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Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy Note 8 Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy Note 8 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
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it is great thankyou
The best so far
I've tried a lot of screen protectors on my Note 8. This one is hands down the best. It really feels like the phone doesn't even have protection on it. The down side is that it is a little hard to install. I did mine after watching the videos and it came out perfect. But I did my wife's phone right after and ended up with a tiny air bubble.
Worked well, just leave the screen protector to dry a whole day before adding the case on! May cause realignment of the screen or even air bubbles
Reliable screen protector
I've tried many of the cheap screen protectors on Amazon and was always disappointed because the adhesives don't cover the entire phone or they did not complement the phone case. NOT SO WITH THIS SCREEN PROTECTOR! I'm glad I paid the extra money to get a screen protector that is reliable and covers the entire screen. It is easy to install if you watch the video and follow instructions.
Great customer service
Customer service was 100%, the first screen protector cracked from a small fall and I contacted them telling them what had happened. All they wanted was a description and pics of the cracks and within a couple of days I received an email telling me a new screen was being shipped free of charge.

Screen is great, works perfectly and would recommend it to anyone. I would also recommend Mobile fun 100%
Brilliant screen protector
Decided to go for this product even though it was a little pricy. Made sure I unboxed all items on table so everything was ready. I followed the video and everything went perfect and I must say the screen protector feels great and fits absolutely perfect at the end of the day you only get what you pay for and this is well worth it
Better installed on newer phones?
I've installed the glass on a two year old phone my son gave me when he upgraded, the phone is in very good condition or I wouldn't have bothered. I found, no matter how well i cleaned the screen before installation, that the adhesive wouldn't flow like it did on my sons new phone, probably due to micro scratches and I had to install again because of bubbles. Luckily Whitestone allows for this and supplys enough material for two gos. I got bubbles on the second attempt too due to the above mentioned wear and tear but managed to complete installation with some tiny bubbles but nothing that outweighs the protection this protector gives or how it looks on the phone. I previously had a Spigen screen protector with adhesive on the edges only but the Whitestone is in another league and doesn't cut off the edges of the screen.
Good price, good quality!
Good quality, decent shipping time.
seems to be quality...
the glass seems to be quality so far, however, companies have to get things right...this may or may not fit the case that says it will fit...compatibility is really gone out the window, even when companies say its compatible. Check online for tweaks such as shaving 1 mm off OTTERBOX DEFENDER case frame. Also installation put glue EVERYWHERE....i have to later on clean out glue along the edges. it looks messy and use those TABS!
Very good
Does the job. Fantastic around curves on note 8.
So far excellent
I was looking for a robust screen protector, I have had so many that have cracked after a couple of months and secondly, I have had issues with the touch sensitivity with my previous screen protectors. The Dome screen protector is brilliant, after reading through the install instructions & watching the video on line, my install went well.

It's been on a few days now looks great and sensitivity is very good.

Expensive but worth it
It just worked
I bought one from here ~jan18.
Dropped my phone onto rocks last friday, it landed on a pointy corner of a rock just at the very bottom right corner of the screen.

Unlike almost every other screen protector, this dome thing covers it there, the screen protector has some big cracks and the screen underneath is fine.

