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Place your phone or other device player on the car windscreen or dashboard with the stylish Verus Hybrid Grab in-car mount in black and silver. A secure fit, universal compatibility and fully posable positioning means this is a complete mounting solution.
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Perfect, exactly what I needed and very sturdy.
stylish Phone holder
I found the Phone holder to be well made and very stylish.
Unfortunately didn't work to well with my phone and case, because my case was to big and heavy. Also found that the suction would not hold on my leather dashboard.
Great quality
Been using this holder for over a year now... Just ordered another one... Very satisfied.
Worth the wait!
Took a little while to come back into stock, but when it finally did, it was well worth waiting for! Holds my BlackBerry KeyOne in place perfectly, is ideal when I'm using the satnav app and, above all, looks super stylish sitting there on the dashboard!!
Not very strong
This product does not have a strong enough grip to hold my Moto 6G and battery case. The phone falls out. Further, I was not aware to return this product means sending it to the UK. I try to avoid purchasing items from outside the US in case I need to return the item.
Fantastic in car dashboard stand
Not a lot fantastic mobile dash board stand
Absolutely Awful
I would never have purchased this bracket if I had known how poor the suction cup was. within 6 days of fitting in my car it was falling off the windscreen, the sticky adhesive on the mount has all come off and the mount is unusable.
Stay well clear
Versatile - not just for mobile phones!
Although I have a Samsung Galaxy J5, I use this accessory for my speed detector which monitors both fixed speed traps as well as displaying the legal speed limit on each road. Same size as my Samsung so very versatile for intended purpose. Adheres easily and ridgedly to dashboard, with maximum flexibility for positioning to allow clear field of view through windscreen. Brilliant, well-made and stylish device. Highly recommended.
Very Pleased
This is by far the best phone mount I've had. At the moment I have it on my windscreen, it holds iPhones very sturdy, there isn't any movement at all including when driving along bumpy roads.
It holds the phone landscape or portrait, very easy to remove from mount.
I have had this for approx. 3 weeks without it coming unstuck.
I highly recommend.
Fallen Off the dash several times
Well I’ve always been dubious about how good these devices are but having seen the picture & write-up on the mobilefun website I let temptation get the better of me. To my surprise when I opened the packaging the mount looked and felt well made so I thought I’d picked a winner. I followed the instructions and mounted the device on the dashboard. Unfortunately within a few hours of use the mount and my phone came crashing of the dashboard into the footwell. Undeterred I thought I’d give another go but yet again within a couple of hours use it came crashing off the dashboard. Having had several more attempts it’s the same result the mount now sits in the glove compartment. I won’t be tempted again.
Very rugged and robust. Only downside is shiny bits reflect in windscreen.
Adheres well
The mount adheres well to windscreen, even the area near the mirrors with black dots.
Not very good at staying stuck to the dash keeps coming off
How it was stable onthe dash
Elegant, effective, inconspicuous
To be sure it could be easily removed - which it can - and not glued to dash
Nice shape and good grip
Hands free
Great product very sleek and smart looking
Amazing buy
Deffo recommend amazing sturdy product
This is beautifully constructed, very stylish and just works. Robust design but ergonomic. Sits very well on the dash of my silver Mercedes
Good Product
The phone holder lever action connection was broken on arrival , so i had to modify the attachment to make it useable . Since installation , the product has been very user friendly and works well ... Cheers Stewart ...
This is a great product. Its taken very well to my textuured dash and has even stayed on all over this very cold winter.

Definatly will be buying more for my other vehicles.
very good product!!!!!!!????????????????
very good product hi quality plastic and very strong suction cup !!!!!!
Sorry, Didn't try it yet in the car.
Nevertheless, I tested the lock in my desk and I can say that it grabs strongly. That´s what I look for in these kind of items.
A Marvel of a mount
I purchased this mount 2 weeks ago and I wanted to give it an honest review. Straight out of the box you can feel and see that quality was at the forefront of the designers minds, and for under £20!

Up to now the mount has stayed fixed to my windscreen and despite my best efforts to force it off, like Thor’s mighty hammer, it will not budge.....unless I’m not worthy.....????

Winter is coming....and amidst a battle that could rival that of one between Asgard and Jotunheim, this mount stays put through all the elements. The addition of adhesive gel to the suction base is inspired and something I hadn’t seen before and it really does give it a grip matches only by that of the Hulk.

