, causing strands of duvet cover to slip under and ruin the glue. I tried to use rubbing alcohol to get the bunched up glue off but this failed.

Maybe if I'd whacked the case on straight away it could have made the sides of the protector less exposed to this happening, but really this isn't an ideal situation to be in. For the price you really want something that not only will last - you want something that doesn't compromise the phone's looks, otherwise you're better off getting a cheaper glass with the black edges that block some of the screen.
Overall, Very Effective
The screen protector is literal heart surgery on phones. The process gave me anxiety, but when completed, it looked and felt perfect. Sadly, my friend cracked it already but it still held up nicely. The only problem I came across is that the adhesive started to go everywhere after it dried and so there is marks all over my phone where it is blurry or looks like ice crystals. Overall, very effective screen.
This an honest opinion from a purchasing customer.
I was very cautious about purchasing this product based on the level of steps required. I am so happy I decided to purchase though. The application process is a little more involved than just peel an stick but the results are well worth it. My screen is completely free of flaws and the sensitivity has not decreased at all. This was a great product and well worth the few extra steps compared to its competitors. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase I have not one complaint. It also fit perfectly with my tech 21 case. Nearly seemless.
Amazing product
Great case and love the gluing used to apply it.
Only glass protector worth getting
The screen protector is great! It's the only way to go right now if you want tempered gllass on your S8/S8+. Once installed, it feels just as good as the glass on the S8. Installation is definitely more involved than other screen protectors, but this has been the most well aligned screen protector on a phone I've ever had and that is all thanks to the install process.
Seems to be an OK screen protector
Seems to be an OK screen protector just getting cracks on the liquid service that seems to be coming off, other than that it works
Excellent product
Recently purchased the Whitestone Dome glass screen protector for my S8+ after a failed attempt with a generic version. I was hesitant to spend this much for a screen protector and doubted it would work any better than the one I threw away after 5 minutes. I'm blowed away at the clarity, reponsiveness and especially how hydrophobic it is. Yes it's not compatible with all cases; trust me I know, I had to give up the one I had and purchase one that is. I feel with this large of a screen protecting it supersedes my favorite case. Is it more expensive than most? Yes it is...but like it's truly get what you pay for. So much so that I purchased a second for my wife's S8.
Great glass, Easy install... Very Fast delivery. Good shop ☺️
Good Quality of glass... Very Easy install and best technologie for this mobile... Its like normal glass... Another sellers of glass doesn't have this function... Great seller... Fast delivery. Thank you
Fast delivery, quality product. I recommend
Kvalitní výrobek, který perfektně sedí na skle. Doporučuji.
All my friends have this protection
Whitestone Dome Glass аfor Galaxy S8 Plus Full Cover Screen Protector, the BEST protector for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus !
poor quality
the glue seem to be expiry, it was easy to peel off. Also, it only have two bottle of glue, they also have same problems. Guy, you can search from the forum that also point out of this problem. The mostest expensive screen protector but have the mostest problem. Also, I cannot find any custom care.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further for you.
poor quality
the glue seem to be expiry, it was easy to peel off. Also, it only have two bottle of glue, they also have same problems. Guy, you can search from the forum that also point out of this problem. The mostest expensive screen protector but have the mostest problem. Also, I cannot find any custom care.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further for you.
Awesome glass protector
The whitestone dome glass is the best protector I ever got for my phone. I had purchase a couple of other glass protector for my galaxy s8 plus but they kept on coming off after the next day. This glass protector from whitestone dome have been on my phone for 3 weeks now and I love it. Best product I got for my phone. If you are looking to get a great glass protector you won't go wrong with the whitestone dome.
Ultimately an Expensive and Imperfect Product
Whitestone's Glass S8 cover is a very well put together product, the install was an absolute breeze thanks to the step by step instructional video and the pieces within the kit itself.

The protector looks good when in place and feels natural to the touch; I also can't see any touch recognition issues at all.

However, there are a few downfalls which means I don't think I'd buy this product again.

