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VRS Design Duo Guard Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Case - Blue Coral Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with this precisely designed case in blue coral from VRS Design. Made with tough, durable yet slim materials, this hardshell construction with shock absorbent core follows the curves of your phone perfectly.
  • Mobile Fun ID 60429
$26.12 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 4 customers

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Product is fine. Shame my order was incompleted. 2 out of 3 items
When I placed the order....only the wireless charger was shown as out of stock. I didnt mind as my phone was on pre order. I also ordered a case and screen protector. For some reason the order wasnt actioned. I recall having to phone mobile fun. Then after phoning tbe order was set up. I receieved the case first. Then the wireless charger, then I was informed the screen protector was not in stock for a week or so. I didnt mind. Then I was informed the screen protector still wasnt in stock so mobile fun decided to cancel that item from my order. I wasnt charged for it. I take issue 'coz I wanted the screen protector, they should have asked me if I wanted to cancel, not cancel it then tell me "sorry, were not able to complete your order". If I didnt want it I wouldnt have ordered it in the first place. Anyhow it was okay that the phone was recalled so I would have lost out had I applied the screen protector. New replacement phone arriving tomorrow. I still need a screen protector. Will I use mobile fun again?......Hmmmmmm Lets see if they read and respond to my review first.
MobileFun Reply
We can only apologise for this Clive. It doesn't seem typical of the service we offer to be honest and I will look into it. I hope you feel confident to order from us again and when you're new phone arrives, I hope we have the accessories you need. If you
not bad but not great
the case is a little bit slack with the phone
I found for that price its a little too expensive for quality of the product
The case is awesome...nice n fantastic design. Good quality.
Nice Case.
Nice case, offers great protection. I bought it for the kickstand on the back. This works fine in landscape, but I wanted to use it in the upright position. The stand is not strong enough for that.

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