I would, without a doubt, recommend this mount to all. I just hope that I have become worthy of removing it when the time comes.....
Completely useless!
This product does not work. The suction cup does not hold. Do not buy. A waste of money.
Would not have believed it possible.
Ok I have bought three of these mounts as they looked sturdy and would not bounce about while driving. What I was not ready for was the fact that they will mount on nearly any surface, I assumed the surface had to be smooth and texture free to allow the suction pad to adhere. No this magical mount has a gel pad at the bottom that mounds its self to the contours on the dash allowing for any grain in the surface. It even allows for a small amount of curve in the surface.

If at all possible install in warm weather as I installed mine in cold weather and when it heated up it fell off. Once refitted I have not had any problems.

One other thing I is that it may leave a mark where the suction pad was in contact with the dash due to what I suspect if the force of the suction on the surface of the dash but I guess all car dash boards are not the same.

Anyway its still five out of five for me.
Bound to fail!
Had this item for almost a week now and it has fallen apart.
We got in to the car tonight and found only the suction foot and a bit of plastic still attached to the dashboard. The locking lever was laying next to it. The main part of the phone holder was in the passenger footwell with a spring.
Upon inspection, it was no surprise the phone holder had broken. The plastic through which the pivot pin of the locking lever passes, is so thin it was inevitable that it would break. The holder is now unrepairable and therefore completely useless. As a consequence, there is no way I can recommend this item.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Richard

Sorry to hear you had problems with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Superior mount
This mount does everything that it should but also looks good.
Brilliant design
Thought this was a superb looking and adaptable device and was easy to fit and use. I had it installed for three months but then it fall off. It now will not stick properly again and keeps falling off after a few days. I would give it 5 stars but reduced to 3 because of the problem
This is a great looking product and did a good job while it was attached. After a week, the glue lost its effectiveness and my phone fell off the dashboard. Very disappointing.
works well
Did not stick to top of dash
stuck to front of dash near radio
Good spot to put it in the end
easy to take in ant out of
From the moment you open the box I realised this was something a little better than you're average phone holder. Too many times I have gone for cheaper options only to be disappointed. There was no assembling involved I just followed the instructions. Peeled of protective cover and push into surface of you're choice for 5 seconds. I chose the screen, as soon as I let go it felt like it would not be falling of anytime soon. Used it for a couple of weeks now without any issues.
The phone I use is tall, wide and very heavy. It grabs the phone tightly and makes no rattles. Easy to remove the phone with 1 hand recommended.
It's great. Just ordered second one for my wife.
Stick this in your car
I have been looking for a mount for some time but they all appear a bit shoddy and do not appear stable in position. I hate the phone bouncing around on the dash and find it distracting. The other problem is that my windscreen is a long way from my reach so I have previously used a long stem phone mount which after a number of years broke. I must admit to being a bit sceptical regarding that fact that this mount will attach to any dash as mine contains groves in the texture of the material ( plastic ) so I assumed the suction would be lost and it would fall off. I was completely wrong this sucker sticks to anything and is a solid as a rock. Its easy to insert your phone and I was so impressed that I immediately ordered a second one for my wife ( not a bad swap ).
What a waste of money
Just received my item and it's well packed but is a total waste of money because when I stick my phone on it, it doesn't stand still just falls of the dashboard straight away, useless thing, I'm so disappointed wasted my money on it, I will definitely not recommend at all !!!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Rab

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into it for you.
Brilliant mount
This is the best car mount that I have seen. It can be placed almost anywhere on the dashboard. I like to have it at the bottom left as it does not impair vision. Excellent adhesion and easy to to locate phone. Highly recommended
Definitely a good buy
I bought the silver car mount and it looks good with the colour of my car and interior. The quality is good and my GPS fits perfectly without any problems.
Good quality
The item is very well made and does what it says on the tin.
Best In-Car mount that I have tried
This Mount is excellent. Bought two of them. They attach to both vehicles on the windscreen and, unlike many others I have tried, they are rock solid. Providing that the attachment area is cleaned well - I cleaned the windscreen area with an alcohol swab - and the unit is attached as instructed, it works like a dream. Good design that looks very classy - I can highly recommend this Mount - best one that I have ever tried,
Product works great
Product works great
It's exactly how it's advertised
I really like it
Very nice
I cannot say much other then it's very nice for now but with stuff like this only time will tell.
Excellent, holds the phone securely
The unit is well designed, aesthetically as well as practically. Holds the phone very securely. Worth every penny.
Happy with item , easy to use,I will recommend it to anyone.
Looks good... but broke after a couple of weeks!
I bought this mount, although it was quite expensive, because it had rave reviews. Unfortunately it didn't want to stick on my Ford Fusion dashboard, so I moved it to the windscreen. It fell off of there every couple of days too! After a short while, it failed completely, as the flimsy plastic in the suction mount snapped. I certainly wouldn't recommend it!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Adrian