Firstly, the protector doesn't actually cover the whole of the front of the phone. There is a space as can be seen in the pictures which remains uncovered at the top, and it also doesn't quite cover to the bottom and round the sides all the way. This means that dust and excess glue is easily able to collect right at the top where the glass is fitted by the speaker. Other protectors work around this by covering the whole surface meaning at least the dust accumulates in less noticeable places.

Secondly, the amount of waste here borders on the absurd and it's hard to ignore. As far as I can see you can't buy replacement/booster packs, which only provide the consumables such as the protector itself, the alcohol wipes, glue etc. This means everything contained in the box, including the light, a ton of plastic and other bits are waste after using once. Being able to buy replacement packs would help here by firstly being cheaper in the long run, and secondly making the first main pack re-usable.

Thirdly, as touched upon above, is the price. I don't see quite how it's such a step above much cheaper versions with dry stick glue. The purpose of spending the money on this one is for the cleaner fit, but it isn't cleaner as mentioned above with the accumulative dust and other issues. Cheaper ones may be slightly less strong, but they still protect the screen in the vast majority of cases and often look cleaner with the entire front covered.

Ultimately as clever as this product, it needs improvement in order to justify the high price. Find a way to cover the entire front and provide a way to re-purchase the consumables as an extra pack.
After using glass protectors for a variety of devices, I can say with certainty that this is by far, the best protector I've used.

The fit isn't quite edge to edge, but covers enough to feel that way and at the same time leave enough space to accommodate most cases.

Unlike other glass protectors for curved screens, this one adheres using the full surface area of the glass (instead of thin adhesive lines along the perimeter). What you get is a solid fitment, no bubbles or corners lifting up. No rainbow effect.

After a month of use, the oleaphobic coating is still strong--only picking up slight fingerprints which easily wipe away without just smearing the oils around. The glass is still clear, no signs of scratching or lifting.

The preparation and application require a bit more effort than the peel and stick alternatives, but the result is far better. Read the directions and watch an installation video prior to installing.

