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Verus Iron Shield Samsung Galaxy S6 Case - Titanium Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Featuring a real aluminium frame, the Iron Shield case in titanium silver from Verus delivers stylish protection for your Samsung Galaxy S6 that will keep it looking as good as new thanks to its sturdy frame and dual-layer impact protection system.
  • Mobile Fun ID 51803
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 28 customers

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Fantastic Product
All the details of the protective case were 100% exact. I recieved the product promptly and managed to fit it quickly and easily to the phone.

So far the protective case has been fantastic at protecting my new Samsung Galaxy S6.

In comparison to another case I bought from another site, the Verus Iron Shield far surpasses it both on quality and sleekness.
Good Fit-well made
Good fit well made
Superb quality and looks
Tight, beautiful and good protection, delivery was fast to. The only thing that would make the hole deal better, is if I didn't get mail about this review. But that is something every online shop does, and I get a bit fed up with.
Verus 'Iron Shield' case
Very smart, professional looking case, with all ports lined up correctly. Unless you are very experienced at fitting similar, hybrid type, cases, it is a bit fiddly to fit the aluminium frame as it is, rightly so, a very snug fit. My only slight niggle is that I would have liked the raised edge around the phone to have been a bit deeper, as having fitted a glass screen protector there is now very little gap between the screen and any surface you may lay the phone on.
I loved the phone without a case but it was a bit slippy, this gives more grip but without obscuring the screen
Not too bulky. The metal bar that goes around the phone is really strong, not easy to get on and off but once on really you should not have much need to remove and I feel safer for it. I loved the phone without a case but it was a bit slippy, this gives more grip but without obscuring the screen. I came across an old phone charger that had a lot of plastic around the port making it a little tricky to insert in the frame, but all my other chargers are ok.
Great case but too difficult to get off
Great look and feel to the case with a solid build quality, and the raised bumper around the screen is great if you drop the phone face down. However the circle around the headphone jack is too small to fit some of my aux/headphone cables, and even with instructions on how to do so from mobilefun, I am still unable to get the case off, so keep this in mind if you want to frequently take the case on and off, however if this is not a problem then I would reccomend
Great case!
Ordered this case pretty much off the reviews, and I'm not disappointed. Adds minimal weight and bulk to phone, yet makes phone a lot less slippery and definitely capable of a few knocks. Only downside if there is one, the charger port could be slightly larger-my (blackberry branded) car charger wont work with case on. Happy to recommend case to all!
Exactly what I was looking for
You buy a nice new phone and you need a case. You love the phone so you want a case that is also great looking, protects the phone and gives you quick access without fiddly flaps or bits that obstruct the camera. So you buy the Verus Iron Shield Galaxy S6 Case.
Well I did and I'm very happy with it. It's just what I wanted from my case. Early days but I reckon it'll last as long as the phoenix, no problem.
Exquisite Case
I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy 6 and needed a case for it. As I keep upgrading my phone yearly or so and having to buy a new case every time I upgrade, I decided to go for a less expensive case. I did purchase a cheap one (£7.99) and it lasted only a day. So, I decided to look on mobilefun. This case attracted my attention as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Beautiful design, sturdy yet smart & professional, affordable. I definitely recommend the case.
Good quality product
Bought for Galaxy S6, fits perfectly with cutouts and speaker hole lining up. Postage took longer than expected although did arrive in the predicted time frame. Couldn't expect to be any quicker coming from UK.
Absolutely love this case. Once it's all in place it really looks like part of the phone itself thanks to the edge trim & fits snug. I bought this product as I use my phone as a GPS device whilst out hiking & I wanted protection & grip. With this cover I have got both as well as a very stylish finish! Thanks.
Pleased with product delivery excellent
Superb case
This case is absolutely top notch. It is very protective and has a very nice quality feel to it. The best thing about this case is that it looks as though it isn't a case, in fact the phone actually looks smarter with it than without it. Superb design, very pleased.
This phone case is brilliant.
I have the s6 which is a really slippery phone so I wanted a case for it but not something rubbery and hard to put in a pocket.
This case is just that and feels very sleek in hand.
The design of the case is beautiful and doesn't even look like there's a case on thanks to the iron shield edge. The buttons line up and work perfectly. It doesn't make the phone feel bulky at all.
Most importantly I can still charge my phone wirelessly while using this phone case. It wasn't a big issue for me for it didn't but it's a bonus that it does!
Delivery was quick, (5 days) and I ordered late Christmas day!
Would definitely recommend.
Smart and Well Designed
This cover looks and feels much more expensive than it was, really easy to fit on the phone (ignore the other reviews that say it is not). Protection is excellent, from experience as I have dropped my phone already, no damage to the phone and no damage to the cover either. Great buy!
The case is robust and really well made
The case is robust and really well made. It fits perfectly and is simple to fit. Its appearance matches the phone exactly. The main case is a snug fit and the outer aluminium trim is fitted separately. This is quite tight and with a little effort snaps into place. The back of the case is a black/dark grey textured finish and this compliments the phone well. The fit with the camera is spot on.

The case is larger than average and increases the size of the handset a little – but not enough to put me off.

This was a good choice for this handset and I will certainly consider buying another one of their products in the future.
I absolutely love this case. It has everything going for it. The phone sits snugly inside the case and when the frame is clipped on it feels very secure. ( Remember to take the frame off first when you want to take the phone out of the case). I spent a couple of minutes wresting to remove the phone before I realised I'd left the frame on! All the buttons line up nicely along with the other openings for the camera and charger etc. It's lightweight and so elegant looking. The black case is great but what really sets it off is the gorgeous Shine Gold aluminium frame. The combination of the black and gold make it look very expensive. I spent ages trying to think what it reminds me of and then I realised that it's more of a rose gold than yellow gold. So if you're like me who's the type with expensive tastes but without the bank balance then you can't go wrong with this case. I just love it.
Iron, man!
Solid and tough - a good looking case! Very smart and professional, excellent build quality and the assurance of good protection for everything but the screen, but the surface is raised all around so get a screen protector and you'll be made up. Its a tight fit, so a bit tricky to take off in a hurry if you ever need to connect a slightly oversized jack plug for external speakers or swap the sim, but as there's no swapable battery in the S6 its mostly no big deal.

Tip: (There were no instructions with mine) There are 2 parts - the metal surround and the plastic sheath. Wait till you put the phone in the plastic sheath before trying to apply the metal surrounds, and to remove then gently prise off the metal surround first before trying to remove the whole case. Then everything gets a whole lot easier and avoids the risk of damage, as believe me, its a strong metal surround.
Very stylish!
What I love about this case is that you can actually stand out in a crowd. The gold iron frame gives the case a very professional and elegant aspect and I would use it to any important business meeting. Very stylish! It also gives quite a good drop protection.
The only two things that stopped me from giving 5 stars to this case are the following: once you put on the case it can be a bit difficult to remove it (perhaphs it knows how good it looks haha) and also the conectivity ports are not very well polished so depending on how you hold your phone while paying, it can be a bit irritating.
Slim line and premium quality
I unboxed the case and the first thing I noticed was the nice quality finish to the metal outer frame. Once you place the phone into the rubber backing it's a tight squeeze to get the metal bumper on.....this is a good thing as it keeps the phones slim from factor whilst protecting the handset. All ports line up nicely and buttons work fine with the case. The edge of the case is slightly raised to protect the screen if you laid it face down. This is great value for money for this premium case and I'm confident of the protection provided in the event of an accidental phone drop.

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