I will be buying another.
Great protection
This saved my note 8 from being scratched/damaged. Time 2 replace as it had a few bumps and chips but phone is like new. Easy to remove for new one.
Great Protection, easy to install
This is the best protection for the curved screens. With the curved screen the phone is still venerable when dropped. This is a replacement, the first protector lasted about a year but took two solid hits on the edge. cracked but is still intact. The product is easy to install and my screen is still good after these drops. No issues with touch screen operation with this protector.
This Note8 Full Cover Screen Protector has 5/5 Stars from me
There is a small bit of the glass unprotected, like 2-3mil, But it's for compatibility with difrent cases. I would not recomend this protection to be used as is! You must have a case to your phone ! I have the Note 8, and it's perfect ! 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆
Fast shipping
Everything was clear
Worth the price!
So, I watched the training video on youtube while installing and that went smooth. 2 days after install, my chihuahua wouldn't get out of my car (he thought we were going for a ride), so I had to physically remove him. Dropped my phone on the concrete and accidentally and broke my new screen protector. I went online to Whitestone and registered the product, so when I asked for replacement under warranty, they sent me a new one immediately! When they say lifetime warranty, they mean it! Just listed it as purchased from Mobile Fun and I was back in business! Very thankful I decided to purchase from you guys!
The product is the best quality
Eccellente prodotto e già il secondo che uso e posso dire
che il prodotto vale i suoi soldi anche se si cerca sempre di voler spendere poco. MobileFun sarà un sito dove farò i miei aquisti futuri per i prezzi buoni.
product was alright
The glass is great and I bought two. They both installed perfectly but my phone started having sweat build up under the screen after only two weeks of use. Otherwise it would have been the perfect case for my note 8.
I love this site
If I knew that this site was fast and reliable i would of went to this site first Thanks
Excellent product and fast delivery ????
je suis satisfait de votre service.Merci
la qualité de votre produits.
Note 8 Whitestone Dome
Wonderful product, watched the video twice and then found other youtube videos to see if anyone made a mistake or how they installed it for any additional tips. I found one person use the cloth to insert the phone. I would recommend practicing setting it up at least twice to help refrain from getting pits/dust on the phone. I kept wiping the screen as I reviewed the steps, but it was an easy installation.
Great fit
Excellent cover if a bit fiddly to put on though well worth the effort.
Best way to keep your cell naked but well protected.
I love to run around naked. Six months now.
I don"t appreciate the added bulky feeling of a case. Not for regular use anyway. I do use cases but relative to my use :
Armored cases for hiking/biking
Tech/smart cases for photography
However, I love my phone's signature style and design I rather keep it naked. Problem with this is you are prone to damaging the screen. I've had my 1k mistake spoil my day. A week ago I did it again. Lady was falling down the stairs and as I reacted to help catch her my phone flew out of my hand. When I recovered my phone, surprisingly it had little damage to only the screen protector itself. Totally proving it's worth this investment. Less than 50 bucks vs 500 replacement costs , it's a no brainer. Even with a couple of cracks on the screen protector, the display doesn't seem interrupted visually. And although you can feel the cracks, the touch sensetivity is unaffected. I'm ordering a two pack this time.
Last thing.
Have tried multiple cases and honestly it fits just about everything. The edges do seem to lose adhesion from corners but it's from snapping the cases on and off. Even those visible bubbles don't interfere with the display though.
Hands down the best screen protector for my Note 8!