I highly recommend this product and have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. I can't even harp on the price because it's so Superior to others in the marketplace.
This screen protector is ausome highly recommend buying this. make sure your on a level surface as liquid will spill off the corners once you put it on.just a heads up other wise great protection.
great product
I love this product, although assembly was a bit challenging the end result was great. I wish you made the back glass assembly considering right after I was finished the front screen I just dropped it a short distance and cracked the entire back of the phone before I got my cover back on. This also made me end up with a small air bubble in the front part of glass.
The Best but not perfect.
I have purchased 4 dome glass screen protectors within the last 2 months and was able to use 3 of these successfully.
The first one for my s8+ installed like a charm , I then had the misfortune of dropping my phone face first and the dome glass screen protector cracked while protecting the screen 100%.
The second one also installed without a hitch & was on my phone up until i had to get my phone replaced due to a manufacturing defect.
After getting my replacement s8+ i ordered a third , which developed several air bubbles at the point of installation, even though i carried out the installation process according to the video guide , just as I had with the first 2, but obviously that product was faulty , but as there was no warranty extended i had to forego that money spent and ordered a 4th.
The fourth is on my s8+ to date and is absolutely great, but I must say that although certain spigen covers are recommended to use with the dome glass screen protector DOES NOT work with any of the spigen covers. I have tries the tough Armour, slim Armour, hybrid & neo hybrid and they all created problems over time. The current case Im using is the Samsung alcantara caver and the samsung silicone cover.
Finally, having spent a huge amount of money on various different screen protectors including olixar, zagg invisible shield and other cheaper products and none have worked with the s8+.
The white stone dome glass screen protector is by far the best and imo the only tempered glass screen protector that actually works with the s8plus.
Excellent Customer Service
I bought a whitestone screen protector for my Samsung Galaxy 8+. Good customer service and delivery, but the screen protector does not work with every phone case. I have a ZIZO casing and the case pressure around the edges cause the screen protector to detach creating a bubble.
Good design
This cover has a great feel to it. I love how well it blends into the edges of the phones. And when you are using it you can barely see the protector at all! The only complaint I have is it was in my pocket and my car's keyfob cracked the bottom corner :c
I just installed this protector at my phone. It is really the best feeling i had so far in protectors. The touch sensitivity just like the phone without protector. Nice clarity and the coating perfect also. Surely deserve the money you give.
Website is simple to use and the mailing system was awesome. I knew where my package was 24/7.
I normally don't do reviews, but I think this will help future buyers. I've bought two of these screen protectors, first one I managed to install perfectly, but the cases I had lifted the screen protector and created bubbles along the side. I decided to buy a second one. When I installed it the same way as instructed, unfortunately a small bubble formed in the middle. Not sure if there's a way to get ride of it. I guess I'll have to live with it unless I purchase another one. Currently using this with Spigen Neo Hybrid which fits perfectly and the Olixar Flexishield fits aswell. The Neo Hybrid has a much better fitment though which leaves a very small amount of space between the protector and case. Cases I found do not work woth this screen protector are Spigen Slim Armor, Ultra Hybrid S, Liquid Air Armor Slim and Ringke Air Ultra Slim. I want to give this 5/5 but I can't due to the issue I had the second time round. Overall high quality screen protector that's worth getting.
It's a very good screen protector, but the adhesive is stinky smells pretty bad, other then that it's a really good screen protector that works with cell phone cases.
Thrilled with the results
After a lengthy review of the available glass covers for my Samsung S8+ I decided on the Whitestone Dome Glass. I was a bit apprehensive after reading some of the install reviews but forged ahead. I can saw unequivocally the install is not difficult , take your time, make sure the liquid is in the center of the screen before you drop the cover and you will be thrilled with the results.
Good company to buy from I'll buy from this company again product is easy to install
Perfect fit , very durable!
This screen protector is the best tempered glass screen protector! I've used a lot glass screen protectors and no one seems to fit as good as this one! Overall I'm very happy with the product and I highly recommended it!
Excellent product. First class customer service ad usual
Worth the extra expense to protect your phone. Easy application although I suggest you watch the video prior to installation. Tempered glass is very touch responsive and clarity is first class. Highly recommend this product .
Expensive yet effective
After struggling to fit other traditional screen protectors due to the curve screen of my S8 I thought I would take the risk and splash out on the product. Difficult to fit with provided instructions however YouTube videos made it quick and easy. I dropped my phone two days after using it from 4 ft onto tiles and the screenprotetor did it's job smashing but saving my phone. Great product for those willing to spend.
Very good highly recommend
Worth it's money install very simple if watch videos and it looks great on the phone

1 thing do want to know is it still water proof will the glass come off in water ?????
Came across this item I have tried other screen protectors for my galaxy 8+ and they fall of easily. This on is fantastic screen nice and clear and very responsive you would think I never had a screen saver on my phone highly recommend to samsung owners
Actually a good screen protector for the S8+
A little tricky to install since it is important the device is level, but not that bad, and the screen protector is a great fit, touch responsiveness is 100% too.
Perfect fit but too pricy
Screen protector works perfectly with almost any case including heavy duty one. The only thing is that this is now too pricy and there's no way to get just a replacement glass.
works pretty well so far
best one out there, much better then those with adhesive only on the edges and rainbow effect, but it's not without an issues
installation complicated might not work well but you get 2 bottles of adhesive in case of unsuccessful try. my issue is light seems to bleed from all the sides of the glass giving it some yellowish hue to the edges. bit annoying but tolerable.
A solid product
Best one by far from all other out there. installation is complicated but if you follow well you can get precise result. My only issue is that it seems like light is bleeding from all of the edges bit annoying but manageable.
The best glass for galaxy s8+
The glass is great but the installation was a bit complicated. At first i install the glass on my device everything works great no bubble at all. But when i put my device in Spigen case i notice that the case was contacting with the glass and the start to have the bubbles. So i remove the glass and clean it with a lot of warm water and scrub the glue with sponge. When the glass is clear i start to install it again at this time its perfect fit no more case problem. The cleaning process doesn't cause any scratch at all that's great.
At last to anyone want to try this product be very careful when you drop the glass on the screen make sure you do it slow and look for the edge make sure it fit and you will have a perfect tempered glass for your galaxy s8 8+.
Look no further..The best screen protector HANDS DOWN
I have a real obsession to keep my phone pristine. I have wasted so much money on different brands and they either have a poor rubber feeling or end up peeling off. The Whitestone dome you have to take your time and follow the clear instructions provided and also mobile fun have a really good video guide I recommend you follow. Once it is on you will be surprised how clear it really is. Clarity is 10/10, feel 10/10. This product is case friendly with 90 percent of the cases out there (any thick ons will interfere). Mobile fun have a competitive price and fast delivery times with great customer service. you wont go wrong with this product.
Best Screen Protector I've ever used!
This is the best screen protector I've ever used! I would recommend it to anyone who owns a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.
Best tempered glass for S8+
Saw this on and was bummed because it was only shipping in USA at the time, however I kept looking; then when I found out that was shipping in the EU, it was a no brainer.