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please contact our Customer services team.
Brilliant product - highly recommended!
I bought this item for my boyfriend who uses Google Maps on his phone as a sat nav a lot and he loves it. Extremely easy instructions, it was set up in the car in about a 30 seconds! Very good for all phones, my boyfriend's phone is a Moto X Play and rather wide but it fits in perfectly, so the product is good for any type of phone. Very sturdy hold for phone even across bumpy roads. You can use your phone vertically and horizontally. I would recommend this product to anyone needing a mount for your phone. Extremely good value for money and it also is an extremely stylish car mount.
Very good
Thank you
Scratch my past review!!!
Scratch my past review!!! This is a useless piece of equipment. On its first day out it peeled off the windscreen in a car park. It also peeled off four times in a 20 mile journey. I will be looking for a refund ASAP. The windscreen was spotless when I fitted it and I followed all the instructions. It did seem well stuck to the windscreen while it was in the shade.
Solid as rock
When it arrived, I thought, "blimey look at the size of that". However, once installed, it matches the colour of my interior and sticks to the windscreen like a limpet. The fitting is strong and can be turned without worrying the whole thing will drop off. Easy to fit the phone, and can also be used for my old, thick Garmon sat nav. More suprising, once fitted it takes up much less of the view than my old one.
Great Product
Works fine
Very pleased with this stylish item
Very pleased with this stylish and efficient car accessory
Very good
Unit works fine and is firmly attached to the wrinkly dashboard leather. Looks good in a prestige car BMW X3
Not really suitable for a Nexus 6.
The holder is well made and seems that it would last. It's also quite stylish and the suction mount is excellent. However, even though it is recommended for use with the Nexus 6, it isn't really suitable. The hump on the back of the phone means that the sides of the holder barely grip the phone. This makes putting the phone in the cradle awkward.
Love this site always find things I cannot do without. Everything so useful can't believe I lived this long with out them.. The Hybrid Grab shows me where my phone at all times instead of being in my bag that I can't reach or on the floor where it fell at the last right-hand turn ...Magic
Stylish and sturdy
Rather smaller than I expected and success of operation depends on the adhesive and vacuum generated by the fixing pad. Looks really good and the grip on my phone is very secure. It will all depend on how adjustable it is and how it stays attached. We'll see. So far, so good.
This is the best Verus Hybrid Grab is the best universal holder that I've ever had. It is truly vesatile which works for mobile, and TomTom as well. I would reccomend this to anyone, and I've had quite a few..
Description of Item ( which was well advertised in clear and good detail). The colour gold really impressed me as well. Great product all round.
Superb Design
Best car mount I've owned by a mile. I've had it on the dash and on the windowscreen and it's performed well being rock solid whichever way - the sticky ring on the sucker makes a massive difference compared to just sucker mounts I've had before. It's adjustable (both angle and orientation), but with enough resistance that it doesn't move about unnecessarily when you don't want it to.
Easy to mount on dashboard. Very happy with th item .
First one fell to pieces while fixing to windscreen, replacement is ok but jaws too wide for iPhone 5 so I've had to put some packing in so phone doesn't fall out. Overall very disappointing
Must Buy
Excellent product it really is, I have a galaxy Note 4 and when I need to use it as a Sat Nav in my car it can be difficult. With this universal car mount it's perfectly eye level so you don't need to look down or around just position on the dashboard so you can still maintain your focus on the road as well as seeing where you will be going on the sat Nav!
seems well made and does the job well
Very pleased so far. seems good quality and stays on screen well. easy to place and remove phone.
Would not recommend
Looked good but after two weeks it broke l don't think it was worth the money l payed for it
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist you.
Looks the Part
Having just got a new car I wanted something to replace my original holder. This item is sturdy, sticks rigidly to the dash and really looks classy.In fact, I would, ALMOST, rather lose the phone than the holder.
The mount looks very stylish and seems to be well made
I was looking for a car mount to mount my iPhone 6s to the dash board of my Renault Clio IV. Saw the reviews of this product, seemed like it was just what I wanted. It arrived on time, packaged well. The mount looks very stylish and seems to be well made. I fixed it to the dashboard of my Renault Clio, it seemed to fix securely. However after 2 days it fell off the dash! I tried to re fix but with no luck. I then fixed it to the windscreen, it now holds extremely well. The reason I only gave 4 stars is because of the inability to fix to the dashboard. If you want a stylish mount for your windscreen this product is fine.
Not enough info on product
While the speed of delivery and service was good there was not enough info on device. It looked as if any phone would fit. My Samsung prime is not held tight and slips down. No where was I asked to say what phone l had.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Denis