This is the ONLY screen protector that works correctly with my phone. And it doesn't lift. I have the otterbox defender case that I had to file down a little in the corners, but only took less than 5 min to do. The company I work for just purchased all note 8 phones for our technicians, and wil be purchasing these screen protectors for all 30 of our phones. Thank you for a great product!
Most effective and so easy to fit
I have used many screen protectors before this is by far the most effective as it provides a strong barrier to knocks, finger prints and general wear and tear. It is true, you don't see the finger marks as much!
Very easy to fit, and I mean easy. No bubbles, no mess and takes just a couple of minutes.
Was recommended by my nail tech! Had paid 60 for one that didn't even last a month. When I received this I was impressed with all the stuff that comes in the package. Has step by step instructions, but I looked up a video on YouTube just to make sure that I did it right. It was super easy and it looks so amazing on my phone. I love how it helps with smudges and fingerprints, I didn't even want to touch it because I didn't want to get it dirty. But it's great! A must have!
Love this screen protector I've been using it for a couple of weeks on my note 8. I have a couple of bubbles appeared but it stills operates the same. I'm thinking I didnt install it just right hence the bubbles. It's quite easy to install following youtube video. But a little messy I found the glue got under phone, but wiped off with a cloth with no residue left. Highly recommend this protector its expensive but so are new screens lol
The best.
Don't be put off by the's so easy. Its by far the best screen protector I've ever come across in over 10 years! My note 8 feels and looks and works like new with the original gorilla glass feel.
Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy Note 8
Absolutely best screen protector. Very easy to fit and touch sensitivity feels like you dont have a glass on it at all.
A bit of a faff on but good
This was the second time I bought this product so I knew what I was letting myself in for. The original one sustained a crack from a knock after about a year but also I hadn't managed to get thge application quite right and it looked it a bit of mess as the adhesive coverage was not right before curing (I put up with this for a year due to the cost). Consequently, I thoght long and hard before reordering this product. However, provided you take your time and make sure you get the application right (which I did this) I really don't think there is anything better. The quality is pretty good and my Note 8 now looks they way it should done before. It is better value now that you get 2 in pack but it loses a star as it is still expensive and a bit of a faff on.
Absolutely perfect
Excellent, excellent, excellent! Everything in this product is ecxellent indeed!!! Of course, there are incompetent people who can't operate this stuff, that's why they send bad feedbacks.
5 stars from me!
very nice
I feared a bit to mess it up but the installation was very easy.
Also I like how the product was delivered real quick.
Screen protector and case
I'm happy with the product it's good
Dome Glass
Best product out there, a bit slow mail but happy now that`s it here.
I applied this on my note 8. Easy to install no bubbles and screen works perfect. I love this product. Will Defo buy again. Bit on pricey side though.
Thanks and suggestion
A wonderful product. The best. I recommend only to offer a kit without a UV lamp for the repair of the glass.
Dont believe the hype!!
I bought this product after watching countless video reviews and reading a million customer reviews believing that for £40 this thing must be the best, and for about 3 weeks it was.....until i started getting little air bubbles and silver air lines through my screen and all down the sides. Now my phone looks like crap and Whitestone refuse to talj to me re my warranty. Save your money and go elsewhere. This is a con.
Top product
Really nice product - love glass covers and this fits curve of note 8 perfectly. Also, really pleased that the size and alignment of it fits the otterbox defender case I bought - good combo for the clumsy. I sanded down another half mm or so both at top and bottom so there would be no nudge force against glass protector.

