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VRS Design Crystal Bumper Samsung Galaxy S7 Case - Shine Gold Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 with this precisely designed crystal / gold case from VRS Design. Made with a sturdy yet minimalist design, this see-through case offers protection for your phone while still revealing the beauty within.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57936
$26.54 inc VAT
 4 stars from 3 customers

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Looks Fab...
I was really pleased to receive it all well packaged and in mint condition. Super easy to attach as the mental rim comes apart from the rubber case. The colour match is spot on, so it looks awesome. Phone has been dropped a few times and I'm yet to dent the case. (Fingers crossed) Overall very happy and would recommend the case and the site (mobilefun) to anyone. Thumbs up.
Update - Rattly Buttons a Bigger Problem Than I Thought
In my last review, I mentioned that the case is great, but the buttons are a little bit loose in the case, and rattled whenever you shake the phone. Not so bad on its own, since it's just a little clicking.

However, when you take a video with the phone, you have to keep your phone *perfectly* still. Why? Because if you move your phone even a tiny bit, the rattly buttons turn into THE LOUDEST EARTH-SHAKING DIN on your video! Drowns out normal conversation captured through the phone's microphone/background noise like a TV or music recording that you want to send to a friend etc.

I bought this phone for its photo and video capabilities, but now can't use it with the case on when I want to record video or audio :( This means that if I'm recording anything, I have to take the case off, which a) takes time and may make me miss the event I wanted to record, and b) means my phone is not protected right when I need protection the most. Quite a big oversight from the case manufacturer. Very disappointing because the rest of the case is great.
Great item
I bought this case after much research on cases for my new Galaxy S7. I wanted one that would protect the phone, provide a grippier surface, make the camera sit flush so that I could place the back of the phone on flat/rough surfaces without worrying about the lens, and slightly raise the front of the phone's profile so I could lay the phone on its front without having the screen contact whatever surface it's on. This case does all of those things. Plus, the buttons are clicky and tactile, and the gold colour is an incredibly close match to the gold of my phone itself - much better than the stock photos suggest. It's a satin effect, not gloss, so it looks and feels premium. Only slight niggle is that the buttons rattle, due to being slightly flexible in their housings, but that's very minor when everything else is spot on.

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