Once I this, I made sure the environment was dust free, took my time with the installation, making sure that I was watching the video and following instructions to the letter, and most importantly the table was level.

I cleared the installation on the first attempt. The feeling of the glass is awesome, no issue with discoloration, no bubbles, no dust.

By far the best tempered glass I've worked with and surely well worth the investment.
great looking clear and thank goodness for 2 bottles of glue
The installation is not for the faint of heart. I mucked up the first installation and was thankful that there was another bottle for a second chance. Looks grate but think the glass is a little soft. I got a tiny chip a week later. Bought another one and will try again.
Fantastic screen protector
Fantastic screen protector. I have tried numerous other screen protecters that have either bubbled or lifted when used with a case. This protector has no such issues. Easy to install. Be careful of the supplied adhesive. One of the supplied bottles had very little adhesive in it which required me to use the second bottle (supplied).

My phone now feels a bit more secure :-)
Pricey but good product and fantastic service!
I'll start by addressing the elephant in the room first...The price! Yes it's the most expensive screen protector out there but that's for a reason, it's on of the best. Others are fine but will fall off or peel within days/weeks and then you'll end up having to buy another! This WhiteStone protector has all over adhesive due to the application method used so will stay on your screen unless you remove it!

I followed the MobileFun installation video TO THE LETTER! And had no issues at all with the installation process. I did however get a few random bubbles on my first attempt, I contacted MobileFun and they sent me out a replacement the very next day! Second attempt I had no bubbles at all and the screen protector has been spot on!

So in summary, you'll have this on your phone probably for the duration you'll own it unless you drop it and break it so really this is a one off cost to protect your screen for the duration of ownership so the price is a drop in the ocean for the peace of mind you'll get :)
Great product but breaks very easily
I have to say that I really love this product. It is different from any other screenprotector. The way it is applied is professional and impressive. I have never seen a screenprotector-package which included a UV-light for application.
But unfortunately it breaks very easily. I have had two of these, and both have broken within the first 24 hours (after the application/setting period). The way it functions is more important than the way it is applied. So that's why it only gets 2 stars.
WOW it's amazing
Just brought this item. Was fed up of the popular auction website screen protector. Cheap & waste of money. So I found whitestone dome glass & brought it. WOW it's amazing. A proper protection. Clear as glass & So easy to install. Would recommend this to anyone who has a Samsung s8 edge. Worth it to spend this amount. You won't be disappointed. 5 star for this product. Thanks mobile fun was a quick 2 days delivery.
Bloody expensive but works well
Its a good protector, unlike anything I have used before. It is working so far, installation had a few hiccups but otherwise all good. No bubbles so far and the adhesive has bonded well. I would recommend this fully only if you think the mnoney is buring a hole in your pocket. The price of this hurt I am not going to lie.

I can only see copycats now creating competing products like this one so the price is definitely going to fall, which is good.