It is a little involved to install, so be sure to read the instructions and watch a video first. I had an issue with glass falling onto glue too early due not securing the drop pin, but it didn't affect application. Would buy the 2 pack just in case installation goes wrong.
Best Glass Protector
Great product. Perfect if installed properly and lasts forever
Not worth the money
I dropped my phone and no damage to screen protector. Too bad my actual screen cracked all the way across. It was like there was no protection at all. I have bought many tempered glass protectors for $1 that never failed me. Expected much better!
Nice screen protector but takes some effort to get it on
The product wasn't available but sent an email to the customer service and they let me know when it came in. Everything arrived without problems. Nice screen protector but takes some effort to get it on, it was worth it. I didn't like the dust sticker because it kept leaving glue smudges. Other than that, great product.
Note8 case
Look it's very simple to use if you actually read the instructions or at least watch the video explaining how the screen protector is applied. I love the new feeling of my phone when I hold it bare bones without a case. My fingers always triggered the edge features on my phone but now with a tiny texture I can feel how near I can hold it without that happening. My second appreciation for the screen is that I tried it with several different cases and it didn't seem to interfere with any kind. Or start pulling off the edges because of the cases. Crystal clear and worth the product. One thing that I was left wanting was a small screen protector for the back window of the rear camera. I purchased one but it would be ideal for it to be sold as an all points kit. The blue light curing is genius. To protect my phone 360° I ordered a shrink wrap that's basically a graffiti sticker that goes on the back of the phone. Keeps it new for when you want to trade up or sell, just peel everything off, clean and put it back in the original box and booooom. Sold looking like its brand new. CHA-CHING where's my money for my next phone.
The best screen protector but a messy installation
I have tried pretty much all the glass screen protectors for my note 8 and none have fitted so well and look and feel so good... But getting this perfection is frustrating and needs a steady hand... Even after following the video I couldn't get it right the first time so I washed the protector and tried again though second time lucky the liquid adhesive is all over the phone after the installation and it takes a good wet wipe to clean it all... It is a must recommended but my suggestion will be take ur time and understand the procedure before applying the protector...
First off, I love the screen but it was too much when you consider that getting a replacement screen and uv glue is not available easily to Australians. The very edge of my phone between the protector and my case got a crack and I ended up replacing my screen using screen assure not long ago saying goodbye to rather cracked protector. As much as I'd love to get another one I can't justify the price. I'd recommend it as a first time screen buy however.
It has been the beat screen protector yet vary expensive and I did crack in the first month but it's still working great .Am a builder and it does get a lot of hammer
The best tempered glass protector
Fits perfectly and feels very premium.
Brilliant screen protector!!!
This a brilliant screen protector, don’t let the more complex than your average screen protector video put you off, it is proper easy to do, would highly recommend this brand/type of screen protector to anyone.
Whitestone Done - - - the BEST!
I was a life apprehensive about the installation, now that I have followed the directions, I'm not sure why. Installation was easy enough and the screen protector is the BEST st one I've ever encountered and I've had several over the 30 years I've owned a cell phone!
Best screen protector on the market.
Tried a few but before, none of them so better quality. Very responsive and feel great when touching. 4 stars bye to complicate installing process.
Simply The Best!
I have this screen protector on my note 8 from new over 8 months ago and it is still flawless, no scratches or bubbles and still crystal clear.
Yes it is expensive but it is worth every penny and I will purchase another one if and when I upgrade my phone.
Would definitely recommend
I would recommend this product. Bit of a process to install but if you follow the instructions it's not that hard at all. Screen protector fits the phone perfectly, looks great and seems to be quite responsive. Previous screen protector I had to this one had issues with responsiveness and didn't fit very well on the phone. This one appears to have no such issues. Have no complaints so far but will have to see how tough the glass is and what it can withstand, again, my previous glass protector chipped on the corner eventually cracking across the screen, can't have been very good glass, will this one be better...time will tell!
Perfect! Clever!
First I ordered for my phone and I sаw the perfect tempered glass! My second order is for my husband's phone. We are very happy and delighted by the clever solution for the liquid glue that stick perfectly! Thank you for offering sо good product on the market!
Best Screen Protector for note 8
Probably the only Perfect Screen Protector Available for note 8
Note a great product
I brought this as i had brought my Note 8 outright so wanted to get the best prptection for it. Installation went well and very easy. I watched the video to ensure I installed it correctly. Absoluely no qualms with installation. The protector looked good. I'd not even had the screen protector for a week and I drop my phone on a carpeted bottom step. The side of the screen chipped. I was annoyed that I'd paid a lot of money for the protector but thought it's just a little crack and at least the phone is protected. Today my phone dropped out of my bag on carpet face down. The protector has completely cracked in 6 different places.