We have a compatibility tab to help, however please contact us letting us know exactly which phone you have so we can investigate further and assist you.
Poor Quality
Device looks really great and feels really solid. Though, before I had a chance to use it, it broke while mount to my Windscreen. Plastic Clip inside snapped without any pressure on it at all.
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
Great Product
This product was very well made and a Great looking item. The suction to Dash was 100%
I would advise anyone looking for this type of product to look no farther and purchase this
A satisfied customer Thank You.
Fantastic product. Very strong and sturdy. Looks great too.
no good with a mophie case
be advised that the grab is not deep enough to hold my phone with the mophie juice pack case fitted, my mrs now has this otherwise great product
Good design
So far so good, it looks good and it sticks to the plastic dash like glue so the windscreen is clear of clutter
Decent product but maybe a but pricey....
My first car mount broke in only a few weeks but massive credit to mobilefun and their staff, I emailed a picture and was told I'd revive a new one straight away, no fuss or debate, great customer service! The new product is good, does the job well and has a quality feel to it although maybe a touch expensive...
Beautiful phone mount/cradle
This product exceeded my expectations in every way. It's equal parts stylish and functional, it looks great on my dash and fits my phone perfectly. If you want a cell phone holder that looks different from everything else out there then buy this one!
Stylish and practical
I needed a car mount as I am now using my iPhone as a sat-nav, dash cam and hands free so I bought this Versus Hybrid Grab and I am relly happy that I did. It is very stylsh and also very practical. It is spring loaded and keeps the phone safely in place and yet it is easy enough to dock/undock it with one hand. The suction cup is very good and it also has a self adhesive ring on the inside so you can safely put the mount on any flat surface and it will stay firm even without using the suction. It is so well made it looks like something designed by Apple :)
Great concept, poor design
Holds nice and sturdy and doesn't wobble but after a couple of weeks put my phone in it one morning and the pressure of opening the clasp snapped the clip at the base making it unusable. Wouldn't recommend.
Classy Holder, Looks Sleek in My Audi, Performs well
This is my first ever in-car holder and I am pleased with the build quality and the aesthetics of the item.
It has been stuck to the slightly dimpled dashboard in my Audi A6 for a few months now and has not fallen off and holds the phone securely. The extension arm was slightly stiff at first so it needed two handed operation to put the phone into the holder, but after around a week it has loosened up, and one handed operation is now possible, with ease.
It is available in 3 different finishes of which, I chose the gold to go with my phone and the product has a quality finish and compliments the inside of my car.
The swivel arm moves freely and any road vibrations do not affect the angle it has been set at.

The only issue is that I came across with in-car phone holder, was the vibrations that are visible whilst driving which are fed through the road wheels due to my lowered and hard Sports Suspension. I expect that all phone holders will show some sort of vibration, unless you own a really comfy car or live where there's no Potholes

A work colleague actually commented on it, saying it small and looks neat and cool.

Once again Mobilefun have been great and their products and service has been second to none. Well Done. Keep up the good work!
2 stars for the impressive look before unwrapping..
This is the Second Verus Item I have bought in the last month and I'm sad to say they're both Rubbish designs. The fittings on the first item Verus stand didn't work properly with the lightening cable and this one fell to bits the minute I stuck it to my desk... If I see the brand name again I'll boycott it.
Both items looked impressive but were equally useless. 2 stars for the impressive look before unwrapping..
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear you were not happy with your items, please contact us so we can see what the issue with the dock was.
Great car mount for mobile phone.
This car mount is the best I have purchased so far. Its functional, stays in place really well and looks good.
Great car mount for mobile phone.
This car mount is the best I have purchased so far. Its functional, stays in place really well and looks good.
Great product
Perfect fit
Very nice
It's a very nice looking and practical holder.
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