I dont think it is worj money at this time. I would be happy with a £15 price tag.
Top class product
Very high quality top class product, i have tried a lots of screen protector but none of them was great. Finally decided to use this one ,though it is a bit expensive but this screen protector is very clear, no mirror reflection like other curv screen protector in the market and case friendly. Having no issue with neo hybrid Spigen case. Customer service is excellent 5
Best screen protector for galaxy s8 by far
Everyone with a galaxy knows how hard it is to find a good screen protector; they either cover the whole front glass so you can't put a case on or they have those annoying dots that are supposed to stop rainbow affects. The phone is also water resistant but if you have a screen protector that onky has adhesive aroubd the edges (thats the case 99% of the time) when you get the phone wet the water goes between the screen protector and the screen and the protector comes off. This protector fixes all of that, it has full adhesion and it doesn't have any annoying dots on it. I can't recomend it enough. Best protector ever.
Best tempered screen available
Tried just about all there is to protect the screen of my new S8. Disgusted by most, disappointed by many. Some left my phone crippled by their lack of responsiveness, others were tacky to touch, some just didn't attach well. None had me drooling over the feel of the screen until I installed the Whitestone Dome and had me all in a quiver again over my new toy. Application went smoothly by following the video, attached well, feels amazing.
After wasting almost £60 on tempered glass screen protectors for my S8 plus in the space of 3 weeks, i had a look through youtube and came across a review for the Whitestone Dome and it looked like the perfect solution. I ordered from mobilfun with next day delivery which arrived the next day. Installation was fairly easy, i watched the installation video a few times and also read some of the comments on here. Biggest tip would be to install the Bubble Level App from google play store to make sure your phone is level and also do a dry run putting all the bits together inside the jig ( i put the L shape brackets the wrong way round top on bottom and vice versa which meant i had to switch while the glue was on screen and moving a bit)
in the end result was perfect no glue on the sides of phone, screen looks flawless, no fluff sticking to to any of the edges like with my previous screen protectors and my case fitted good too as there is quite a bit room on the corners and sides.

Thanks to mobilfun for stocking this item.
This ous actually the best screen protector you can get
This ous actually the best screen protector you can get forever the s8 and s8+. Only issue is that instalation candice be very messy and you get only one chance.
Great screen protector
This is by far the best screen protector I have found for my phone. I have tried several others and none even come close to this one
Best, but not perfect
Best glass protector out there, but says edge to edge which it is not. Second it does have a lip on each side, you get some light bleed, slight gap under left & right, potential to collect dirt, maybe mine was just out of shape as I've read a few people with this issue, replacement ones, they get a different result. Tips, make sure surface is level, let it stand a good 24 hrs before using a case. I tend to be very critical, but as said, best you can get. Would be nice if you could buy glue and screen protector seperate if you need to replace.
The best
I bought these after having seen high youtube profiler's review and the whitestone dome is the best screen defender on the market. Very easy to fit and the process will take almost 30 mins. Touch functionality works 100%. A very worth investment.
Hands down the best screen protector for the Samsung S8+ easy to install no issues what so ever feels smooth to touch & looks great I can also confirm that it is compatible with the Tech21 Pure Clear case.
best of his kind
Fantastic product
Best screenprotector for Galaxy S8+
This is the best screenprotector I have tried for the Galaxy S8+. The installation process will take quite some time but it's worth it. This screenprotector is awesome! Remember to not touch it before curing the screenprotector or it will move. (Like mine)
The Only Option!
This product is fantastic! I did ALOT of research before buying this and it is perfect for the edge screen on the Samsung S8 and S8+. It fits perfectly and works very well with the case I chose.
MobileFun were great with the turn around, keeping me informed of the updates of the arrival from the supplier and then the delivery date. I certainly will be revisiting them for my next piece of tech!
Not Happy at all
Money I could've spent on something a lot better. Did the install exactly the way it was shown on a video and got two air pockets and by the next day the whole thing had come off my phone very disappointed .
It's garbage
The uv light did not work and the oil adhesive liquid thing spilled the phone all over waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Edgar.

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector. Please check the installation surface is perfectly flat, otherwise the glue can run off to one side instead of remaining in the centre.
Not good
The screenorotector Broke within a week. I didnt even drop my phone, it juist Broke. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone because it is too expensive and not worth your money
Really is amazing, so much better than the rubbish i've used on my s6 and s7 edge. Just be very careful installing it as you only get one chance.
Super compatible
One of the best screen protector for samsung galaxy s8+..Super compatible
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