I had my Note 4 cheap tempered screen protector for over 3 years and dropped my phone multiple times over the years and had no damage at all to the protector.

This Dome screen protector is very pricey and didn't stand up to expectations at all. Back to buying a less costly alternative.
The best screen protector I've ever had for any phone, PERIOD!
First, let me start off by saying that I have had every flagship device that Samsung has released since there first touchscreen smartphone and I have always made it a priority to protect my investment by having a case and screen protector and I use to remember a time where glass screen protectors were never even on the market but I've bought them ever since I heard they were available on the market.

With that being said, I have tried the other screen protectors on the market for curved display devices which Samsung devices tend to have and they all tend to have cheap adhesive only applied to the outer edge of the Screen Protector which makes them susceptible to dust which builds up after some time and it leads to poor responsiveness due to the design which is slightly raised. However, this screen protector fixes all of those issue for screen protectors on curved displays. I've been using it now for almost 2 months and it is in absolute perfect condition, almost like there wasn't a screen protector on the device. Which is what all screen protectors should strive to do, make it seem as though you are using the device without any obstructions while offering premium protection. AN A+++ PRODUCT, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
My opinion without cover protector.
HI there! about 20 days ago I applied it but 3 days ago some bubbles appeared on the left side, I just hope those bubbles do not expand because it would not be any nice since the protector is very expensive.
The positive : No issue with the clarity and sensitivity of the screen.
100% best option
If you make sure your screen is completely free of dust, and follow instructions, this protector will apply perfectly. I had it slightly off to one side, and was able to easily slide it around to get it centered, and then cured it with the light. I used the light on the top, center, and bottom, then cleaned up the excess, and used the light in all 3 spots again. It looks perfect, and it's been on there several months now. Nice and smooth, perfect touch sensitivity, and no black bars on the sides. Its 100% clear. It covers the whole screen and works well with the zizo bolt case. A+
Terrible product!!!
If you mess up theres no going back!!! The UV light makes it permanent
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this product. This is one of the best screen protectors we sell on the website and although the installation process is a little different from other screen protectors, the results are usually very impressive indeed. Certainly before you use the UV light, you must make sure the alignment and positioning is absolutely spot on as the UV light as you say makes any imperfections permanent.
Top Notch
I did a youtube research on this product before buying it. It worked exactly like it was supposed to. The glass is very strong and very durable. You also get a UVNail Ray to use on other things which is a plus! I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.
Whitestone dome Samsung galaxy note 8 screen protector
One of the best screen protector you can buy value for money
It fits!
I was reluctant to go for a curved edge phone as I wasn't happy with the screen protectors I'd seen but then I saw the Whitestone Dome on Mobile Fun and saw that it was designed to fit accurately and securely. The kit is very comprehensive and easy to follow with perfect results
The best product on the market
Amazing product, I love it.
Great design
This is an excellent item. It's a bit tricky to do the first time and it is very important to follow the steps exactly. I missed one step and made it hard to finish the installation, but I was still able to do it.
Note 8
The best.
Good product
Application takes some time during which you have to use dust stickers again and again to get rid of new dust partickles. So you need to have really clean environment for this. The glass does not cover full display on sides, there is about 1mm left on each side. You get used to it very fast, and benefit is that most probably it will be compatible with your current cover. Glass is very clear. It is a very good product and I can recommend it.
Not recommended
I purchased this item because of good reviews. First of all it was super easy to apply the glass in my phone. The touch was like, I didn't have protector. But it's too expensive, and after one week from the left side suddenly he had a giant air bubble. I can't fix it I tried. It's unacceptable for this product.
The best sticking glass on the market
The first I ordered for myself and ordered a second time for my friend. Very satisfied!
Excellent screen protector
This is one of the best screen protectors for curved screens I've come across. Yes it seems overly expensive compared to some but as long as it does it's job well then it's worth it.
Yes it is a faff installing it. I watched the installation videos a couple of times and had a couple of dry runs first. It is critical to find a perfectly level and dust free surface to use for the install otherwise the adhesive may not sit centrally in the screen.
My install went perfectly . The UV lamp isnt quite big enough to cure the glue in two passes as the instructions suggest. I had to do it in 3 but a minor point.
A very important point is to ensure that it is compatible with whatever case you choose to protect your valuable investment. I bought an otter box defender which as it turns out sits too close to the edges of the screen protector and lifts them off leaving bubbles underneath!! Whitestone list on their website those cases they've tested for compatibility. Wish I'd seen it first as it would have saved me a lot of grief. I've now replaced the otter box with a Tech 21 Evo Tactical which fits well and doesn't lift the edges.
So far I'm happy with the screen protector. There is no loss of sensitivity on the screen with pen or finger. The screen has stayed in place and none of the edges have lifted. Even the small bubbles in one corner that appeared after the otter box lifted it have disappeared. Thankfully I've not dropped the phone to test it's resilience so can't comment in it's durability long term but so far so good and would recommend it as a well fitting screen protector. I've rated it 4 stars due to the high cost but it is the only one of its kind on the market so far.
Recomend for everyone
Got air bubbles in the glue
Despite carefully watching and following video and fitting instructions, I got air bubbles in the screen/glue bubble when fitting the protector and no way to get them out. The protector had to be removed cleaned and same thing happened on second and last try. Very disappointed as this was a very expensive screen protector
Glass cracked after 2 days
Looks and feels great once on. Was easy to install after watching how to video.

Unfortunately the glass has a hair line crack horizontally across the whole surface after only 2 days of being installed :(

For the price would expect it to be stronger
Just okay
I purchased the dome glass for the samsung 8 plus and note 8, they seem to chip very easy. Once it has a small chip on the glass, then the rest of the protector breaks very easily.
This is on both my phones. I have removed the note 8 dome glass and the s8 plus glass as well. Too expensive to replace every few months because of a small chip.
I've tried it, it was ok, does not last long.
I like this screen protector. It's crystal clear , smooth. One downside is the installation process which is very hectic and nerve wrecking. Also sharp edge is dust magnet. But overall I just love this screen protector. Hope it's last me long.
No doubt it's expensive but it's a worthy investment. No touch sensitivity issue yet. Screen is crystal clear. I must admit the installation process is very hectic and nerve wrecking. One thing I do not like is that it makes my phone looks dirty on the sharp edge. I think the amount of glue is more than sufficient which overflowed making the edge sticky .Though I cleaned my phone with supplied alcohol wipes after the first and 2nd curing. But it remains a dust magnet on the sharp edge. Usually I liked to use my phone naked . But the curve edge and huge screen without any screen protector made me feel insecure of my note 8. So I decided to add some protection with this screen protector. Currently I am using my note 8 with official Samsung clear case which is absolutely compatible with this screen protector and also add some grip to this slender phone. Hope it lasts me long
Great but wasteful
The screen protector has been great so far, installation process is intricate. Definitely watch the online video twice before starting.

Does leave some odd gunk around the edges which takes some time to clean off once dried.

I will say that for a one time application, this is a ton of plastic paste generated. The UV lamp can be re-used as a nail lamp if someone you know wants it. Otherwise you're chucking that in the bin as well. Not sure its super eco-minded.
Thanks guys for investing a lot of resources in the production of this screen protector. I have used a lot but nothing compares to this one. The only problem I encountered was opening the adhesive tube, it was so tight that it took me quite a long time to open, with my phone surface already exposed to dust particles. I ended up having a dust particle stuck in my phone. Other than that, it was perfect. Very smooth and sensitive to the touch. Works like the original screen, and would not notice that there is a screen guard.
I highly recommend this screen guard and will use this for all my Samsung phones with infinity display
Great product, well worth the money.
The Note 8's screen is wonderfully clear, but is a pain to find a good glass protetor for. This one is perfect. Yes it is pricy, relative to some, but it is the only one that provides the protection you need, whilst maintaining full touch. In fact only the edge gives away that it is there at all.

Not your average screen protector, particularly for installation, but it has very clear and easy to follow instructions and fits perfectly.

If you have a Note 8 and want a glass screen protector, don't waste you money on the cheaper stick on things, spend the little extra and get this one you will not be dissappointed.
Brilliant screen protector
Saw the reviews on this and did some further research and decided to take the plunge and splurge on a decent quality screen protector. Watch a few of the youtube vids on how to install this before you finally give it a go yourself. The end results are amazing you can barely tell there's a screen protector on the phone at all and touch response is unaffected. Highly recommend this screen protector for any phone.
the best cover for note 8
the best cover for note 8
Shipment on time, good product
Recommend this TGSP. Great fit, smooth, like a second screen. But cracks easily as 3rd week without dropping there was a line of crack at the top.
Awesome, great quality, definitely worth it!
Recently I purchased the glass as the glass I kept purchasing for my phone kept cracking and breaking. This has not missed a beat and it's it's evenly applied on the phone. I'll definitely be buying one for each phone I get after this. Worth your money. Don't waste your money on crap. You'll end up paying more than what this is worth.
Seriously frustrating product to install
I know this product has had many good reviews. That's why I bought it. First time I did it there were bubbles so I removed it to try again. Even more bubbles this time. I was frustrated but I despite that I decided to buy another one. Same experience again. Now I've spent again on this and I have nothing to show for it.
waste of money
screen protector after 15 minutes in the sun, began to peel off !!
Absolutely Brilliant
Absolutely brilliant and the best screen protector I have purchased to date. No loss in screen touch sensitivity differentiates this product from all those In which the adhesive is only applied to the edges. Whitestone dome creates a continuous medium between protector and screen and despite the daunting application procedure is quite straight forward and easy.
Great product, easy to apply once you have watched the video, slightly annoying waiting overnight before using it with a case on but it's worth it for a good curved glass screen protector that has great feedback unlike other that do not stick across the entire screen. Works really well with my VRS Design - High Pro Shield case. Highly Recommended.
Fantastic product. Crystal clear when fitted. Easy to fit but you must watch the video
The best Note 8 option
Covers the whole display if you look square on, but doesn't wrap all the way around the Note 8 glass. From the side you can see the display beyond the protector. Not what I was expecting with "edge to edge" - I guess if it did wrap right around, it might catch and lift with certain covers. Check all the photos on the MobileFun site, there is an image of the corner of the Note 8 showing a fitted protector to a real phone(not a render) This is true fitment.

Extremely important the surface is level. I found a video saying checking by rolling the adhesive bottle was a good way to check - This is not good enough!, check with a level, or level app on your phone. The liquid adhesive needs to pool and stay in position on the screen during the process. I had to refit my protector because of a failed first attempt.

Everything thing else Whitestone say seems great. Beautiful clarity, perfect touch response.
Involved to fit, but I recommend as the best option.
The must have screen protector for your Note 8!!
This is currently the best screen protector for your Note 8. With that said, I HATE non-glass screen protectors. I tried a couple cheaper 'edge only' adhesive models with horrible result. However, the Whitestone is the real deal. Install is painless if you can follow directions and read correctly. The sensitivity is perfect, and it feels great to touch. *** I can CONFIRM that this protector is compatible with the Otter Box Defender Galaxy Note 8 Case***
Best product in class
Very good product. It is very important that the surface on wich the phone stands to be flat. Use all protection accessories from the box (stickers...etc)
Very Hit & Miss. And will possible riun your device
First attempt - followed the instructions however the adhesive did not flow into one corner of the bottom of the screen - even after 7 mins.

Tried again - cleaned and polished all surfaces - this time bubbles formed. At this point I gave up and removed screen and cleaned phone. However, I read a reveiw on Amazon saying that external cleaning wasn't enough as adhesive can get into ports, speaker & S-Pen - sure enough I pulled out the S-pen to find it covered in adhesive
Dome glass is fantastic. I highly recommend.
Upon receiving this product, I thought to myself, no better way to test it out than hitting it with a hammer. Multiple strikes to the tempered glass protector and it didn't break. Not even a scratch (even if there is one, the liquid adhesive will repair them). Love this product. Installation is a breeze with installation guide video and the instructions. Sleek product, excellent.
Excellent protection and usability
Whitestone Dome Glass is the best protector I have used for galaxy note 8.the usability of this protector is 10/10. As well as the quality of the glass and feel its absolutely amazing. I have tried couple of other note 8 protector, but they do not come any where close to this glass protector.

The clarity of this glass protector is the best I have ever seen, on some of the occasions I forget the protector is even on, on my note 8.

I would definitely recommend this protector to note 8 user, as this offer the best protection for note 8 for its price.

The procedure of installation of this was quiet eat. I did watch the video multiple times to memorize the procedure to make sure I get the installation the first time right.
It's really good..
I've recieved mine in South Africa and can say this with all honesty. Nothing in SA can compare with Dome Glass. However there is a concern and that is owing to the resin comming undone when you wipe over it to clean your device around the edges. Not particularly very happy with that but, still worth every penny when it comes to the harness and touch sensitivity which is perfect!
Best looking screen protector
I had my doubts but it looks and feels wonderful
Works with my two cases .

Great product and exceptional service.
A very good product. Easy, bubble free install. Great fit with the cases I have and good protection.
very nice
tank you
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